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10 Lessons We Can Learn from Czech Women

Expat men typically fall for Czech women; how can expat women compete?

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10 Lessons We Can Learn from Czech Women

Expat men typically fall for Czech women; how can expat women compete?

Published 08.03.2017
Last updated 08.03.2017

This article was originally published in 2012.

Czech women usually evoke a va-va-voom response in Western males, who glorify their ethereal beauty and perceived submissiveness. Traditional, unspoiled by feminism, and always striving to look her best, the stereotypical view of the Czech woman is problematic — though admittedly affects how women from the West relate to their Eastern counterparts.

Aren’t they too accepting of traditional roles? Not modern enough in their approach to career, motherhood, the domestic sphere? Overdressed? 

Czech women counter that we’re the ones who are clueless. Employed full-time under legal obligation and responsible for a family, this was their grandmothers’ and mothers’ task under socialism while feminism was a lark for bored, middle-class American housewives.

Marianne A. Ferber, professor of women’s studies at the University of Illinois writes in her essay “Women in the Czech Republic: Feminism Czech Style” that today’s Czech woman has inherited a “striking mixture of strong family values with a firm attachment to the labor market, a sense of personal efficiency, and considerable independence.” She’s homemaker, breadwinner, and proud of it.

All “isms” aside, Czech women still have something I don’t and, frankly, it can be intimidating. Many would attribute the leggy Slavic goddess to good genes, lack of processed food, and the communist preoccupation with fitness. But there’s something else there, a kind of grace and posture that’s visible in everything they do. Czech women command attention— and not just because they can be more primped, painted, and plucked than we. Their best accessory is a quiet dignity that I’m envious of. 

Jana Plodková in Protektor (2009)
Jana Plodková in Protektor (2009)

Other lessons I’ve learned from Czech women:

10. It’s okay to date a younger mate.

The number of high-profile Czech women with younger partners is impressive. Among them is songwriter and Česko Slovenská Superstar judge Gabriela Osvaldová, 58, whose boyfriend is 32. In America, we’d label Osvaldová a “cougar,” or mature, (i.e. 30-plus) predatory woman possessed of a desperate hunger that only a tender boy-snack can satiate. No such derogatory word exists in the Czech language which speaks to the level of acceptance enjoyed by Czech women in May-December relationships — in fact the only slang that gets slung here is for the object of the vintage dame’s affection: the zajíček, or little animal, in question.  

9. Quit being afraid of your body.

If you’ve never uttered a catty word at the butt cleavage and bare bellies exposed around town then you’re a better woman than I. One steamy afternoon while waiting for the bus with a Czech co-worker who was sporting a halter top that might’ve been specifically engineered to ventilate, I blurted out: “I wish I could wear something like that.” She stared at me for a pause then said, “Why can’t you?” Because I’ve always been taught — exactly by whom I don’t remember — that sexy dress is demeaning. Yet as my experiment in expatriation rolls on, I’ve begun to question rules, like this one, that have made me leery of flashing a little leg or taking off my top at the beach.

Zuzana Šulajová in Příběhy obyčejného šílenství (2005)
Zuzana Šulajová in Příběhy obyčejného šílenství (2005)

8. Easy does it on the drinks.

In Britain, where binge drinking among young women has recently been called the worst in the Western world, and the States, where reckless drinking is common among women as a well, it seems like we girls are trying to keep up with the boys. But Czech women drink two times less than their male counterparts, says the World Health Organization. Forgetting for a moment the social double standard this implies (e.g. It’s all backslapping fun when men tie one on, but drunk women are unladylike and shameful), I’ve always admired how most Czech women choose to sip slowly and, above all, remain in the moment. I find it sensible — and brave.

7. Play hard to get.

The very fact that the book Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl — A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in a Relationship (2002) ever needed to get written, suggests the essential difference between the majority of American women and our Czech sestry. A quick scan of this U.S. bestseller’s table of contents actually reveals a decent bit of wisdom: Don’t give yourself away. If the American and British men who decry Czech women as ice queens — and yet still adore and pursue them! — are any indication, it would seem that Czech women follow this advice to the letter. 

6. Take fashion risks.

I’m always amazed by compatriots who apply their clearly homogenized standards of what’s fashionable to a culture to which they do not belong. One cannot single-handedly blame Czech women for the cast-off garments foisted upon the East by unscrupulous manufacturers, nor for the decades of political turmoil that have kept them sartorially disconnected from the rest of the world. Jaunty, mismatched, and daring, Czech women dress like the Dancing Building looks. The next time you get dressed, ask yourself: What does this twin set need? Nylon pants with assorted pockets, that’s what.

Jana Hubinská in Nevěrné hry (2003)
Jana Hubinská in Nevěrné hry (2003)

5. Go that extra step.

Keeping house isn’t exclusively women’s work and Czech men, at least the ones I know, shoulder their fair share of the chores. But a few years back when a friend casually mentioned that she planned to spend the weekend ironing pillowcases and curtains, I was confronted with this hard truth: compared to almost every Czech woman I know, I’m a lousy housekeeper. Living alongside people like this has made me rethink the shortcuts I take not just when cooking and cleaning but in all areas of life. Spending extra time making things nice, not just for the ones I love but for myself, is worth it.

4. Eat a better lunch.

Mireille Guiliano’s 2004 book French Women Don’t Get Fat prompted a heap of studies that highlighted the differences between the way European and American women eat. Many of them concluded that European women pack most of their daily calories into large, leisurely lunches, followed later in the evening by a light dinner, and thereby avoid nighttime binges and battles with weight. I rarely see my slender Czech officemates lunch at their desks, but when they do the ladies always seem to enjoy a fragrant hot meal (one that puts my salad to shame) with their backs to the computer.

3. Stop smiling til it hurts.

A new book, Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It, by Lois Frankel suggests that American women are far too nice in the workplace — and it’s holding us back. Czech women may be notorious for their frosty bearing, but many outsiders who come to work in the Czech Republic find them better at conflict management, not to mention less superficial, than their Western counterparts. With their no-nonsense approach to matters both personal and business-related, Czech women may just be onto something.

Klára Issová in Indiánské léto (1995)
Klára Issová in Indiánské léto (1995)

2. Pipe down.

A few months after starting a new job in Prague, one of my Slovak co-workers, who would eventually become a good friend, confessed that when we were first introduced she was a bit put off by my animated presence and booming voice. I laughed about it with her, but her revelation secretly hurt my feelings. In time, I’ve come to realize that we Western women occasionally tend to chatter, bluster, and blather to our own detriment — doesn’t talking less and riding out awkward silences allow us to better hear ourselves? 

1. “Czech” your inner strength.

Women of all nations, by virtue of the fact that we are women, face adversity, however minor, on a regular basis. And yet most of the Czech women I know seem to have inherited a certain fortitude wrought of historical struggle — a National Revival, two worlds wars, 40 years of communism — that while mistaken for haughtiness, truly sets them apart. Perhaps it’s the trait I hope will rub off on me most.

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i noticed many many czech women are very rude and very very angry , aggressive , i visited hungary also , hungarians women were much better than czech women. also many czech women stupidishly stare , also cold alcoholic racicts , maybe in the world crime rate among czech women are higher than other women of other countries, for sure there must be nice czech women, but generally there r too many aggressive rude angry czech women , u can notice it without efforts

04.57.39 01.09.2017

As if there is any proven superior model for society that can equal that of the family, which rests on biology and sex.

