Czech Foreign Minister welcomes nomination of US ambassador

Plus: Fuel prices falling, Summer Film School ended with world premiere, NBA player Satoranský is best paid Czech athlete for third time, and more. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 03.08.2022 17:40:00 (updated on 04.08.2022) Reading time: 4 minutes

August 4, 2022

politics Czech ForMin welcomes US ambassador nomination

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský welcomed the nomination of Bijan Sabet as U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic. “We have historically the best relations with the U.S. I told [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken during my visit to Washington that our diplomacy would welcome the early filling of the ambassador's post in Prague. I therefore welcome the White House's announcement that it has nominated Bijan Sabet for the post of ambassador to the Czech Republic," Lipavský told ČTK.

Military L-159 fighters may be replaced with drones

Czech L-159 Alca light combat aircraft may be replaced with unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones, after their technological lifespan ends in the future, the Defense Ministry announced. If the Czech Republic buys two squadrons of F-35 supersonic fighters from the U.S., it will reduce the number of the L-159s from two squadrons to one and gradually introduce drones instead. Defense Minister Jana Černochová is currently starting negotiations with the U.S. over the purchase of 24 F-35 jets. These jets are technologically capable of coordinating their missions with drones.

energy Fuel prices have fallen in Czechia

Fuel prices in the Czech Republic have fallen again compared to last week. Natural 95 gasoline is now sold at gas stations for an average of CZK 44.41 per liter, which is CZK 1.41 less than a week ago. Diesel then became cheaper by CZK 1.10 at an average of CZK 45.11 per liter, ČTK reports.

The cheapest fuels are now offered by gas stations in the Pardubice region, where a liter of petrol costs CZK 43.68 on average and a liter of diesel costs CZK 44.66. Meanwhile, the most expensive fuel is in Prague, where a liter of gasoline costs an average of CZK 46.22, while a liter of diesel costs CZK 46.55. Average prices do not exceed CZK 46 in any other region.

TRAGEDY Police release more details on Roznov shooting

Police have released more details about the four people who died in a shooting incident in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm near Vsetín, South Moravia. A 49-year-old man shot his 35-year-old girlfriend and two children, and then shot himself. The woman was a police officer. The police have preliminarily classified the incident as a triple murder.

CULTURE Summer Film School ended with world premiere

The Summer Film School (LFŠ) in Uherské Hradiště ended on Aug. 3 with the world premiere of the film "Arvéd," the directorial debut of Vojtěch Mašek. The film is a biopic about a practitioner of black magic who lived in Prague in the first half of the 20th century. This year's 48th edition of the LFŠ started on Friday, offering about 180 films. 

sports NBA player Satoranský is best paid Czech athlete for third time

Basketball player Tomáš Satoranský, who left the North American NBA league after six seasons, was the highest-paid Czech athlete of the last season as he received an equivalent of CZK 242 million according to a ranking by Forbes magazine. Satoranský has been the best-paid Czech athlete since 2019 when he signed a three-year contract with Chicago for $30 million. Apart from this, he has contracts with the carmaker Audi and sportswear firm Adidas.

August 3, 2022

developments Renovation of Barrandov bridge will last longer due to delays

Due to the modification of technologies and unplanned steps in the repair of the Barrandov Bridge, its reconstruction will probably take longer, ČT24 reports. According to Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr, the builders are currently 27 days late in the repairs. Originally, the repairs were supposed to end on Sept. 2, 2022.

crime Two adults, two children found dead in South Moravia

Two adults and two children have been found dead as victims of a violent crime in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm near Vsetín, South Moravia. The situation at the scene of the crime is under control, the police tweeted today.

Regional police spokeswoman Simona Kyšnerová told reporters that a firearm had been used in the crime. The police said they cannot specify yet whether the perpetrator was among the dead.

prague City approved JZP revitalization project

Following a 20-year wait, Prague has approved the transformation of náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad. One of the most important and liveliest squares in the capital has been in unsatisfactory condition for a long time.

The goal of the new transformation of the square is to create a dignified forecourt and improve traffic through the square and the safety of residents. A small area will be created in front of the church that can be used for public events. Lines of plane trees will fill the area in front of the church.

WEATHER Strong heat expected across entire Czechia

Strong heat will affect the entire country on Thursday and Friday, reaching up to 36 degrees Celsius. There is also a danger of fires in most of the Czech Republic, warns the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ). People should not light fires outdoors and especially in forests, not burn grass, not throw cigarette butts on the ground, and not use portable stoves and other sources of open fire. 

culture Exhibition in Kampa will commemorate 20 years since Prague's flood

The photographic exhibition "20 Years From the Flood" will commemorate the devastating flood that hit Prague in 2002. Some photos will reflect the contrast between then and now, and others will show moments of the evacuation of residents as well as animals from the Prague Zoo. The exhibition will be open to the public from Aug. 9 to Sept. 22 in Kampa Park at U Sovových mlýnů.

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