Anastasiya Ashitkova - Photographer in Europe

Anastasiya Ashitkova - Photographer in Europe

U vinohradské nemocnice 2256/4, Praha 3, 13000 Now closed - opens at 08:00

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Hi! I'm Anastasia Ashitkova, photographer from Prague.
My feature is to open your inner world on the set. Usually my clients stay with me for years - from pre-wedding photo shoots, births, family reunions and beyond.
Women find peace and comfort - to look at themselves in the photo, pose for a relaxed husband, and be satisfied with their photos.
Children in the photos - with touching details, cute little things that only parents know about.
I also do product photography where every detail is captured and shown.
Attention, love for details, a deep sense of your mood, maximum comfort on set - this is what you can expect from our collaboration.

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