DATING: 10 Reasons to Give Czech Men a Chance

DATING: 10 Reasons to Give Czech Men a Chance

Some points in favor of Czech men

DATING: 10 Reasons to Give Czech Men a Chance

DATING: 10 Reasons to Give Czech Men a Chance

Some points in favor of Czech men

Published 21.04.2011
Last updated 11.02.2013

It´s been said that the European male is the final frontier of the ethnic stereotype, a fact confirmed by a recent spate of American commercials. But for every over-blinged Russian oligarch and Speedo-wearing Italian, Europeans play into our fantasies for their more agreeable traits, too. Mediterranean men are typecast for swarthiness, Frenchmen get points for savoir faire, and all Swedes are certainly sculpted blonde vampires.

But try imagining a scenario with Czech men in the desired role and things get a little blurry. In a country with an historically shaky national identity, where Western ideals of masculinity, bound to conquering and colonizing, don´t figure in, and the heroes of literature and film are exemplars of beer-soaked mediocrity (think Hašek´s Švejk or any of the dozens of roles played by actor Pavel Liška), it´s no wonder that the international view of the Czech man is ambiguous at best or, at worst, outright negative.

Pavel Liška in Štěstí (2005)

Foreign women living in the Czech Republic have heard the negatives. Czech men are unkempt. Coddled to perpetual immaturity by mom. Their puny egos are no match for brassy, self-supporting you. What´s more, they aren´t nearly as fun-loving and flirty as their Western counterparts.

But if the modern American man can be defined by the schlubby, stoned toddlers of recent Judd Apatow movies and their cinematic ilk (the Zach Galifianakising of American manhood if you will), then the twenty-first century Czech male is certainly no worse, and in fact may even prove a better, mate. For those weighing the pros and cons of a cross-cultural affair, some points in favor of Czech men:

10. Czech men will always tell you how you look.
A quality that I truly admire in Czechs (both men and women) is their startling bluntness. The American capacity for frilly, over-polite distortions of obvious truth, isn´t something I really miss. While your significant other denying the muffin top peeking out of your jeans may spare your feelings it´s still dishonest.

9. Czech men don´t over analyze.
Czech men aren´t exactly hand-wringing Woody Allen types. Perhaps it´s due to the language barrier, but lengthy discussions of the “what-exactly-are-we” nature don´t seem to occur with them. You´ll never hear a Czech guy label your “situation” as that of “amazing friends with this intense physical connection who just aren´t totally ready to hang it all out there emotionally.”

Jan P. Muchov in Šeptej (1996)

8. Czech men are not afraid of P.D.A.
Is there something about public transportation that brings out the latent octopus in all Czech men? As a blushing Midwesterner first come to this land, I immediately took note of the extended Metro make-out as a marquee cultural difference. Women previously beleaguered by shy guys will find Czech men refreshingly on board for cuddling of the highly visible sort.

7. Czech men don´t play games.
I can´t count the number of times I´ve studied a text message from a would-be Czech suitor, reading between the lines of the phrase “I have very busy program tomorrow,” searching for some subtle suggestion of blow off, then firing back a sassy retort only to be met with his complete bewilderment. If a Czech man says he´s really busy then he probably is (see #10).

Karel Plíhal & Jaromír Nohavica in Rok ďábla (2002)

6. Czech men rank among the EU´s most well endowed.
In a 2011 survey tallying World Penis Size and compiled by, a Web site providing “statistical information offered by trusted research centers and reports worldwide” Czechs placed third in Europe, surpassed only by Frenchmen (#2) and Hungarians (#1).

5. Czech men don´t wear baseball caps.

A recent International Business Times article decried the global proliferation of baseball caps as a “symptom of society´s seemingly permanent deterioration”. Czech men and fashion still have a long way to go, but this is one dowdy look they haven´t latched onto. (And that´s because their mothers warned them they´d go bald if they did).

