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Childhood is a wonderful time of adventure and discovery, children are naturally curious.  

Their curiosity can be guided by parents and teachers to learn English. Just by being children they will discover a new language. A club? In what way is this different from a normal language school? Aaada is an English language school for children ranging from as young as a year and a half to preschool and kindergarden age. However, it is different from a normal school because parents play a key role; we teach parents how they can teach their children. The club can be used as a resource centre. The atmosphere is safe, friendly and welcoming for both parents and young children. Snacks and refreshments are available, as well as potties and changing tables for our youngest customers. Parents help and guide their children as necessary. And our staff are happy to help children or parents as they require. Although the aim is to teach a second language, it should be a purely enjoyable experience for the child. If your child's first language is English you can still use the club as a centre for early learning to develop concepts and skills from across the curriculum which will give your child a headstart in life.  Aaada® - The Fun and language club for children. (Aaada® is a subsiduary of F.C.P. Inc, Denver, Co, U.S.A.)

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