15 Hilarious Czech Words that Define Modern Love and Dating

Give your Czech slang skills a boost with a little help from Czech on-line dictionary Cestina 2.0

Expats.cz Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by Expats.cz StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 15.02.2018 11:20:06 (updated on 15.02.2018) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czech Dictionary 2.0 was founded by journalist Martin Kavka in 2008. It’s a crowdsourcing platform that allows users to add fresh, new, regional or otherwise interesting words to the modern Czech lexicon. Spending time on the site is also a great way to practice your Czech (although you might not want to use some of these slang terms in Czech class)!

We’ve compiled a number of the funniest submissions dealing with modern love, dating, and marriage. To read more or submit your own visit Cestina20.cz.

Kamarandění  (Friends with benefits)

A combination of the Czech words “friend” (kamarád) + “date” (rande).

Horizontální vztah (Horizontal relationship)

A relationship spent almost entirely in bed in the horizontal position.

Randitelný/neranditelná (Date-worthy)

Ex: “Honza is so date-worthy girls are queuing up for him.”

Šukafe (Coffee date that ends up in bed)

Combining the Czech slang for intercourse, šukat, with the Czech word for coffee (kafé).

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Zasouvací podnik (Restaurant that helps you get laid)

Combination of the Czech word for “to slide in,” or zasouvat, with the word for “establishment” (podnik). Said restaurant should have beautiful views, an intimate setting, and must be vastly overhyped.

Limonáda (Lemonade)

A romantic film intended mainly for a female audience (see Fifty Shades of Grey). See also Partnerák, a film that can be enjoyed by both sexes.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s still via Wikipedia

Lovina (Term of endearment)

English loanword “love” combined with a diminutive Czech suffix.

Odsexovat se (To break up with someone)

This term for ending a relationship means to remove the possibility of sex from your life. The Czech prefix od used here to indicate a separation or moving away from.

Kundybál (A shy guy)

A man characterized by awkwardness with women, possibly a reference to Dumbledore (in Czech Brumbál) from the Harry Potter books.

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Žrande (Married date)

Combining the word for “woman” (žena, sometimes used interchangeably with wife), with the Czech words for “date” (rande) and a “big meal” (žrádlo).

Poslat holuba (Send a pigeon)

Write an SMS. Ex: “When you arrive, send a pigeon.”

Zášoustí (A nature spot with hook-up appeal)

A romantic countryside destination ideal for encounters; uses zátiší (still life, or cozy place) + šoustat (Czech slang for sex).

Photo of Little America quarry via Kultura.cz

Vyhrát rozchod

To come out on top after a relationship has ended; combines the Czech “to win” (vyhrát) with the noun for a “break up” (rozchod).

Makrón (Young man who likes older women)

Inspired by, of course, by French President Emmanual Marcon whose wife is 25 years his senior.

Bitdiggerka (Bitdigger)

Similar to gold diggers, but in the world of cryptocurrency; see also Máslokopka a woman who goes after big money, a reference to the recent Czech butter crisis.

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