4. Czech men will shower you with pet names.
The Czech language is so awash with diminutives that it´s often referred to by our neighbors to the north as “baby Polish”. In Czech a single, loving endearment can be stretched into a variety of sweet nothings. Phrases like zlato, zlatka, and zlatíčko (honey, little honey, and really little honey) don´t register the same romantic kick in English.

3. Czech men are thrifty—and that´s a good thing.
That Czech men can be frighteningly cheap—pulling out Sodexho coupons on dates, traveling with their own řízky—goes without saying. But living with one has put my own spending habits into perspective, making me a more selective and discerning consumer, able to better recognize the difference between need and want in a society where the latter isn´t such ancient history.

2. Czech men won´t think less of you after casual sex.
Western society´s (read men´s) deeply held notions of how we women should conduct ourselves often sullies sexual pleasure with the fear of post-coital fall-out (Will he think I´m easy? Is he using me?). Czech men don´t read into casual sex; rather than something loaded with innuendoes it´s more of a national pastime.

1. Czech men aren´t afraid of commitment.
Pragmatism may supersede romance for Czech men (living together means splitting the rent, after all) but they´re typically direct and serious—see #7—which equates to someone who´s less likely to waffle on questions of long-term commitment.

Lead image: Václav Neužil ml. in Zoufalci (2009)
Images: ©Negativ s.r.o.

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Thank you very much for your comment, we don't talk anymore^^
PS.I think CZ women are so beautiful.😊

00.20.41 16.08.2017

Czech men are definitely afraid of commitments... many of them do not want to marry even mother of their kids

11.47.47 15.08.2017

You did well. I am Czech woman and to be honest, I think Czech men are worst in the world. Unfaithful, drinking too much alcohol. Also, they are very rude and disrespectful. Domestic abuse is very frequent in CZ. I highly do not recommend serious relationship. I had many male friends so I know these things very well. Sad to see Czech women - they are very beautiful, but unfortunately they do not have any self-esteem.

11.38.27 15.08.2017

Thank you so much and i have not seen him more than a year.

15.41.47 08.05.2017

My advice as being an M.D. born in Czechland and raised in the U.S.........avoid most Czech guys like the plague for the most part. Forget about fidelity and plan to endure issues with alcohol-related issues. From my experience having visited Czechland the majority are divorced, balding alcoholics who are just looking to a pair of open legs. Psychiatric disorders are quite prevalent....often also associated with alcohol issues. Not all mind you. It is really sad since this country has some of the most beautiful women in the world bar none.

21.04.51 07.05.2017

You are welcome. I wish you the best!

03.31.03 22.09.2016

Thank you very much for your kind answer Julia.Finally we stop talking coz i dont want to be in nonstatus telationship anymore and he did not try to keep me with him and can left me very easy .Right now I feel much better no need to wait for anyone...thank you very much for your kind answer^^

15.02.39 10.09.2016

I would not invest an extra second in the CZ guy.

A man should be a man enough to know what he wants, and if he doesn't know what he wants he should not be doing "everything like gf and bf" with you. That is taking advantage of you, bottom-line.

This guy is either a player or doesn't know how to treat people. Either way, you have a problem if you continue to invest in him. Unfortunately, it's highly likely that you are probably not the only woman he is stringing along on his backpacking trips and other travels.

A woman has to think with her head before her heart, and time is going by. Your Asian friends are right: let him go. The only way you should take him back is if he is immediately willing to give you everything you want (and deserve) in the relationship. I will say though, I don't see someone like this giving you a happy life together, because if nothing else, he puts himself first. You don't want that.

You will meet many more attractive people who will be able to give you all you deserve, but you can't do that with someone holding you back.

Pick a man based not on how you feel about him, but how he feels about you.

Finally, an advice an 80 something year old woman gave me 14 years ago: go for a guy with money. You can love a rich guy just like you can a poor man, she said. She told me about her daughter who's married to someone on wall street or so. They live in a three-story house, etc. It has only started sinking in in the past couple of years, but she's right. Do not date anyone you have to struggle financially with.

