Who is Pilgrim?

Side by Side Theatre Company at Divadlo na Pradle

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Tuesday 31.05.11 to Saturday 04.06.11
19:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs

Pilgrim Jones asks the universal question,   ‘ who am I ?  ` and on his journey to find the answers he encounters , Fat cats ( who want to be rich ) Kitty Kats (who  take their money,  through sexual enticement ) The Nobodies (who have failed to be Somebody ) and The Vanities ( who want only to be beautiful )

With his new friends, Percy Verance  and Prudence, he also finds himself in FOOD HEAVEN, because, ‘ you are what you eat `

Throughout the journey, mirrors constantly remind them that the reflection they see is only a view of their outward appearance. They befriend Dazzle, one of the Vanities, who finally realises that she can´t find herself in her own image.

When they are captured in the CASTLE OF CANNOTDO, they also realise that they need the help of the Enablers to achieve their dreams and that it is the searching and learning about themselves that will bring them nearer to knowing who they are.

The story is a modern, secular take on John Bunyan´s, A PILGRIM´S PROGRESS, and  has relevance to the way we seek for self understanding amidst all the choices we have  in todays  world.

SIDE BY SIDE THEATRE COMPANY  is based in Stourbridge in the West Midlands, UK. Established in 1997, the Company have won many awards for their original and innovative theatre over the years, including , BEST MUSICAL ON THE FRINGE for their production of THE BIRD at the Brighton Fringe Festival in 2008 ( Fringe Report ) They have performed both nationally and internationally, including several times at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where they have received excellent reviews every time.

‘Each Festival I stumble across a nugget of pure gold and for 2009 this is it ´
TEMPEST IN A TEA-CUP   Deborah Klayman, Three Weeks *****

SIDE BY SIDE have constantly pushed back the boundaries and challenged the perception of learning disability, proving that they  can create, exciting and original  theatre  that can be enjoyed by all.

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