5 tips for practicing self-care in Prague after Covid

A newly opened Prague wellness clinic offers a number of services from infusion therapy to nutritional counseling for a post-lockdown health boost.

Diana Bocco

Written by Diana Bocco Published on 08.07.2021 15:00:00 (updated on 09.07.2021) Reading time: 3 minutes

From the closure of spas to financial woes, there are plenty of reasons that the months of lockdown have had a major impact on our skin, health, and even our weight. As we spent many weeks at home, with little to no movement, our bodies certainly paid the price. Now that things are finally returning to normal and we can spend some me-time recovering, the aesthetic dermatology and skin therapy experts at RP CLINIC recommend trying these post-covid procedures: 

1. Infusion therapy to fight burnout

People seek infusion therapy for many reasons. Maybe you need a boost of energy after dealing with the lockdown. Or maybe you want faster results than you could get from just taking multi-vitamins. At RP CLINIC, well-trained professionals will choose the right infusion package to help you feel energized and ready to go back into the world.

According to RP CLINIC, an infusion package (for example, their vitC+Gluthation+ calcium/magnesium/B offering) can help kick-start immunity and boost the body’s defenses. Plus, the minerals in an infusion package can not only alleviate the effects of stress but also help with greater stress resistance moving forward.

2. Body therapies and wraps to destress and shape up

Between homeschooling, long home-office days and no time at the gym, it’s no surprise our bodies are feeling it. Now that it’s possible to get pampered again, a massage or body wrap could be just the perfect cure to recover from the lack of activity and give your muscles some extra loving care.

Body wraps are also a great non-invasive way to fight cellulite. By stimulating the lymphatic system and flushing out excess water, you’ll see smoother summer skin after the first treatment. 

3. Nutritional counseling to reverse bad lockdown eating habits

During the pandemic, it became easier than ever to resort to simple, not-so-healthy foods to fight boredom and isolation. This likely resulted not only in weight gain but also unhealthy skin and poor eating habits.

Rather than turning to drastic diets to get rid of the extra kilos, RP CLINIC recommends talking to a professional for customized nutrition counseling so you can unlearn some of those unhealthy habits and see results within weeks. 

4. Dental care and prevention

At the peak of the pandemic, people were afraid to visit medical facilities and many skipped dental visits unless absolutely necessary. Still, maintaining good dental hygiene is the best basis for the prevention of cavities and for the body to function properly.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, it was recommended to pull teeth as a basic treatment, rather than to try and save them,” explains dentist Dr. Lenka Polášková. MDDr. Polášková, a dentist at Prague’s newly-opened RP CLINIC. “However, using the maximum hygiene precautions, we managed to save teeth with the same measures as before.”

Now that things are back to (mostly) normal, visiting a dentist should be at the top of your self-care list. The dental practice at the RP CLINIC provides a full suite of services in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, provided by English-speaking staff under the direction of MDDr. Polášková. Services include aesthetic dentistry, dental surgery, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, dental hygiene, and preventative care. Services are available six days a week, including Saturdays.

5. Skin therapies to restore and strengthen the skin

During the lockdown, many of us neglected both diet and skincare, the two key elements for glowing, healthy skin. Add to that the dry indoor air during winter and now the risk of sun damage and you have a recipe for disaster.

At RP CLINIC, you can choose from a variety of treatments to hydrate and restore your skin’s texture. A carbon peel mask can be used all year round to detoxify the skin and it’s a perfect choice for summer, as it provides a gentle peeling effect that results in radiant, regenerated skin without irritation. 

RP CLINIC offers gift vouchers so you can share the gift of relaxation with somebody you love.

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