11.00.02 10.09.2016

John ^^ thank you so much for your kind friend also has a relationship with Cz guy,we both agree they are hard to understand think a lot but have good heart

02.59.59 21.07.2016

There could be several reasons, for example: (a) He knows you have feelings for him and he feels the same, though he understands it would be difficult for both of you to make a life together because either you or him would have to move far away from home.. Maybe he is afraid to ask that of you.. Perhaps he is just making sure you really are the right girl. (b) He really wants to be just friends.

Since you have options, I suggest you think about how much you are willing to 'give up' to be with him because he may not be willing to live in Asia with you, but he may be happy to live with you in CZ/Europe. Then, you can have a conversation about your feelings for him. If he rejects you, you can still go after the neighbor. I do not think the rejection would necessarily make him stop talking with you, so you could remain friends even in the worst case scenario.

13.59.23 20.07.2016

Hi.....I have question about Cz guy...pls answer me..
I am Asian but A guy I love is Czech that why i am asking from here.
I have met one backpacker Cz guy since July last year...we started to talk like friend and we like each other then he continued his trip to India, I waited for him 2 months then he came back to my country for dentist and he stayed with me a month, we did everything like gf and bf so I asked him about our status he said better friend coz he will continue the trip, I accepted that but I still want to keep in touch .So we talked everyday and he fly back to see me on Febuary 2016...but he still said better friend then on April I went to join his trip in NZ he try to help me pay half of the ticket.I love him more and more and he never disappeared always text me but we still friend ,he always said wanna meet me again ,wanna have trip with me again but never say like want me to be with him and last month I met a guy who just moved to my apartment he is attractive but I know he is not the right one and he like me, one day we have a conversation and I kiss him...I feel so bad coz I wanna wait for my guy but the new guy is so attractive and live so close and I also feel insecure because the guy I love never commit me he said he really like me but he does not know the future or what exactly he want and difficult for me to live in Cz also difficult for me to live in my country...sometime he told me to go with better guy that is really kill my heart
But the reason that I wait for him coz he is a really nice guy love people, calm, peaceful, kind never gossip or complain anyone and when I b with him I wanna b better, have a good heart like him....
So guy pls advice me I dont understand CZ guy ....Should I wait?????all my friends who are Asian told me to leave him.....but I feel like he is valuable...but want opinion from People who know CZ guy... Thanks

