Hey, Google! What were the most searched for words in the Czech Republic in 2020?

Coronavirus, Roman Prymula, and George Floyd were among the most trending topics in the Czech Republic this year.

Tom Lane

Written by Tom Lane Published on 28.12.2020 10:00:00 (updated on 18.12.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

Coronavirus was, unsurprisingly the most trending topic of the year, not just for the Czech Republic but also globally, according to Google Trends, which has released its global Year in Search.

Both the former and current Czech health ministers were among the most frequently searched personalities.

Roman Prymula lead the way as the most searched for public figure, while his predecessor Adam Vojtech landed second on the list. Both were Ministers of Health, but left their roles, with Vojtěch resigning in September amid rising COVID numbers and Prymula stepping down after he was photographed in a tabloid newspaper leaving a restaurant without his face mask on in October.

Adam Vojtěch speaks at a press conference in August; via vlada.cz
Adam Vojtěch speaks at a press conference in August; via vlada.cz

Current Health Minister Jan Blatný was at number eight on the list, despite having been appointed to the role just a few months ago.

The US election was also a hot topic among Czechs, with political leaders such as Joe Biden and Donald Trump among the foreign figures to feature in the trends list.

Celebrity trends for the Czech Republic included popstar Billie Eilish, Tom Hanks and Kobe Bryant who passed away in a helicopter crash in 2020.

The death of George Floyd made headlines around the world and the Czech Republic was no different with his name heavily searched for in 2020.

The list also includes the most searched "How To's" with how to make a face mask and how to wear a face mask occupy the top two spots, while how to make hand sanitizer also made the top ten.

Top Czech Google search terms for the year:

  • 1.Coronavirus
  • 2.US Election
  • 3.ČT24
  • 4.Google Classroom
  • 5.Ministerstvo zdravotnictví (Ministry of Health)
  • 6.Office 365
  • 7.Netflix
  • 8.Slunečná (Czech TV show Sunny)
  • 9.Symptoms of coronavirus
  • 10.Elections

Czech personalities

  • 1.Roman Prymula
  • 2.Adam Vojtěch
  • 3.Jaroslav Flegr
  • 4.Kazma
  • 5.Jordan Haj
  • 6.Monika Bagárová
  • 7.Eva Burešová
  • 8.Jan Blatný
  • 9.Nela Slováková
  • 10.Vít Starý

Foreign personalities

  • 1.Joe Biden
  • 2.Donald Trump
  • 3.Billie Eilish
  • 4.Kamala Harris
  • 5.Kim Jong-un
  • 6.Tom Hanks
  • 7.Boris Johnson
  • 8.Marián Čekovský
  • 9.Vera Wang
  • 10.Adele

Other categories included Czech television shows, with Slunečná (Sunny) Svatba na první pohled (wedding at first sight), Peče celá země (the Czech version of the Bake Off), Masterchef and Superstar making up the top five.

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