21.23.54 31.07.2017

Most professors in western educational institutions have never earned a respectful living in the commercial world, so why in the hell would anyone listen to them, unless of course, they were innocent students who have also never worked in the commercial world either!

21.22.21 31.07.2017

Most living philosoophers and students thereof have to justify their existence and tutition somehow, so they create seemingly important problems the solution for which they possess end;ess answers.

21.19.12 31.07.2017

As Stephen Hawking remarked about philosophy, especially modern philosophy, it's phony and just about useless as a field.

21.16.31 31.07.2017

Rand was more of a commentator of the modern times and she nailed it well.

21.15.19 31.07.2017

and how big a phony was Satre?

21.14.39 31.07.2017

If I could talk to one person, alive – it would be Putin, dead – Nietsche,

18.32.17 05.06.2017

I do believe it's even larger than that in a sense... I feel as if the system as is, with its inequities being so high, unethical behavior being rewarded so heavily and a huge lack of attention being paid to the very real people caught up in it from education to simple interpersonal behavior is just so... hmmm... entrenched that it's not the fault of any one group or whatnot. It's basically become systematic and near ubiquitous, to the point where many can't even see the forest for the trees and take a step back and say "that's a f*cking human being I'm letting be destroyed for my ego/hamburger/cheaper clothes/new xbox etc." To busy looking where you're going to see where you're actually going if that makes sense?

Sorry about my crazy rant, but honestly... THAT'S the one issue I'm passionate about, respect and communication.

04.31.23 10.05.2017

>>the "world" and its older traditions of respect and honor
It's this 'world' which they want to destroy. Promoting narcissism - and hence respect for other people - is another powerful strategy.

04.24.29 10.05.2017

There's no confusion with, I'm saying what you said about the majority of output by traditional philosophers applies to the majority of people, all sub-sets included.

I honestly, seriously, could care less about my debate skills, as I don't like to debate often... tbh, I'd rather have a conversation with people. What I apologized for was the way I came at you, which was dismissive of your feelings, insight and shared humanity. I'm a fallible human, so I sometimes fail at this, but MY highest goal is simply to give all people a fair shake and look at things as rationally as I can. I didn't do that with you, and was actually quite rude in my first reply. For that, I hope you know I do feel that I fucked up, and see it as a lesson to better who I am.

I don't know if "this" is symptomatic of the collapse of western civilization more so than the "world" and its older traditions of respect and honor. I mean, there are many serious problems that have never been seen before springing up around the entire world... we wait to see, as we always do hahaha. I'll try and get back to you sooner than later.

04.19.20 10.05.2017

>> it is valid because that rule applies to all subsets of people ever except for the one that breaks the rule

'Traditional philosophers' are (by my definition) those people who, for whatever reason, would be found referenced in philosophy books or papers. It's just as well-defined as 'geneticists".

My proposition is that these people have had little nor no impact on society because their output was largely drivel.

I can't see the confusion with 'all subsets of people'.

>> I want to apologize for my conduct to you in regards to my first comment towards you and I mean that sincerely.

Thanks for apologising. Unfortunately, societal collapse in Western countries is so far advanced that most people are unable to think rationally about anything, and instead, respond emotionally to trigger words. This is a deliberate process of 'dumbing-down' which makes people much more easily controlled. I see online abuse as a symptom of this mind-control, not as personal attacks. In any case, your level of debate is much higher than the majority of people who comment online.

04.07.32 10.05.2017

Sorry I forgot to come back to your conversation. And yes it is valid because that rule applies to all subsets of people ever except for the one that breaks the rule. I'll try and get back to this when I have the time. Also, I want to apologize for my conduct to you in regards to my first comment towards you and I mean that sincerely. Take care.

02.21.31 10.05.2017

>> the vast majority of people have had little impact on history as whole. It's so wide as to be a pointless statement.

'Traditional philosophers' are a clearly defined sub-set of humanity. So no, your point isn't valid.

00.41.11 10.05.2017

Spot on.

20.51.47 09.05.2017

Keep your degenerate, third-wave feminazi shit to yourself.

20.51.00 09.05.2017

I can't get why this "woman" has a need to analyze us (well I can - she has evidently issues with herself). Everything what she wrote is nonsense of course. Try to realize that you keep trying to solve your complexes through other people (people you don't know anything about).

15.32.20 09.05.2017

As Czech I can tell you only one thing - you're jerk.

15.25.21 09.05.2017

>>Al-Kindi's were, yet you exclude only Al-Kindi.
Because it was either copied from elsewhere, lost or not philosophy. Or because it was based on the assumption that truth is found in the Koran. If there's more please let me know. However, he wasn't a woman, so he's not really relevant to this discussion.

>>understand their argument's starting grounds.
At the risk of quoting from Wonkypedia, feminist theory (which is the closest one can get to feminist 'philosophy' is "the extension of feminism into theoretical, fictional, or philosophical discourse. It aims to understand the nature of gender inequality."

If you can show me one single piece of feminist 'philosophy', 'theory' or 'literature' which takes into account the differences between the brain structures of men and women, the differences between the endocrine systems in men and women and the effects which those differences have on behaviour between men and women then I will agree that there is something in that body of otherwise meaningless drivel which may be of real value.

>>I will give you a list, it will also include political philosophers and some will be feminists.
In other words, they will be political agitators rather than philosophers.

01.03.40 01.05.2017

Firstly: under your arguments FOR the inclusion of Plato and Aristotle, I could easily defend bringing people like Derrida, Al-Kindi and many others under the blanket term philosopher. Plato's metaphysics were just as indefensible as Al-Kindi's were, yet you exclude only Al-Kindi... I wonder why?

Secondly, this, "Unfortunately, the entire body of feminist 'thought' is sh*t because its entire structure rests on falsehoods" is untestable by a single person unless you've read all feminist philospher's works and understand their argument's starting grounds. It's also just as biased as any radical feminist piece, but just in the opposite direction.

I will give you a list, it will also include political philosophers and some will be feminists. You can dismiss whatever you will at your leisure, but I've already thoroughly expanded upon why your criteria have serious pitfalls in them and so it will include some that you may find detestable.

Lastly: Diogenes would like to have a word about your dismissal of the root of the term philosophy. I think Lao Tzu would as well.

00.48.38 01.05.2017

>> the people who started the basis of philosophy's definition should have their opinions on what defines it considered.

The word means 'love of wisdom'. This is not a definition of a field of study.

>>some of the sh*t they wrote and said was based on obvious falsehoods

And that part is obviously sh*t itself. But fortunately, not everything they wrote is sh*t, so they still have a reputation as credible philosophers.

Unfortunately, the entire body of feminist 'thought' is sh*t.

Who believed that things must be true if they are in the Koran. OK.

So...what about the female philosophers?

00.23.42 01.05.2017

It does because the history of the subject matters, and imo, the people who started the basis of philosophy's definition should have their opinions on what defines it considered.

And no... I never wrote Aristotle or Plato were feminists or women. I referred to them because some of the sh*t they wrote and said was based on obvious falsehoods yet we don't refer to them as anything else but philosophers. I'm also guessing you've never read any Al-Kindi or any other Islamic philosopher.