14.28.55 19.07.2016

pavel(Guest) Published: 08:48:07 15.07.2015
I think it was Kinsey study about sexuality in 50' and about US: 90% men and 50% women are cheating. Another fact of life is: women will never take it, however cheating also. It is not about czechs, it's about speaking openly about tabu. Easier to see mistakes on somebody else, strangers.
Carrotbaby(Guest) Published: 01:45:12 13.07.2015
As an international student years ago I've met some handsome, ( and yes, well endowed) young czechs who charmed me with their " no games" and " no brainwash" policy, spoke couple of foreign languages and were stunning :-) Coming back to Czech republic after few years as an expat it became more difficult, finding a relationship when you are so narrowed in choices, just colleagues and expats, where else to find, hmm? I felt disappointed, socks in sandals and creepy cheap dates...brr... I then started to go out with some czech girls from work, applied for dancing classes, got back to water sports, plenty of well mannered, handsome guys with beautiful face features happened to be all around. So what is the final conclusion? Get out from the usual routine, go out and find a hobby where you can meet the locals. And who knows, maybe you' ll get same lucky as me ;-)
Anon(Guest) Published: 09:24:56 28.05.2015
Is this article for real? I worked in Czech recently was hugely disappointed and will never return. The people are the coldest I think I have ever met. Work and the people were a nightmare.
john(Guest) Published: 01:26:01 02.05.2015
I am an American Czech, born and raised in California, love to surf and mountain bike and I have to say that I am tight with my money (but I am wealthy), hung like a mule, can't keep it in my pants, can't keep my hands out of my pants and I am in love with my goat. I am the happiest man in the world.
Comment from: Published: 01:51:59 29.06.2014
Bora Horza Gobuchul would be the one to disprove EmeraldCityGal. He personally knows about every Czech man's endowment.
Wingirl(Guest) Published: 12:07:24 28.06.2014
Each people have an exception, but there's something culturally/traditionally wrong with Czech men. Very boring, very jealous and generally lazy and backstabbing each other (do you have some of them as colleagues?), too much small talk and close minded...Very very conscious of himself when with a "cizinec" because he thinks his bad manners will always be judged. Need I say more? The girls are quite different that they can actually easily make an attempt to socialize outside of their circle of cz friends to get a different perspective and experience. Simply put, I'd stock up on dildos than DATE a Cz man. Yes I have some as colleagues and we get along well. But of course I don't doubt that a few people see cz men differently...They are most probably from a country like the cz republic and so don't expect more. Thanks.
Comment from: Published: 02:32:04 22.06.2014
Cheating isn't exclusive to Czech men. The women cheat plenty as well. It's just that they tend to hide it better than the men.
Comment from: Published: 01:25:07 22.06.2014
well said Dorothy
EmeraldCityGal(Guest) Published: 09:55:09 21.06.2014
Unfortunately Czech men have a reputation for a reason. With that said, there are always exceptions, but it is true the majority tend to be boring, self entitled, not well endowed (and if they are lucky to be average then they lack ability & skill), definitely coddled by their mothers (makes you wonder if they aren't just looking for another mother to cook and clean for them), maybe loyal but to them that means that cheating is normal (and acceptable), most are misogynist and have a sexist and disconnected perspective on a woman's role in relationships (no wonder the czech women are cold and don't want to date them), they are thrifty but to a flaw (= they are cheap), true they don't think less of you after casual sex but thats because they objectify women and don't have very much respect in the first place. In short they are a mediocre culture of men that need serious help to wake up to the 21st century.
smeghead(Guest) Published: 12:57:44 01.03.2014
Hahaha, my girlfriend sent me a link to this article. Just read it and some of the comments and all I can say that it's just a bunch of stereotypes.... You ladies probably haven't met the right Czech guy :-)
Comment from: Published: 10:06:10 26.05.2013
Except for (part of) #3 (I used to travel with my own řízky) I agree with the whole article 100%.
Martin(Guest) Published: 02:06:04 23.02.2013
Disagree. In our country czech girls has mostly czech boyfriends. I heard, that foreigners call our girls "Ice queens" ... yeah they are not trusty :) But nice 10 rules! Iˇm a czech and i giggled :) Liška and Trojan .. youˇve found the "best" examples :D
Comment from: Published: 01:23:57 10.02.2013
