Paula Costa

Paula Costa

Ovčí hájek 2153/2, Praha 5, 15800 Now closed - opens at 16:00

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My focus is on trying to help people discover and/or address personal goals, aspirations and struggles.
Looking at your life, feelings and state of mind and sifting through all of that in a structured and non-judgemental way until you reach a state of balance or harmony is essentially the outcome I would like to help you achieve.
It is a process, a journey in a sense, but a rewarding one. I believe that this balance can be achieved while outside taking a walk, being at one with nature all the while looking within and making an honest assessment of our lives at present.
However, a lot of my sessions have been and are online at present as it has been easier for a lot of my professional clients that find themselves with limited schedules.
It is completely up to the client whether they would like a face-to-face, online or hybrid approach.

So, ultimately, the reason why I have created Soul Searching in Prague is because I would like to lend my support to anyone who is feeling a little "stuck", lost or isolated at this present time. I want to help you achieve that harmony/balance and in the process, help you find your joy!

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