I'm honestly kind of wondering if you've read any ancient philosophy if you so casually dismiss the entirety of Islamic philosophy.


00.16.34 01.05.2017

So you are claiming that Aristotle and Plato were women? Or that they were feminists?

In any case, the point is not that feminists are crazy but that feminism is valueless because it is founded on obvious falsehoods.

>>That's not the root of the word
It makes no difference what the 'root of the word' may be. What matters is its meaning in English.

00.08.03 01.05.2017

That's not the root of the word, nor was it the take that all ancient philospher's had on the idea itself. Furthermore, not all feminists are bat-sh*t crazy, neither are all Muslims etc. If anything your definition would throw out Aristotle and Plato as well considering the things they said and wrote.

00.07.11 01.05.2017

Philosophy is the use of logic to understand the world. This obviously excludes cults or belief systems based on provable falsehoods.

00.03.46 01.05.2017

So no single influential feminist philospher falls into your list even if they are famous, recognized and influential philosphers? That's basically a version of the "No True Scostman" fallacy put into action :S

00.02.08 01.05.2017

Sure. But not ones from a feminist webpage. And not feminist 'philosophers', either.

23.49.09 30.04.2017

She is considered one, but I mean... yah, I'm not the one doing the classification of who is a philosopher and who isn't.

22.57.22 30.04.2017

"Most of the traditional philosophers have had little or no impact on society, largely because their output was complete drivel."

That argument is so wide as to be empty as the fact is that the vast majority of people have had little impact on history as whole. It's so wide as to be a pointless statement.

22.56.03 30.04.2017

"In my original post you will see I said that Ayn Rand was an exception to the rule that there are no female philosophers of any significance"

Yah, and this is BS as well. Do you want a list of important female philosophers?

22.52.54 30.04.2017

I wasn’t aware Rand was a philosopher… how the hell did that happen?

18.18.43 18.04.2017

I wanted to hate this article but you did a good job :) the points are good - fashion risks? not sure there's much fashion here but I get it

15.31.32 18.04.2017

Maybe you should study philosophy - or at least, logic.

In my original post you will see I said that Ayn Rand was an exception to the rule that there are no female philosophers of any significance. The fact that her books have been read by around seven million people demonstrates that she has had an impact. Do you want me to address the question of whether she was really a woman?

>> Many traditional philosophers have had serious impacts on society from mathematics to medicine.

Obviously, many of them have. The vast majority, obviously, have not. Read what I wrote before commenting on it.

>>to say that Ayn Rand's Objectivism (an odd form of humanism) has had a larger impact than traditional philosophy is simply historical fiction.

Given that I didn't say that, your comment is irrelevant.

>>The problem with the US economy isn't so much on the money side of things, and neither was that the problem in the USSR.

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean. We are specifically talking about how the supply of goods and services are made hard because of the actions of the state. Are you claiming that the lack of goods and services in the USSR wasn't a problem for the people living there?

>>The problem lay in endemic corruption within both systems and the lack of sustainability of the modern view of economics.

That's one problem, no doubt. But we are specifically talking about the effects of high taxation and over-regulation.

>>These are very simplified answers
You are right about that.

21.03.04 11.04.2017

Fair enough. And it wasn't abuse, it was a legitimate suggestion.

1. Many traditional philosophers have had serious impacts on society from mathematics to medicine. The Cartesian Plane is named after Descartes. Many philosophers in the Muslim world composed new (at the time) treatises on medicine which massively helped the world. Marx and Smith had far larger impacts as political and economic philosophers then Ayn Rand could ever hope to have, and that's not an insult. This is simply historical fact, to say that Ayn Rand's Objectivism (an odd form of humanism) has had a larger impact than traditional philosophy is simply historical fiction.

2. The problem with the US economy isn't so much on the money side of things, and neither was that the problem in the USSR. The problem lay in endemic corruption within both systems and the lack of sustainability of the modern view of economics.

These are very simplified answers, but I figured I might as well address the basics first.

20.44.56 11.04.2017

Instead of spewing out childish abuse, how about trying to add something intelligent to this discussion? What part of my post do you disagree with, and why?

20.35.19 11.04.2017

I think going back to school for a history or economics degree would help you out.

20.25.03 11.04.2017

Most of the traditional philosophers have had little or no impact on society, largely because their output was complete drivel. In contrast, Ayn Rand challenged the orthodoxies of the socialist state and influenced the thinking of millions of people.

14.35.06 11.04.2017

Jana Hubinská and Zuzana Šulajová are Slovakian -

09.23.38 11.04.2017

"The only exception is Ayn Rand..." LOL. A joke of a "philosopher" if there ever was one.

06.07.04 11.04.2017

Women not being able to drink as much as men is sexist...? Or maybe it's the fact that female bodies metabolize alcohol differently and less efficiently than male bodies. C'mon now...

06.05.54 11.04.2017

They are. However, Women in general aren't exactly known for their great thinking skills. In the entire history of mankind virtually all the great thinkers, philosophers and paradigm-shifters have been men. The only obvious exception is Ayn Rand, who looked like a man.

14.54.08 09.04.2017

>> created by ignorant harpies from the 70s.
I don't believe that feminism was created by 'harpies from the 70s': these were simply useful idiots. It came right from the top by those who want to break up the family unit and create as much discord as possible between the sexes. There is definitely some rational thinking behind feminism; but the thinking is to use it create harm, not to help women.

14.36.28 09.04.2017

Obviously not.

22.39.59 07.04.2017

Chatteratti response.

18.32.20 07.04.2017

I find them utterly boring and unimaginative. Mea culpa.

18.31.24 07.04.2017

Good. You are now seeing how real women live fulfilling and wholesome lives in collaboration with men. Not some fucked competition created by ignorant harpies from the 70s.

The media and educators in the West need blasting out of their overpaid turrets and replaced with those embued with science and reason.

You have been lied to - knowingly - by a feminist movement desperate to continue to find a reason to exist long after the major battles were won.

Try reading 'Is there anything good about men' by Roy Baumeister and let the light of truth into your life. You will be happier for it I assure you.

02.07.10 04.04.2017

This is such nonsense.. I have lived here in Prague for 15 years and I don't agree with half of what you wrote

14.56.59 21.03.2017

The reason why men prefer Czech women is because they haven't been poisoned by feminism and because Czech culture has been somewhat protected from the sludge of anti-male propaganda which has insinuated its way into every aspect of Western society.

22.13.45 08.03.2017

To JP (Guest)

Thanks for sharing your story.

Your entire scenario is like a blueprint of "what not to do in a relationship". I understand that you were in the early stages of "love" with her, but, to be honest, you put too much into it and did everything for this girl and her mother. You were behaving like a slave. Even if she did "like" you, after seeing you be such a servant, she probably lost all attraction for you and then, any respect. Perhaps she was hoping to meet a real man and you are a real man but if you're doing all that stuff for her, she's going to see you as a "mangina" (man behaving like a weak slave woman).

