Ukrainians with refugee visas may work immediately in Czechia

The Czech Labour Ministry has announced that Ukrainian citizens will have free access to the jobs market.


Written by ČTK Published on 01.03.2022 09:36:00 (updated on 01.03.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Ukrainian citizens who have fled their country due to the outbreak of war with Russia, and have received a special Czech visa, may immediately seek employment in the Czech Republic as soon as they have a work contract, the Labour Ministry writes has announced on its website.

Those refugees receiving a long-term special visa will also qualify for public health insurance, VZP health insurance company said Monday.

Ukrainian citizens arriving in the country will have free access to the Czech labor market, the ministry writes, adding that it is important to let those who are able to work earn money for their families.

The ministry has begun releasing information in the Ukrainian language.

Ukrainians may stay in Czechia for three months without a visa, but they are not allowed to work and must pay their health insurance.

People from Ukraine may ask for special refugee visas at 27 asylum and migration policy offices throughout Czechia. Most of these offices are open only one day a week, and applications must be submitted in person. The two-page application form is in Czech and Ukrainian and must be filled in the Roman, not the Cyrillic alphabet, and a photo is needed.


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Foreigners who stay with their relatives must report to an immigration office three days after their arrival in Czechia. If they are staying in a shelter or facility, the representatives of the facility will report their arrival. Those without any documents and without accommodation can call the nonstop helpline 974 801 802.

The application for a work permit is submitted either by the foreigner or by the employer. The employer also pays the health insurance for the employed foreigners.

Refugees may also apply for asylum. Some humanitarian organizations previously said temporary asylum was better than a special visa, but the processing of an asylum application may take longer.

The Interior Ministry said the special long-term visa is a faster and more effective solution, it will be granted almost immediately and the foreigners may immediately apply for a work permit.

The Pilsen Region announced that it will open an assistance center in which the refugees may get registered and receive all the relevant permits so that they do not have to go to several offices.

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