If you can deal with the Czech man fooling around with another woman then good luck. Of all the mixed married couples I know, only one is a female from abroad who is married to a Czech guy. All the other couples are Czech women married to Brits or Yanks.
Comment from: Published: 04:02:00 08.02.2013
Actually No I know a lot of Czech Girls (Especially where I live) That don't speak English Mostly better friends with my Wife. Some have had Czech Boyfriends/Husbands and I would say 99% of them left them because of their cheating ways lol Lets face it they can't keep it in their trousers. I m generalizing I know but that's just the impression I get from the social circle I move in (Non Prague) I also have quite a few Male Czech friends. I think most of them have cheated. Well they boast about it, weather its true or not I am not in a position to say ;)
Comment from: Published: 03:42:06 08.02.2013
"every single Czech Girl I know has a foreign Boyfriend. Must be something in it lol" or could be self-selection...every single Czech girl you know speaks English, socializes a lot with expats, and is most likely the wife/girlfriend of one of your English-speaking friends.
Comment from: Published: 02:16:59 08.02.2013
Why does every Czech Woman I know never want to date a Czech Man?? Maybe just the Foreign Woman like them as they are different to what your used to. Czech Woman say they are 1) Have no sense of Humor (Which is what most Woman look for no?) 2) Always having affairs (I have witnessed this on numerous occasions) And guess what? They don't care lol 3) They are boring 4)They are very hard at mixing outside their comfort zone That's enough for the moment except every single Czech Girl I know has a foreign Boyfriend. Must be something in it lol
Nicole(Guest) Published: 01:16:34 08.02.2013
I met a Czech guy while we're both traveling and eventually, i fell in love with him. He is very nice and honest, but he is also reserved, and not to forget to mention, he's intelligent and have the goal in life. He invited me to visit Czech Republic. It's a beautiful country. I stayed with a Czech family for few days and they are very hospitable. Though there's a language barrier, they still manage to make me feel at home. In general, I think Czech men are very nice, and i like the way they treat women, at least how i was treated while traveling around the country. I also like the family culture, some sort of conservatism which i say is similar to the province i came from in one country in Asia. But i guess getting along with Czech man depends on the personality of both parties.
Zdenek(Guest) Published: 07:25:33 14.11.2012
Hey, me myself am Czech and just dating this wonderfull German being. She just sent me this article. Some details are too picky (like the sodexho coupons??? what? :D you serious?)... but the most of it is very positive, mostly true and overall great characteristics. Even the comments are very positive. I mean- we wouldn´t give such a positive review to ourselves. Thank you. Please do come visit, we like the contact with the outside world, really :)
longterm resident(Guest) Published: 05:34:10 09.05.2012
Interesting article and good to see someone boosting the positive side of the Czech male, because they are a seriously misunderstood creature by the outside world. I (male)have Czech male friends of all types, some were serial womanisers(when younger) and some faithful to a fault, my serial womanizing friend got married 3 years ago at 38, been with her for 4 and since then a great loving and adoring husband. As you say they are honest, he tells me anything and everything even his sexual escapades in the past as much as I try to tell him that those things are private, with his wife though, everything changed. My other friends are so faithful and in love with their wifes, that they get walked all over in some cases and it is hard for some to be more assertive and take his rightful half in the relationship. But that is more the woman dominating from her side. It happened the same way for me and my wife to some degree, she was so used to getting her way I had some trouble making her understand there is no competition in the house, and no designated roles either, what needs done gets done by who ever sees it 1st. At the same time I observed my male friends from the country and city for years and I must say, I appreciate the diversity and unique character that you will only find in the Czech Republic, the amazingly brave(and sometimes totally untactful and foolish) honesty they display without care for the consequences, on the other hand the social skill and understanding in keeping it all together in their environment and lives' and leaving nobody behind, friends, family or would go far to find these qualities anywhere. Yes they are immature and naive to some degree, but always open to learn and correct their mistakes without taking exception or closing themselves off. And then, there are assholes everywhere, I have been in a few fights with guys here, lucky for me they don't know how to fight, but they mostly go for you in 2's or 3's and rarely 1 on 1. The 1st time I was quite surprised as I come from a place where there is always a fight everytime you go out, here it is a rare event on a blue moon night, so that when it did happen, I nearly wasn't prepared for it..but it depends on the place you go, if you go to the local hospoda, nothing worse is going to happen to you more than a serious drinking spree, at the Chapeau Rouge or Karlovy Lazne you shouldn't expect the same though. The western male idea is definately not the same here, but it is different, not worse.