Last year, I met a beautiful girl from the Czech republic. I was at an outdoor dance festival, dancing, slightly drunk, and having a good time. I was dancing with girl after girl, having fun, telling them to make out with me, and then they would. I probably made out with 5 or 6 girls. I noticed the Czech girl, tall, pretty with beautiful eyes, nice figure, and after making out with the other girls I approached her. I danced with her and dirty danced with her and she politely declined when I told her I want to kiss her. She said: "I saw you kiss all those other girls" and I answered with "but it was you who I really wanted to kiss" and we're dancing more and then I begin kissing her neck and then we are making out. I invited her and her friend, who met another guy there, to hang out. We took the subway (Brooklyn, NY) to a bar closer to where I live. At the bar, we talked and kissed and I offered her 3 options and she chose the last one "go back to my place and make love". We had sex twice that night and again in the morning. She liked sex and it was good.

We were lovers. It turns out she was a nanny in upstate New York. So, she would visit on weekends and we'd have marathon sex sessions to the point of disturbing the young Dominican family where I lived, as my loft bed would shake, banging the wall that was connected to their bedroom. At a festival the following week, me and the Czech girl are sitting there with a group of people and someone asks her "are you and him dating" and she says "no" and looks at me and smiles, and I look at her and smile. Initially, I was surprised she said that but I did not care, because we were having fun and having a lot of good sex, so "dating" had little to do with it.

Women are chasing a feeling. They do not want commitment. They don't want rules. If you give them a feeling, they will come to you. It doesn't matter what you look like, what you do for them, or how much money you have. They all want the same thing: a feeling.

Take them on an adventure. Take the lead. Don't ask them, take them. By that, I mean, tell them: Show up here at 7pm and wear something sexy and be sure to have comfortable shoes for walking in. They love surprises and mystery. Then, be there and take them on the adventure. Be the man. Girls don't want a partner. They want a leader.

Some websites that will help you with women:

04.08.50 17.03.2016

JP(Guest) Published: 04:20:53 13.09.2015
10 Lessons I learned from a Czech/Slovak Woman and her Mother I am a 60yo Ex Pat American Veteran. Very athletic and living a very healthy Atkins/Paleo lifestyle here on the Gulf Coast. Retired Military Aviator and very comfortable in every department save a woman to grow old with. I recently ended a 4 month relationship with a 40yo Czech BSN/RN Professional Medical Equipment Sales Rep, Never Married, No Kids, and living alone in Prague. Her English Language Skills are at least ICAO Level 4. I met D on Tinder with my iPhone while in Prague this past April 2015. I was working with one of the 'Czech Bride Marriage Agencies' in Prague but all my Meet and Greets ended with no one really interested in marriage. WTH? According to the Owner I was simply to old for most of her Clients. So much for today's 60 being yesterday's 40. This story is to simply convey one Ex Pat American's opinion of Czech/Slovak Women supposedly 'looking for an American Husband'. I reluctantly agreed with D to her bringing her Mother for her first visit and full blown vacation to our beautiful beaches and lifestyle here along the Gulf Coast. In all fairness to the Czech Republic, both women have Slovakian Passports and the Mum lives in Slovakia. Chaperoning in America is somewhat of a lost art. However, since all we had time for in Prague was a 2 hour Meet and Greet, a few beautiful kisses and hugs, 4 months of Face Time and WhatsApp, I understood the reluctance to travel alone. Also, D and her Mum paid for travel. I provided Room, Board, and Transportation as Host. Nothing ventured nothing gained. We both saw this financially as an investment in a possible life time future. I spoiled this Mother Daughter Team rotten. They loved it here in 'Paradise'. They had a dedicated Guest Room, Bathroom, and I did all of the Cooking, Baking, and BBQ. I had made a Vacation Plan involving everything from a One Hour Deep Tissue Massage 2 hours after landing to Beaches to the Blue Angels Practice Air Show to Boating and Freshwater Fishing. We would all swim together in my salt water pool every morning. Life was a memory for the least for a few hours. The weather here literally changed for their visit. It was sunshine all day and stars at night leading up to a full moon the day they departed. So, Part 1 of the agreement D and I had made before she ever booked travel was to have a great vacation. Part 2 of the agreement was simply to determine IF D and I had the right chemistry to move forward as a couple. D had already made wedding plans, honeymoon plans, and quitting her high stress job in Prague plans. She wanted the 'Fairy Tale' dreams to come true and a guy like me was 'The Perfect Man'. So, after the massage and 20 hours of International Jet Travel the Girls were sitting in my Living Room enjoying some Kentucky Bourbon and Ginger Ale before going to bed. The Mother spoke up first after some small chit chat and D translated with the very '1st Question' of this new relationship. 'My Mum wants to know if you're rich?' Yup. That was the very first question of a 7 Day and 7 Night Journey to find an American Man that was independently wealthy, single, healthy, and knew how to cook since the daughter did not know how. Was I rich? My 1st Red Flag of the week just popped up. The following morning after coffee and a swim D asked me to connect her company laptop and personal iPhone to my WiFi. I saw a pop up message from 'Marcelo' on her Tinder Dating App as soon as the WiFi connected. Since she had asked me if I would delete my Tinder App along with hers BEFORE I left Prague, you can imagine my subtle shock. She had been dating on Tinder this whole time I thought she was being true like I was. Ouch.... I confronted her in my Office about our Tinder App agreement as I handed her iPhone back. She blew it off as if it meant nothing, turned around, and walked away from me. 36 hours later on Sunday Night I caught her looking at available Bachelor's on Tinder while sitting at my Dining Table with her iPhone. She said she was 'bored'. Excuse me? You're bored after being in Paradise for 48 hours? So, I confronted her again and this time it ended up in an agreement after a fairly heated exchange. We clearly agreed that at the end of her 7 Day Vacation in Paradise she would have to choose. Tinder or Me. That did NOT mean I would choose her. I clearly explained that fact of life and she understood it. We shook hands. We had a Tinder Deal. Of course by now any sense of Trust or Respect was gone and I knew the inevitable outcome. All week long I was asked to take hundreds of photos of her and her Mum on her iPhone. I admit to pushing the Home Button and then checking her Tinder Account on more than one occasion. She was actively checking out and communicating with other Bachelors all week long. In America we call that a kick in the nuts. Husband Hunting. Not sure how Czech Men feel about their Czech Women engaging in that kind of behavior under similar circumstances. However, in all fairness to the Internet Dating Community, D and I did NOT have a monogamous committed relationship YET. In America that means all bets are off and you are free to continue dating, searching, etc... However, what was she thinking? That seeing her checking out other Bachelors in my Home would somehow make me want to hurry up and put the ring on her finger? Really? Is this what Slovakian Mothers teach their Slovakian Daughters? During a 3 Hour Dinner Date with a Medical Doctor and his wife on Wed Night, Day 5, I was told afterwards how both of them sensed no affection on D's part towards me. They complimented how extremely well dressed both women were but that the 'No Bra and No Panties' attire was in very poor taste and reflected a serious lack of respect for me. They could also sense and see that I was nothing more than a means to an end with this woman. I said nothing about her week long Tinder activity right up until I dropped them both off at the Airport Friday morning. I asked D if she still had Tinder on her iPhone and she said 'Yes, but I haven't checked all my messages'. I could not believe a supposedly smart, educated, beautiful, Czech/Slovak Woman who was actively seeking an American or Canadian Husband, would behave like this. So, during our very emotional 'Good Byes' she looked me dead in the eyes and said 'I am in love with you and want to live with you forever here in Paradise'. I stood there stone cold shocked tears running down my cheeks, and said 'You can't be serious...' Really? 'Yes, I want to come back in October. I want to live with you forever.' She thought her baby blue eyes, blond hair, great body, and braces would melt my heart? At that moment in my life I realized that my Emotional Gas Tank was literally Empty. She was a Taker. I was a Giver. I had nothing left to give... Men want a minimum of 5 things in a committed and monogamous relationship with ANY Woman from ANYWHERE on the Planet. 1. Trust/Honesty. 2. Respect. 3. Sex . 4. Comfort. 5. Companionship/Fun. This Czech/Slovak Woman gave me ZERO in every department so I can't really say I'm impressed with her preparation and planning for meeting a retired Military Aviator with a strong libido. Did I mention how much she teased me for 4 months and even moreso when she was here? Did I have 'expectations' that went unfulfilled? Absolutely. Do I now know why this beautiful woman has never been married? Of course. When I asked her at the end of her vacation if she even knew what a man wanted in a relationship she just stared at me. Seriously. She didn't have a clue. How sad. How utterly sad... So, I reminded D of our Sunday Night Tinder Dating App agreement, our deal, our relationship contract, our handshake, and with that I reminded her that she had made her choice. Tinder-1 America-0. She freaked out and got very angry and the entire break up took over 4 days. I will admit she fought pretty hard to make her dreams and plans come true. However, Denial, Rationalization, Anger, and Deception are not the Character qualities an American Man is looking for in a future wife. I reminded her of an old American saying..."Don't believe those who tell you they love you. Believe those who show you they do." What appalled me the most was her total lack of remorse. She never once said 'I'm sorry I offended you with my behavior. Can you forgive me.' My point here is that Czech/Slovak Women are no different, for better or for worse, than any other women on the Planet Earth. I have flown helicopters all over the world and the only place I can honestly say where the women are different is Communist China. So, cultural differences aside, did our 20 year age difference make any difference? I asked her that BEFORE I even met her for coffee in Prague. She said her last Partner of 15 years was one year older than me. She liked Mature Men. So, I got knocked off my International Czech Bride Dating horse, dusted myself off, grabbed the reins and mounted up. I reinstalled my Tinder App and within 36 hours of their departure a Nurse I have known for about 4 years came over and did what American Nurses do best. She cared for me... As for me I will never visit The Czech Republic again. Two Czech/Slovak Women ruined it for me. Mother and Daughter. After all, a Man will make a mistake once, but only a Fool will make the same mistake again. 10 Lessons We can learn from Czech Women? Here's a few more for your reference Ms. Haas. 'Tis Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all...' Shakespeare God Bless America JP
Miss Ae(Guest) Published: 12:40:24 06.08.2015
"Unspoiled by Feminism. . ." yes, because women in Czech Republic don't have equal rights to men, and women having equal rights or merely standing up for themselves somehow just ruins womanhood. That's all feminism is. And as far as American expat men are concerned, they can have them all for all I care. If I am in Czech, I want to be with Czech men, not these whiny American men who seek a cultural stereotype out because they are afraid of American women being too bossy. . . .and last I checked, being called a " [wooden] board" that just lies there is still an insult in CZ. So it's best not to be too submissive there, ladies.
Zdenka(Guest) Published: 04:26:34 27.11.2014
No ty vole..:D Co to jako je..?.:D Nic sem nepochopila ale jako v pohodě..:DDDD Im czech :*
Lubos Motl(Guest) Published: 03:20:16 18.10.2014
