Compassionate Inquiry Therapy (by Dr. Gabor Maté)

Compassionate Inquiry Therapy (by Dr. Gabor Maté)

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Unhappy in your life? Problems with kids? Abusive consumption of alcohol, drugs? Same annoying things keep happening to you? Low self-confidence or self-esteem? Attracting the wrong partners? Depressed? Try therapy which goes as deep as it gets to the roots of the problem, immediately gives guidance on how to solve them and provides rapid and effective assistance.

Compassionate Inquiry, Emotional Processing & Kops Method are unique projective, diagnostic and therapeutic methods, that diagnose a wide range of problems. Combined with therapeutic tools from gestalt and non-dual therapy, the results are quick and amazing.

Kops Method for adults – what can it do for you?
It may help with unfulfilled personal potential * Childhood trauma, feeling of unhappiness, distress* Self-destructive behaviour tendencies * Stuck in cyclical thoughts and feelings * Problems with decision making and setting limits * Get to know and better understand yourself * Problems with self-acceptance and self-worth * Prevention and dealing with addictions * Partnership conflicts * During the session with the Kops Method expert, the adult client draws, paints, talks and is lead through a process, which has its unique methodology. Along this process, the diagnostics and outcomes come up and are communicated to the client in an understandable manner.

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Life-changing therapy for our daughter

Reviewed by Magdalena Patterson 18.12.2019
My experience with Marketa was so incredibly eye-opening and inspiring. I came to her with my four years old daughter, who was a happy kid, but at times showed strange, aggressive, sort of ADHD behavior. We started to worry if she might be harboring some aggression, we simply didn't understand where was this behavior coming from. Marketa really connected with my daughter, and my daughter really enjoyed drawing the Life Map. Markéta read the... read more


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