VIDEO: 10 Things I Learned about Czech Men

Vlogger Manuela Lanza has made a video for her Husband Hunter series based on our article “10 Reasons to Give Czech Men a Chance” Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 10.02.2017 17:17:23 (updated on 10.02.2017) Reading time: 1 minute

One of our most popular articles ever was an impassioned list of reasons for expat women to pair up with a Czech mate (“10 Reasons to Give Czech Men a Chance”); the sequel to that article (“10 Things I Learned from Czech Women”) racked up even more views – and feed back: both are among our most hotly debated posts to date. 

Recently, Spanish-Italian travel blogger and professional “Husband Hunter” Manuela Lanza shared a video she made based on our Czech men article.

Lanza is a single woman who, in her own words, “wants to inspire people to travel, explore different cultures and discover how love and relationships work in other countries.”

So far she has uploaded reports to her popular YouTube channel from numerous spots including Greece, Spain, Morocco, Italy, and the Czech capital of Prague where she sourced interviews via CouchSurfing and approaching men on the street.

She started the endeavor in 2016 and the response has been overwhelming.

But despite the fact that Ms. Lanza is single, she insists that she isn’t hunting for herself but for her viewers:

“I’m not going on dates with them, I want to really show that I’m investigating who can be the best husband.”

Overall she says her interest in the men of the world is strictly professional:

“In my videos I show landscapes, interesting places, and cultural elements (like the importance of mushroom picking in the Czech Republic). I want to build bridges between cultures…and between men and women in the hopes that they can better understand each other.”

A mission we can relate to.

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