Gynaecology-Obesterics Shayna Rose

Gynaecology-Obesterics Shayna Rose

Školska 32, Praha 1, 11000

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Our main activity is based on the medical field, and the precise focus on the women health.
Passionately committed Clinic of Obs.-Gyn. in Prague

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Strong recommendation

Reviewed by Aleksandra Ranković 23.11.2021
I have a wonderful experience as Dr. McBride's patient during my pregnancy. He is very professional and very kind at the same time. His approach is reassuring, answering all questions I had. This was my first pregnancy and I panicked about a lot of things, but Dr. McBride was patient, even giving me a checkup during weekend, because I was worried something was wrong ( everything was fine). Great doctor and human being, my warmest recommendation.

Our amazing Dr. Fara

Reviewed by James Ursul 19.10.2021
From the first phone call with Dr. Fara McBride at SHAYNA ROSE, me and my fiancé felt like we were in good hands. As tourists speaking only english in a very difficult situation abroad during a pandemic, we couldn’t have met a better person to help us out. Dr. Fara gave us his all and did much more than what was required of him. His people skills and professionalism is outstanding, and he went the extra mile to get us through our situation.... read more

A saint to me and my partner

Reviewed by Jonathan Lees 11.10.2018
Dr McBride has been a savior to me an my pregnant partner, He has made her feel comfortable through the whole process so far. He is very knowledgable about the whole process, made us feel comfortable and we know we're in the right hands, we really couldn't have asked for more. He has gone above and beyond for us to make sure that we understand the best that we can do for us to have a healthy and happy baby. Dr Fara McBride is a very pleasant... read more


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