Prague Physical Therapy

Prague Physical Therapy

Nekázanka 881/9, Praha 1, 11000 Now closed - opens at 08:00

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At Prague Physical Therapy, your Physical Therapist will create an individual therapy program specifically developed for you based on a complete evaluation of your condition. Our rehabilitation philosophy is to promote healing through a combination of exercise and manual therapy, as well as to educate our patients in injury prevention, body mechanics, correct posture and self-help techniques. We aim to provide you with the best physical therapy experience in Prague.

Newly, we offer online physiotherapy consults for our clients. If you cannot or don't want to travel, you can take advantage of this service.

Prague Physical Therapy offers solutions for:

Orthopedic issues
Back/Spine Injuries
Acute and Chronic back pain
Neck pain and Cervicogenic Headaches
Sports-Related Injuries
Shoulder pain, Wrist/Hand/Forearm Injuries
Pre and Post Surgical Conditions
Overuse/Repetitive Stress Injuries
Knee Injuries/ pain
Foot/Ankle Injuries
Imbalance and falls
Oncology rehabilitation
Chronic venous insufficiency

Modalities and treatment offered:
Manual therapy
Therapeutic exercises
Home exercise instruction including videos to take home
Therapeutic ultrasound
Electrical stimulation and Tens for pain-relief
Lymphatic pump Lymphapress

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The best fisiotherapist in Prague

Reviewed by Federico Pennese 24.10.2019
I highly reccomend her. First time I walked in her studio I had severe back pain, I could not sit, I was desparate. She fixed my back and could go back to my normal life. She is extremely professional, she makes you feel at home, she really cares about her patients. You can easily schedule an appointment on the website, there's also the possibility to schedule it after office hours. She gives you access to a really useful app that helps you to... read more
Response from owner: Thank you, Federico, I am happy your back is back to normal :-)

Top notch care, service and knowledge... PT at it’s best

Reviewed by Andrea Jakersonova-Young 13.05.2019
Magdalena is more than just your run of the mill therapist.... she cares, she explains, she delivers.. She has the “know how” and “know why” you won’t find in other clinics. I highly recommend her.
Response from owner: Thank you, Andrea


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