Sara(Guest) Published: 01:46:39 14.02.2012
Im engaged to a czech guy, he is really a fantastic man, very supportive, funny, friendly and with his head and feet on earth.. Im latina, and people is always curious of how things work between us.. I was concerned about our cultural differences, but the more different we are the better our relation has shown to be.. not to mention that Czech Republic is a beautiful country
Tic-tac(Guest) Published: 04:58:02 25.11.2011
Czech men are really unique. As my last visit to Prague, I was very surprised how friendly they are. It would be different if you are a gay asian man who is travelling to Europe. In another states like France, Germany, they might see you as prostitute, while the other might see you in arrogant way or homophobic attitudes. But in Prague, they are extreemly friendly. And sure they have goodlooking face. Sure, I'd like to date a czech gay man, but I am not sure if they like asian (or eurasian-at least!) gay man
uggs(Guest) Published: 10:05:16 22.11.2011
Good role! Precious Content! I had been simply just worrying that there's a bunch bad additional info to this subject but you basically switched my personal advice. Thank you a beautiful publish.
Ahoj(Guest) Published: 02:13:13 05.11.2011
Oh come on! Seriously! Smelly, no charisma, Ugly in general, backpack in the city and the cherry on the cake the socks in the sandals. Hello what is there to like??
Jen(Guest) Published: 08:54:53 20.08.2011
I met a man from Czech online. I visited Czech to meet him and was in love with the beauty of the country and the beauty of my man. My trip was like living a romance novel. Would I do it again ? YES!!
elle(Guest) Published: 07:19:09 18.08.2011
mmn well ive been dating a czech guyfor 6months and hes been a breathe of fresh air,it he keeps goin so well im def gonna keep him,nothin like the negative responses more on par with the positives definely,yes i can see his mum bein in his life but if she wants to cook and clean for him till the day she dies thats all good with me,i wouldnt want to break that wonderful connection they have,she is also great,has done a brilliant job with her son..
AKEIJ(Guest) Published: 10:43:10 11.08.2011
elif(Guest) Published: 10:35:50 11.08.2011
hey evryone.... i love travel and i have travelled al,ost everywherr in the world and i gotta say that in ,y opinion czech guys r the ,ost attractive in the world....really; only spanish guys can compete with theim..... im wondering if they now how beautiful they are i, turkish; by the way
yep(Guest) Published: 03:15:18 30.07.2011
of course, this is a gross overgeneralization, but all of my adult students tell me that adultery is a part of life here on both sides--men and women. and i wouldn't say that any of the czech men or women are exactly bursting with personality. the six weeks i spent dating a czech man were the dryest and most boring weeks of my life. this being the case, i think the men and women of this country are well-suited for one-another and deserve eachother.
Opinion(Guest) Published: 07:32:47 15.07.2011
Czech guys are nice, but please try, at least, from time to time to put some deodorant on. But, in general nice
r.(Guest) Published: 04:53:22 14.07.2011
Ehmm.. reserve beer-soaked mediocrity for czech males and their stupidity, not for vejk. vejk is political and anarchistic character with taoistic approach:-) He is completly different kind of animal then Lika's characters. Once you begin to understand narrative of vejk: joke as way to describe and surive cruelty and inhumanity of austrio-hungarian regime and war. Once you realize that vejk transforms all this war madness into absurdity and therefore reemerging humanity on top of bestiality. You will finally get something precious from czech culture. We are humans with flaws, but not consumers, not labor force, not senseless soldiers not anything anyone wants from us (smiling servant). We live to become humans, not to loose humanity. Pubs and alcohol are outcome of something different than mediocrity. Think more about Bondy, Hrabal, Haek, Boudnk, Magor etc. and their roots in pubs. It is not shiny, but it have a heart - and heart counts twice. End of preaching. And yes there is tons of czech assholes around:-)
