Blanka Judlova - Optimum Eating

Blanka Judlova - Optimum Eating

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Hi I'm Blanka. I'm a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine).
I offer nutritional and lifestyle consultations, and create personalised programmes for anyone who wishes to optimise their general health, prevent, manage, or improve disease outcome.
Nutritional Therapy is an evidence-based approach that is centred around finding the root cause of your symptoms and what may be the triggers behind your health condition.
It is about using whole foods and nutrient rich diets to support fundamental physiological processes in the body. I focus on identifying underlying imbalances to improve physiological function of a number of bodily systems, including the digestive, immune and endocrine systems so that your health and vitality can be restored.
All recommended programmes are tailored made to your specific needs for nutrients and other lifestyle factors taking into account your unique bio individuality.

Areas of concern that I may help you with:

. Fatigue, trouble sleeping, anxiety, depression, migraines

​. Skin issues such as eczema, acne, skin rashes

. Persistent digestive complaints

. Hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood sugar

. Frequent infections, UTI's, allergies, intolerances

. Female hormonal issues: irregular/missing/heavy/painful periods, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, fertility support

. Menopause support

. Thyroid issues

. Autoimmune conditions

Protect your health by embracing a plant-based diet:

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Reviewed by Lubi K 20.01.2023
Blanka has been my nutritionist for over ten years. She is very passionate about her work which reflects in her vast and up to date knowledge in the field. I'm so greatful she helped me to sort out my digestive problems together with candidiatis. The treatment lasted for over 3months but it was worth it as it also cleared my eczema and helped with period pain. I would highly recommend her also for her friendly approach. Furthermore, I really... read more

Highly recommended! Targeted approach!

Reviewed by Jola Plona 02.08.2022
Blanka is always kind, very knowledgeable and she has great listening skills. She looks for root cause of illness and explains in detail each laboratory test result and provides comprehensive solutions. I struggled with gut symptoms, fatigue and low mood. We are uncovering my health issues like peeling an onion - one layer at the time and I love feeling better and seeing great results, and improvements in my health. Thank you so much Blanka.

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by user 18.07.2022
Blanka is a supportive and knowledgeable nutritionist who helped me change my eating habits to control migraines and increase my energy levels. She is always ready to answer my questions. She even educated me on reading food labels to make better choices when buying products in health shops. I would encourage anyone who is looking for support with nutrition to get in touch with her. I can't recommend her enough.

Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Panos Grivas 15.07.2022
I have been struggling with excess weight for many years. I have worked with dieticians and nutritionists before but without any success. On each occasion, I was put on an unrealistic diet plan that was impossible to follow due to my long working hours so I always ended up quitting. Blanka made it so easy for me. She provided me with easy to follow recipes with a shopping list which I found really helpful. I eat plenty of food and my weight is... read more

Excellent service

Reviewed by Eliska Ignacova 15.07.2022
I have been working with Blanka for 12 months. Initially, I sought her help with acne which really affected my confidence. I tried many expensive treatments at beauty and health clinics to improve my skin condition. I also tried Chinese medicine herbal treatments but I did not see any results. I also suffered from constipation, frequent colds and urinary tract infections, and very painful periods. I was astonished that only after 2 months of... read more