More than 101,000 Ukrainian refugees found jobs in Czechia

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Written by Staff Published on 08.08.2022 14:14:00 (updated on 12.08.2022) Reading time: 4 minutes

August 12, 2022

refugees More than 101,000 Ukrainian refugees have found jobs in Czechia

Over 101,000 Ukrainian refugees who fled to the Czech Republic due to the Russian invasion found work in the Czech Republic, tweeted the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. According to the published statistics of the Labor Office, at the end of July, over 248,900 people from Ukraine were employed in the Czech Republic. It is roughly 39,300 more than at the end of February. The number of employed Ukrainian women increased, but the number of men did not change.

"Over 101,000 Ukrainian citizens who fled to the Czech Republic from Russian aggression have already found work here. This is based on information from employers available to the Labor Office of the Czech Republic. Most of these are long-term vacant positions," the ministry announced

Labor and Social Affairs Minister Marian Jurečka previously pointed out that the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment among EU countries and that the domestic labor market is still looking for over 250,000 workers.

August 10, 2022

ENERGY Oil supplies through Druzhba will resume

  • The Slovak refinery Slovnaft paid the transit fees for the transportation of oil by the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline after the consent of Ukraine and Russia.

  • The oil supplies will be restored in the coming days, Slovnaft spokesman Anton Molnár informed. The pipeline route also leads to the Czech Republic.

refugees Ukrainian refugees still seek help at the main train station

  • Volunteers report that the situation with refugees at Prague's main train station is "not under control," reports Seznam Zprávy.

  • "Sometimes we have 250 people a day, other times there are up to 500," said a coordinator.

  • Although not so many Ukrainians are arriving, there are people who transit through the Czech Republic or return to Ukraine. Volunteers deal with dozens of refugees who want to sleep at the station every day. 

  • Most often, however, Ukrainians need advice on how to buy tickets or get directions. Some people have to sleep at the station due to early trains rather than the lack of long-term accommodation.

August 9, 2022

At the beginning of August, Russia suspended the export of oil through the southern branch of the Druzhba pipeline, which leads to the Czech Republic as well as to Hungary and Slovakia, Reuters was told by sources familiar with the situation and subsequently confirmed by the Russian company Transneft. 

Transneft said it made payments for August oil transit to Ukraine's pipeline operator Ukrtransnafta on July 22, but the money was sent back on July 28 as the payment did not go through. Gazprombank, which handled the payment, said the money was returned because of European Union restrictions, Transneft said in a statement.

Russia has already reduced gas pipeline flows to many EU members, citing problems with turbine maintenance on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline as well as sanctions against some buyers Moscow being "unfriendly."

According to Václav Skoblík, an expert in new energy, about a third of fuel for motor vehicles is imported into the Czech Republic. The fuel imported from Slovakia, for example, is produced precisely from Russian oil from the Druzhba pipeline. "In the event that oil stopped flowing to Europe through the Druzhba pipeline, the Czech market could gradually lack 50 to 60 percent of the necessary fuels," Skoblík said earlier.

war crimes Czech police launches questionnaire to report crimes in Ukraine

  • The Czech police have launched an online questionnaire for people to report their information about crimes committed in connection with the war conflict in Ukraine. The collected information may be important for clearing up and prosecuting war crimes.

  • The questionnaire is available in Czech, English, Ukrainian, and Russian. The filling in of the questionnaire is an informative step not replacing the filing of a criminal complaint, the police wrote.

  • "The Czech Republic is bound to prosecute war crimes wherever they may take place, whoever the perpetrator and whoever their target. The goal of the Czech police operation is to identify the perpetrators of war crimes and prosecute the responsible persons in harmony with universal jurisdiction," the police wrote and vowed to protect the gained information and personal data against misuse.

August 8, 2022

refugees Assistance center in Hradec Králové closes its operations

  • The Regional Assistance Center for Helping Ukraine in Hradec Králové will close its operations today, Aug. 8.

  • Individual units will provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees at their regular workplaces, primarily Ulrich Square in Hradec Králové.

  • Meanwhile, no visas were granted to Ukrainian refugees over the weekend for the first time since the Feb. 24 start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

CZECHIA Anti-Ukrainian inscription appears on monument in Přibyslav

  • An inscription "death to Ukraine" has appeared in chalk on a monument in Přibyslav in the Vysočina Region. The police have initiated criminal proceedings in the case.

  • After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, some residents of Přibyslav hung the Ukrainian flag on a statue of a female Red Army member adorning the monument, but other residents countered by taking the flag down. The city's attempts to wrap the statue in foil didn't ease the situation.

  • The statue has been in dep a depository since March 8, and the Přibyslav council will decide on its fate after the municipal elections in September. So far, the Ministry of Defense has agreed that the statue can remain in storage until the end of next year.

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