Rob(Guest) Published: 02:27:03 30.06.2011
Great writing. I'm not a Czech male, and I would also feeling a bit a shamed if I had to write something like this. There is nothing wrong with Czech males or females. I't dos not matter where you come from, its how you act in the real world. Sitting somewhere and complaining without taking any action is in my opinion the wrong action. Treath people how you want to be treaten yourself is the best. When people still dont like you, you should ask your self if you want to become friends with them. They should accept you as you as person not as Czech. But its an intresting story. Good luck for all the lonely people.
maxipes(Guest) Published: 08:25:08 22.06.2011
"then he ran off with the secretary." lost count of the number of czech milfs who told me this - then gave me the look...
Cece(Guest) Published: 10:33:20 22.06.2011
I have read this article, and read all the comments. The conclusion to all of this is very simple: depends on what kind of a woman you are, that's the kind of man you will attract. In every society, culture, country, there is the good and there is the bad. In this article, we are given a back story of the bad, and presented with the good. Wherever in the middle or to either extreme you find yourself, as a woman with a Czech man, depends on who YOU are, what kind of men YOU attract... why not take a second look in the mirror first, and ask yourself if maybe you don't look cheap and unfashionable yourself, or why not question YOUR ability to attract a good man?? Some women want to much to be with a man who's AAAALLLLLLL THAT, but I advise taking a step back first and looking in the mirror, see if you're deserving..?? ;)
jana(Guest) Published: 02:20:48 20.06.2011
Ross, you are absolutely right. Scared of commitment and cheating all the time, even after they get married/registered. Terrible taste in clothes, awful or no haircuts, dirty shoes and shower only seldom. The best looking Czech guys are either gays or serial cheaters with no morals. And yes, they expect women to serve them, iron their clothes, wash and of course take care of the children. All my friends who are married to Czech guys are now heartbroken after their affairs (including me), unlike my other half of friends who are married to Americans, British or Australians.
misunka(Guest) Published: 11:01:26 20.06.2011
so... Don't know what to say first. Let me start with the fact I am a girl, born in Prague, lived also in the US and Portugal. However, 99 per cent of my life i spent here, in Prague. Czech men are not so great, or at least I have many difficulties bonding with them. They are babies so spoiled by their mommas. They sometimes stink. They cheat without a blink in the eye. They ARE (many own experience) afraid of serious relationships - they rather dump you and find a new (younger, most probably) girlfriend. They know nothing about fashion (90 per cent of nicely dressed CZ guys are gay). They are rather cheap, yes, but as someone said - they expect a woman to be submissive and obeying as a dog. And i could go on and on..... "Wondering" why I am still single in this country.....
Ana(Guest) Published: 01:37:51 19.06.2011
So much agree with KG... as each man on the earth, Czech have plus and minus. In my case (I have living with one for over 10 years!!) they are negative, pessimist, unable to flirt... but on the other side (and it is what I have seen in each Czech/Foreign couple around), Czech men are very stable, faithfull and love the family live. It depends what for the woman is the most important... And as noone can have everything it is necessary what matters the most.... For those critizing Czech people/country: If you are spending your days/months/years in Czech is probable because it is here where you find advantages and things which you do not find elsewhere!! So, stop annoying and adjust yourselves or pack your bags and go away!
Cobra(Guest) Published: 08:54:12 13.06.2011
erika: this is laughable, actually... you don't have to complain about this tradition, it's enough to just not care about it if you don't want to understand
erika(Guest) Published: 03:32:18 01.06.2011
in order to "keep women fresh," they get drunk and whip women the day after easter, in exchange for booze. need i say more?
danuschka(Guest) Published: 12:18:26 26.05.2011
lovely piece first of all! Thank you it brightened my day:-) The issue with Czech men or men in general is if they are not really into you (mok me I am quoting a book/movie!) or you not into him, it just wont work no matter where he is from. I agree with all 10 points and admit to dating a Czech guy that loves to cook and to split housework, is clean and smells good and loves that I make him a better man. Sappy right?! :-) In order to meet one of those real czech guys (incl.points 1-10 and more) you need to stop looking at the expats community, at czech friends of expats, learn czech, search your family tree for czech/slovak ancestors and immerse yourself.
