There is a Train Station in my Head Staff

Written by Staff Published on 04.03.2008 11:02:52 (updated on 04.03.2008) Reading time: 1 minute

Written by Fleur Alexander

There is a Train Station in my Head

We board them, book them, cross their tracks and even play with them as children, but how often do we ever really reflect upon their significance. It is a concept we deal with daily yet rarely consider and it gives this piece a familiarity that comes as a surprise. And pleasantly surprising at that, like a wash of contemplation that was always there; A quiet yet unreserved poignancy.

It is not about the journeys trains make, it´s not even really about trains, but the fixed impact the rail network has on culture and the people who maintain it. It has such an ingrained presence in every society, it is one of our foundations in the modern world, and it has a sensation and charm that crosses every language barrier. A series of metal girders and wooden sleepers that fly off into the distance, allow us to become connected to each other no matter where or who we are. Train tracks will always eventually lead you to people.

They represent our connection with humanity, we all share it yet spend little time contemplating it. ‘Trains´ creates a meticulous ambience that retains its audience in thoughtful suspense. It encourages you to consider detail, to appreciate, utilise and notice the small things. It upholds a stillness that anchors the atmosphere, allowing the performers to provide multifaceted insight into their own intricate observations.

Trains will be performed at 20:00 on April 2-3, 2008 at Alfred ve dvoře.


Fleur Alexander graduated from Exeter University in 2006 with a BA(Hons) in Drama, she has since worked with the BBC and spent last summer with the San Francisco Mime Troupe. She has a keen interest in Physical Theatre and hopes to study this in the near future.

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