For a non-Czech author, it is a remarkably good and accurate article explaining what makes the Czech women sort of more mature, and perhaps more satisfied with themselves, and more emancipated. As a Czech physicist, I have spent a decade in the U.S. and left Harvard faculty mostly due to the terror by the local feminists that ultimately led to the resignation of Larry Summers, a rather self-confident guy and my soulmate whose "sin" was to point out that there may be biological differences between sexes that are responsible for the asymmetric representation of the sexes in various occupations. The "top ten" list of the special features is rather accurate and comprehensive. To use different words, the Czech women are naturally behaving as men when it's OK for them but they're not ashamed of their differences and different desires. If something bores them, they just don't do it. They avoid boys-vs-girls battles which they consider childish and they think that other women are more likely to be their foes and competitors than other men, because of the obvious attractions. They think that it's possible to reconcile career and family because they've seen many examples like that, so many of them really manage to do all these things simultaneously as well, and they're sure that they can't be "systematically" oppressed. Indeed, many women can dominate their environments, and the occasional silence helps to give them the power, too. They're not afraid of dating younger bunnies (technically: little jackrabbits) because men can do the same thing (a great observation that we don't have any slur for old women dating bunnies). They are not ashamed of doing more work if they can do it. They are not afraid of showing their bodies, even if a bit imperfect, and many servers such as consider Czechia to be "another continent" like Asia when it comes to the sources of the tickling material. A superpower. ;-) They know that it's not their duty to be oversweetened, like the high school queens in Hollywood movies, so their face may often be serious. They're annoyed by ladies who are too loud (like some spoiled ladies in the U.S.) even though they have little to offer, and they don't want to be like them. They mostly know that enough food is important and anorexia is a potential disease. They know that they can drink what men can drink but it's always better for them to be a little bit more sober than the male counterparts perhaps because at the end, they're less addicted to such things and more able to regulate themselves than many men. They consider themselves to be a part of the national and civilizational history in the very same way as men and they don't feel that a "battle between sexes" was an important political issue in the last 100 years. They are perfectly OK with electing a male politician. They don't have to be like everyone else when it comes to fashion etc. and it is perfectly OK for them to get inspired by women of any generation and nationality as well as men. Well, maybe there could be a long extra discussion about their not being afraid of short-term and superficial relationships, in a way that sort of mimics many men's attitude. At this moment, I am getting to things where it's questionable whether they're vices or virtues but at any rate, all these things including the questionable ones help to explain why most Czech women feel insulted if someone suggests that they are feminists.
Comment from: Published: 06:05:03 09.08.2014
I'm a male, living in Czech Rep 14 1/2 years and find many truths in this article. Perhaps the comments from women below reflect more a negative animus opinion than understanding (re: Carl Jung). I lived in Paris when I was younger too. The woman writing this short article did a fine job, stop beating her up you bullies.
Comment from: FilipC. Published: 05:24:14 22.03.2014
>Untouched by feminism Somebody's forgetting the state-enforced feminism during the communist rule.
Janine(Guest) Published: 03:52:24 13.03.2014
staringatthesun: totally agree. I was living in London for two years, then on vacation in CZ, and it's like you are saying - people are same everywhere, good and bad, cool and jerks. Also, personally I don't think this article quiet fit for most of CZ girls - my friends from Prague are independent, lots of them are building career here, or living abroad - this submissive style fits more to their grandmothers, who used to live in a hard times of communism
Comment from: Published: 12:37:02 13.03.2014
Also you can be sure that any guy that wants a submissive woman who doesn't challenge them on anything is a complete sociopath.
Comment from: Published: 12:17:14 13.03.2014
People are the same everywhere for the most part. You can almost always apply the 90/10 rule anywhere you go. That is 90% of the people you come across are complete douches/twats and about 10% are actually cool and down to earth.
Janine(Guest) Published: 03:50:49 13.03.2014
Lynn Gee: your comment is silly and a little bit racist, I think. Im from France and personally I think this article could be pressed everywhere, but maybe you think US or Canada are better than rest of the world. Maybe you should find your own sister and ask her how to behave. Maybe she could teach you more than raising a chilled Pilsener...
Lynn Cee(Guest) Published: 01:18:47 02.12.2013
Can't imagine a silly, patronizing article like this getting published in the US or Canada. Sure sounds like the author of this tripe is smitten and infatuated with her Czech "sestry" (now there's a suitably antiquated term if ever there was one ...). Raising a chilled Pilsener, that I am not spending this good Sunday afternoon in Silicon Valley ironing curtains.
Tom(Guest) Published: 04:21:03 07.09.2013
I happened upon this article because I am trying to educate myself. I am a man from the United States and about a year ago, while on a business trip, I quite accidentally met a woman from the Czech Republic, living in Spain. Although, we have never dated, we did become friends and interact on FaceBook. I hope to visit the city she lives in and take her on a date; so I am looking to learn about her native culture out of respect because I do not want to be offensive or rude. A lot of the comments here seem to have it backwards; I don't like a "Czech Woman", I like an individual woman, who is her own person, and also happens to be from the Czech Republic. Naturally, the culture she was raised in influences her life greatly, but I don't think it dictates who she is or what her personal qualities are. The same is true of me, and every other human being on the planet. Because I like this woman as an individual, I think learning about the culture she was raised in is only courteous and respectful, just like learning what foods she likes and doesn't like, or what music she likes. or doesn't like.
Comment from: Published: 08:33:52 23.05.2013
I liked the article. While reading it, I was realizing how "Czech" my American wife is. But maybe it's the fact that she was born in UK... :)
JP(Guest) Published: 05:26:49 09.04.2013
From observing the experience of others and from Czech women that I know, you are in either of two positions in a relationship with a Czech woman. 1. You know that she is sleeping with someone else or has slept with someone else, or 2. You don't know that she is sleeping with someone else or has slept with someone else. Engagement or marriage means nothing. Have lived 6 years in the Czech Republic I have yet to be proved wrong.
MeMale(Guest) Published: 07:22:40 02.04.2013
Dear all, As a male, I am pleased to have found that article. As a male I can understand many of the points mentioned. In some of them I would dare to go even further than what the author suggested. I am married to a Czech woman myself...and know a lot of Czech women/relationships between Czech&Non-Czechs. So, one lesson I would add: Please Western women: do not try to change men; take them how they are, with a sense of humour and understanding...(you as a Western woman reading this, you probably tend to ignore all good forget it) And honestly dear Western women (not all of course, but it bores me to have to write it all the time that not all are meant): try to avoid the Czech Republic as an Expat-Country. I have worked for PwC, and was desparately courted and chased by Australian&German women colleagues, who in the absence of Czech women would have been (slightly) attractive to me. But in the end (like most men would) I took a Czech woman, to whom I am married today. Of course you can try to copy Czech women: but you will never be the original...think about it...leave the country is better for (most of) you. My Western PwC Colleagues were glad to leave CZ, and they left in frustration, feeling randomized as a woman....I am not overstretching it here...Western woman: make the best out of it...and if you are married, take care that your husband will not fall for a Czech woman....
Czech girl(Guest) Published: 06:10:22 21.03.2013
I think the article well describes the mentality of Czech women. However I think that the author started on the wrong foot here by saying "Expat men typically fall for Czech women; how can expat women compete?" I personally don't think that any women should try to compete with anyone including Czech women! Just BE WHO YOU ARE AND BE HAPPY!! I find it quite interesting how non Czech women get easily ofended by this article! The autor is trying to describe her experience with Czech women (it's just her opinion) so stop seeying it as some kind of attack against other cultures. That is just demonstrating your own insecurities. I'm Czech and I'm proud of it so you be proud of wherewer you come from! :-)
Johny5(Guest) Published: 05:58:53 27.02.2013
Cesky holky nejlepsi. I am Australian but I have been to many european countries. And czech girls are the most fair, beautiful and intelligent aof all. I know many Czech girls who speak many languages as many as 6+ fluent languages and work full time and alsocook. WOW so impressive and especially compared to Australian girls. Also there attitude and honesty is some thing that I personaly find lacking in most Australian girls. And this is my opinion.
sabrown(Guest) Published: 07:25:24 12.02.2013
A woman who has a full time job, cooks the meals, keeps a clean house, does the work in the garden and takes care of the children is not independent. She is a servant. I have long time Czech friends who live with men, no marriage, and brag if once in 2 months a male partner tidies up the flat or starts the washing machine. How do you say superficial article? What's with photos of actresses?
vendula(Guest) Published: 01:29:47 25.01.2013