Nikita(Guest) Published: 09:25:34 26.05.2011
We are talking about Czech men? There is such a thing?
K(Guest) Published: 12:27:00 21.05.2011
Love this opinion piece, very interesting and quite funny. Good job ;)
Amelie(Guest) Published: 01:50:33 21.05.2011
I agree with Czech Man's comments - if you don't like Czech's or anything Czech then pack your bags! I also agree with KG - Czech guys have a maturity unmatched by most other Europeans. I am British, I love my Czech guy. Agreed, he's very different from any other nationality I have dated, but I love that too. We may break up soon though due to 'too many differences in how our brains work'!! I will miss him forever and, I am sure, never experience a better lover....sob, sob, sob. I just want him...always and forever...
Petra(Guest) Published: 04:57:45 20.05.2011
Most importantly, czech men will never appreciate you - they are used to being served by their mummies and take most of what you do for them for granted... but if they fall in love, you are lucky - they are very often faithful and with a little effort you can actually change them. Some of them can be really loving and caring, have a great sense of humour... but being a czech woman, I find foreigners more interesting :)
Girl In Czechland(Guest) Published: 04:04:23 20.05.2011
This is one of the most interesting and insightful articles I've read on for a long time. I have been dating a Czech for six years (although I'm British not American) and much of what you have written rings true for me, especially nos 7, 3 and 4. I have blogged extensively about the joys of having a relationship with a Czech man: you can find it here if it's of interest: I look forward to reading more articles of this quality on the site!
Ross(Guest) Published: 01:00:29 19.05.2011
OK...a gay perspective... This article is total rubbish, Czech men are cold, boring, immature Mummies boys who lack empathy, who play games and who are afraid of commitment to anything, even a date. Trying to get a Czech man to meet you for a date is full of obstacles, he's always busy for a start, I once got stood up by a guy who was 'busy' defrosting his freezer! Just because they arrange a date does not mean they will actually show up and if they do they will be late. They are very narrow-minded about everything that is not done the Czech way, or the way Mummy does it. I once made a risotto for a guy, a proper Italian risotto not the awful and boring Czech version. When I asked for an opinion he told me it was "interesting". So yes they are honest, honest to the point of being rude. I would also add that their personal hygiene is awful, preferring to shave their armpits rather than use deodorant and shower regularly. Finally, they are the third most well-endowed in Europe? What a JOKE, they are not, whoever did that research obviously chose a gifted section of Czech society.
esthy(Guest) Published: 12:59:38 19.05.2011
Czech man like to eat and drink. Weekends they go to their cottage in the country with the grandparents
Czech man(Guest) Published: 02:15:30 12.05.2011
Thanks Elizabeth for the article. It is nice to finally read a positive article about Czechs, and in a fun way. It is however sad to see that there are quite a few people that spend their time to criticize rather than to look for advantages. As a Czech, I am personally tired with all the moaning foreigners that come and complain and complain and complain about almost whatever is Czech. There always comes a moment when I am ready to say: Pack your bags and leave if it is so horrible living here, meeting Czech people, possibly dating a Czech guy. This is why I am so thankful that a foreigner made the effort and posted an optimistic article.
Hmmmmm(Guest) Published: 10:38:56 10.05.2011
What a load of utter rubbish! Barely flirts with a word of truth or fact......
James(Guest) Published: 07:11:17 06.05.2011
"If a Czech man says hes really busy then he probably is" (see #7) HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!! This is REALLY funny!!! The first sentence that a Czech man learn when they start to speak at the age of under 2 years is: "Jsem zaneprzdněn". ( I am busy). The secret is NOBODY, not even themselves, will know with what they are "busy".
KG(Guest) Published: 09:44:28 05.05.2011
Well, I guess each of us who has/had experiences with czech men could say something different... Personally, I married one of them, and the biggest truth I recognize here is in Tip Tops comment: the Pessimism and tendency to overcriticize everything. Nevertheless, I am a person who wanted children, a nice house and a stable family, and a Czech man was the only one with whom I felt finally secure to do so. I have the impression (and some proofs :-)) that generally (there are of course exceptions:)), they are more mature than the other European men of the same age...