I felt pleased to find an article that looks at the good sides of personalities in Czech woman. I am an Czech woman who lived in the West for 13 years and I believe the author has quite an insight into Czech stereotypes. Yes, we - women from all over the world - are much more alike, perhaps the conditioning is different, and thats whats the article about - I believe. Simply I cannot understand the amount of aggressivity can be seen in some of the comments bellow. The author have clearly started and amazing chain of reactions, which I find fascinating to observe. I think some commentors could now benefit from introspection of why are they reacting in this way :-). And I would recommend the author not to give up looking at the bright side of things in life... and keep writing about it!!
billy(Guest) Published: 04:45:48 29.11.2012
N 6 .not true Czech girls are very stylish!!!!!!!! than american
Comment from: Published: 08:22:59 12.11.2012
My response to 'quit being afraid of your body'-- On more than one occasion, a Czech female has felt the need to comment on my physique, and not always in a positive way. Offhand, I can think of three examples. The one that bothered me most was from a friend, who I stopped being friends with, after she thought it was necessary to tell me I looked good in my new dress, because I "have a problem with my belly and it covered it up well." Regardless of how "forward" and "honest" a culture is, why on earth would anyone think it'd be appropriate to spin a compliment into a total insult, especially about something so superficial? Maybe someone would say I shouldn't be so sensitive, but I don't care. If I even have to explain to someone why that might be crossing a major line, I have no interest in being their friend. I'm always hearing people here remark on physical appearance. According to them, no one is as good-looking as the Czechs are, and they're some of the most critical people I've ever met. That said, WHY would we feel comfortable baring our bodies in front of them? Besides that, I've never met anyone outside this country that feels the need to tan their nipples. :)
Comment from: Published: 01:16:15 29.04.2012
Guys!!!!!! I have been lived more than 10 years in Prague.I met sure more than 100 czech girls, I had records of so quick to get a czech girl in bed......Just one, one russian girl "my angel" came into my life in staromestska square and completly changed my life,am very happy and we are together almost 4 years.Guys, if you want serious relationship, love,family, strong culture and personality, well educated, go ahead, look for russian beauties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't waste your time!!!
Comment from: Published: 01:15:13 29.04.2012
Guys!!!!!! I have been lived more than 10 years in Prague.I met sure more than 100 czech girls, I had records of so quick to get a czech girl in bed......Just one, one russian girl "my angel" came into my life in staromestska square and completly changed my life,am very happy and we are together almost 4 years.Guys, if you want serious relationship, love,family, strong culture and personality, well educated, go ahead, look for russian beauties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't waste your time!!!
Nat(Guest) Published: 01:31:49 18.04.2012
On the pictures you have two Slovakian women :-) Czech girls are not only Prague girls. People differ from age and region here. Bad dressed:-) You, "west Europeans" ... Try to exist with your family with 1/6 of your salary. Where will you save on?
Nat(Guest) Published: 01:00:27 18.04.2012
On the pictures you have two Slovakian women :-) (actresses) People are the same all around the world.
Comment from: Published: 11:09:26 29.03.2012
this is mostly addressing jeff's comment: your bashing on american women demonstrates the attitude of the typical, scorned SexPat--the guy who was repeatedly rejected and dissed by women of his own country until he'd finally had enough and decided to move eastbound, where he'd stereotyped women to be more submissive, reserved, and desperate. you're probably whoo-ed by their accents, their endearing little grammatical errors, and their provocative clothing, however poorly matched. (sorry, but it's true, as the article pointed out.) perhaps if you understood the language of these non-anglo women, you might see that they're just as capable of expressing anger and uttering curse words, like ANY human being. you must realize that you're making broad, negative generalizations on ONE nation that's larger than the continent of europe. however, i suppose i'll offer you the benefit of the doubt, and chalk your words up to being the classical example of the grass being greener on the other side. you're entitled to your opinion and feelings for non-american women, but why diss us on a public forum?
Dasa(Guest) Published: 01:49:28 12.02.2012
I'm wrighting this as a response to ahanova's comment, by which I was rather offended. 'Perhaps she should spend some time in the country and see the variety of people that she may come across' - if you had spent some time in the country then you would see how caring, helpful and genuinly nice the women there are. From my experience of living in a rural village, when ever I had needed something I could simply go to my neighbours, who were glad to help. When my neighbour made more soup or cake she would come and give me some. This hopefully will help you understand how generous Czech women are. I have also lived in Prgaue and experienced the same helpfulness and kindness from women I hardly know. The women, yes, are "nice to your face", but "talk behind your back", - In every country women talk behind your back, especially in Englishwomen. Czechwomen when they do sometimes talk behind your back it is never to be mean however because they need your advice how to deal with a problem they have caused , etc. Also when they do talk behind your back they do it very politely, perhaps you could say unintentially. From my experience of knowing and living around Czech women I can tell you that they are genuine and aren't just 'nice to your face', if they aren't fond of you they'll put on a brave face and try to make you comfortable. That expression describes English women and American women more than anyone else but perhaps maybe some Russian women a bit would fall under that expression. 'Czech women are cold, indifferent, greedy, vain and cunning' - I very much disagree with this, as I have mentioned above a few times already, they're absolutely lovely. I can honestly say that no Czech woman I know or see is vain or greedy. Personally I see myself as cunning but not in a horrible way. 'I don't think that many of them have a very good sense of independence' - I disagree with this rather alot as Czech women have jobs, have an increadably well kept house, take care of the garden, and family ofcourse. Doesn't thins prove that they are independent, as they can manage everything on their own anyway. 'going to good schools to find future doctors or professors to marry, instead of worrying about their own education to further themselves.' - if you actually knew Czech women then you wouldn't say this many Czech women go into higher education to become sucessful, not to marry someone who is sucessful. Even women from rural villages go and study in university to get a degree in law or biochemistry, some become hairdressers, some work in the forest, they do what they choose to do, as they are very hardworking and enjoy work. With all due respect, the Czech Republic as a country is doing rather well in the current economic crisis as hardly any people take out loans, we have the least amount of people living on or under the poverty line out of Europe. Unlike America or England have many poor people living in horrendous conditions and taking out more and more loans. Also there are a low number of obese people. So the Czech Republic must be doing something right. Source: Me, I am Czech, I have lived both in a small village and Prague in the Czech Republic. I was educated in private international schools in Western Europe thus I know alot about different nationalities and the Czech Republic. I absolutely love working and I would hate to have no job and rely on someone else for money.
Comment from: Published: 05:16:13 10.02.2012
By the way... In addition to my previous comment: As I may sound a bit feminist... I help my husband run a business, I care for my home, have 3 children, am college educated and my husband had never previously been married. He chose not to marry a Czech woman, came here, gained legal status on his own and eventually married me (with whom he has children). We have been married for almost 7 years. We don't see a divorce in our near future. :)
Comment from: Published: 05:09:48 10.02.2012
In reading this article, I get the feeling that the writer has never spent any significant amount of time in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, she seems only to have spent time with certain women who have certainly achieved different levels of success in their lives (for example she often times refers to "most of" her "Czech friends"). Perhaps she should spend some time in the country and see the variety of people that she may come across. That being said, I also see that these traits mentioned also can be used to describe many women of other nationalities, including American. I am an American woman and I am married to a wonderful Czech man. He is one of a kind and I am glad that we have found each other in this very large world. His view, and I would say that it is valid, is very different than the author of this article. He feels that Czech women are cold, indifferent, greedy, vain and cunning. Perhaps that is why the divorce rate is very high in their country. I, too, have traveled extensively through the Czech Republic and Slovakia, numerous times, and have spent long periods there, as a second home. The women, yes, are "nice to your face", but "talk behind your back", as the expressions go. I don't think that many of them have a very good sense of independence, going to good schools to find future doctors or professors to marry, instead of worrying about their own education to further themselves. This, of course, is brought on by an age old problem with the "old school" businessmen, who think that a slap on the rear of a female co-worker is still okay. However, it is a different culture, with all due respect, and I believe that they are entitled to live by their own standards.
Jeff(Guest) Published: 10:49:25 04.02.2012
As a working traveller, I say almost any country has more desirable women than the Anglo West. It's not tough to top American women, with who I am most familiar; angry, foul mouthed, spoiled, demanding, aggressive, often overweight and generally lacking fashion sense. Not to mention an endless ability for deluding themselves about their desirability. My apologies to the rare exceptions. It is no small wonder that anglo expat women are all but invisible to expat men, and slaughtered in the dating market by the local women. The previous comments by women to this article certainly reinforce my some of my assertions.
AmericanMan(Guest) Published: 08:44:20 23.12.2011
Naturally, this article gets blasted by American/western women. Progress is slow I guess.
somethingova(Guest) Published: 07:35:13 28.11.2011
as ms. haas has stated, she had expected and hoped that her article would provoke discussion, and clearly, it has. try to not take offense while reading this article, and stop looking at it as a case of the expat woman versus the czech woman. as "blanka fialova" wrote below, "there is no way we can (compete)." why? because in the czech republic, especially those of us who hail from the united states-- we are foreign, we are exotic, and come from a whole lifetime of differences in backgrounds, experiences, etc. literally, we american woman hail from the other side of the planet! therefore, it cannot be seen as a competition. we have our own lovely qualities to offer that no local woman does, and vice-versa. embrace what you have!
blanka fialova(Guest) Published: 08:06:32 08.11.2011
10 Lessons We Can Learn from Czech Women Expat men typically fall for Czech women; how can expat women compete? obviously those of you reading the title were looking for the it is...there is no way you can :-p
Comment from: Published: 09:31:37 27.10.2011
I don't think you can really learn any positively great things from Czech women. I have found them to be rather selfish, racist and prejudiced. this is especially to non-white people. the Czech culture does not exist in the young generation, because these girls now are the gebneration that grew up after the revolution, so they are imitating the American or western ideals but at the same time their ideas of the world is quite closed. they have no sense of being open and dynamic with differrent cultures. cultural diversity does not exist in this country. Czech women are racist, but they see it as very normal.
Comment from: en Published: 02:06:49 15.10.2011
These two articles - Czech women and Czech men - were a bad idea right from the beginning. Date Czech men because of their "attributes"? Talk in a reasonable tone of voice because Czech women do? The problem is, as many people have pointed out, these are very broad generalizations. Not one of them, in my opinion, can apply to all, most, or even a large number of Czechs. Possibly, Haas struggled mightily to come up with several points about Czech men and women simply to have enough material for her articles. Since she claims she has "chosen to highlight several aspects of their personalities that I find admirable," why not use that slant, instead of applying her experiences to the entire nation? The article about Czech men reads like a plea for foreign women to date them; the follow-up article makes it sound as if Czech women are a breed apart, with little or nothing in common with women from other nations.
Elizabeth Haas(Guest) Published: 08:22:29 14.10.2011
While I expect and even hope that these articles will encourage discussion, I am baffled by the personal attacks at my expense. It's frustrating that many of the commenters here seem to have little or no understanding of what was actually written in the article and what's worse would rather leave low-brow remarks than thoughtful insights. No one is stereotyping here, please read again. We do not live in a homogenous world. Czech women and American women are not entirely alike, as anyone who has spent years living with them, working with them, and being friends with them is well aware. There is not one stereotypical statement here. I have chosen to highlight several aspects of their personalities that I find admirable. Therein lies the beauty of the essay---it is taken from the author's point of view and personal observations. It is not a statement of fact. The only misleading thing about this article is the way the editor has written the sub-headline---I never intended for this to be a primer for American women on how to compete with Czech women for men, rather thoughts on what we can learn from their sometimes differing approach to love and life. I respect all differences of opinion here but my personal life shouldn't enter into it. (By the way I'm married, so no, not scorned, pregnant, so not too hungover either, and truly not ugly enough to respond to the last commenter.)
expatwoman(Guest) Published: 02:08:37 09.10.2011
Most ridiculous article I have read in a very long time. First of all you can never generalize a whole culture like this. There is no such thing as a 'czech woman'. The Czech woman you describe I have never met. Women all over the world come in different sizes and shapes. The way you talk about Czech woman gives the impression that you yourself are very frustrated or / and very ugly. Because why compare yourself along these very backward / superficial criteria to other women from a different culture? It just does not mak sense. Hope there will be better articles soon.
guest(Guest) Published: 09:03:33 05.10.2011
ridiculous article. You have a 'For men' article on sport and 'for her' an article on the wiley ways of czech women and how they get men. How cliche can you get - I think the writer had a very tight deadline and was probably hungover!
Comment from: Published: 03:24:30 05.10.2011
Czech women contribute to my pride in being an American man of a good serving of Czech ancestry.
aeronaut(Guest) Published: 03:30:09 03.10.2011
@ my3cats528 ---> LOL! You think Elizabeth Haas must have just gotten dumped for a Czech woman? She just got married to a Czech man! READ THE ARTICLE AGAIN. She's not slamming Czech women.
Comment from: Published: 02:08:39 30.09.2011
8,7,6- fail.
Comment from: Published: 09:42:43 28.09.2011
As a Czech male, not often thinking along these lines and making comparisons, this is an interesting angle to look at "our" women. Sure generalizations are always tricky, but I liked to read this and enjoyed this point of view.
Comment from: App Published: 06:41:14 18.09.2011
It seems to me that the author of this article does not really know what she is talking about. Most importantly, she is taking cultural differences and applying them universally. Don't think those Czech women are so perfect. Pragmatical yes, but also the highest rates of infidelity and divorce. Strange fashion sense - this actually usually is because a whole lot of them don't know how to dress. In the end, every person is different and cultural norms make huge differences in cultural arenas. While piping down may be good advice to most Western women in general, taking that advice back home, as a good deal of the above, would label you negatively (perhaps as a "negative Nancy" or some other crap) and give you a bad image there - why?, because it does not fit in that culture. And if you say that Czech women get away with it in the West, that is true because, in general, they are better looking, more sexually open and active, and they have (probably due to Czech men) a different understanding of the "leagues" they are in (or rather which men can play on their field).
Comment from: Published: 06:31:09 18.09.2011
The biggest difference between Czech women and American women is that they perceive being a sex object as a good thing. (Also, they don't play hard to get, so I think you are off on that one, but you made some good points)
Comment from: Published: 08:23:04 14.09.2011
that's the risk you take when you start comparing....anyone....period. it's always offensive or upsetting. it would be more entertaining if we could read part2 to this article '10 lesson we can learn from expat women'...any ideas?
USEurBrain(Guest) Published: 03:44:59 13.09.2011
People.. don't take all so personal, some ract like if they touch their "weak bone"... better, read, understand and use the parts which concern you...and respect the parts which don't...
(Guest) Published: 10:23:34 12.09.2011
Obviously Czech women are the Easiest women of all eastern countries! :) They target unavailable man, seduce him, use him, destroys his relationship and moves on to the next one! This don't really seem house and family oriented! In fact, too easy to get!
(Guest) Published: 12:01:04 12.09.2011
This is more in reaction to some of the comments more than the article, but here it goes. I am a czech woman and I am sooo sooo tired of this stereotyping of czech women. Its so cliche. Me and lots of my czech female friends are well educated, very well travelled, have good jobs etc. and not all of us are in a desperate need of an expat man for money or whatever (like hello, times have changed, I earn more than most of my expat male friends in Prague). I also found women in many parts of the world to be just as beautiful as czech women. I also do not believe that czech women do not know how to dress or overdress or whatever. In every country there are ppl. with various taste in clothing and there is a variety here too. Not all of us are the same and I really dislike how so many cliches apply to us when I have for example never heard so many cliches about Irish women for example. Articles like this just help to promote the cliches unfortunately. And like someone here already said, an expat man who pursues certain perceived qualities in czech women would usually be the type who'd apply the same perceived qualities to Asian women as well.
(Guest) Published: 10:02:35 12.09.2011
Comment from: Published: 05:58:42 11.09.2011
I thought this article would be interesting, but... It appears the author Elizibeth Haas, has been recently dumped for a Czech woman and in effort to get closure and appear like the bigger person, she writes an article singing the praises of Czech women. In essence all women have traits 1-10 or possess the ability to use such character traits. I still have yet to see a Czech woman "play hard to get". Actually the opposite, if you want to learn a lesson from Czech women to score a man... Follow these basic steps: 1) Identify your target (preferably good looking, foreign & liquid net worth). 2) Smile at your target and tell him you really want to learn his language and think he is really sexy. 3) Ask your target what he thinks of Czech woman. 4) Slam a shot of tequila with your target at his local pub and then off back to his place, for all night sex marathon. The dirtier the better. 5) Mission accomplished!!! You now have a new man! 5 Easy Steps to Success Every Time. Mrs. Haas, Not only did I save you and your readers time with my summery, but I have also reduced the real life application steps by 50%. Happy Man Hunting!!!