Tips for Choosing a Relocation Company

Choosing the right relocation company is the key to a successful move. Staff

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Choosing the right relocation company is the key to a successful move.

Moving abroad is challenging and exciting! So how do you know that a mover offers the best quality service from start to finish? And who do you trust with your valuable possessions?

These 10 handy tips will help you make an informed choice when using a relocation service provider, and bring you one step closer to ensuring a hassle-free move.

Look for a removals company that:

1.    Is accredited
FAIM and ISO are international quality standards that the relocation industry uses to measure a company´s level of service.  When you choose a company that bears these hallmarks, you are assured of the best service on offer in the international removals industry. To find out whether a company is FAIM accredited, visit its website, For a comprehensive list of the companies that are ISO certified in your region, visit You can also check if your mover is a member of organizations such as the British Association of Movers (BAR) and International Association of movers (IAM).

2.    Offers top quality service from start to finish
When moving abroad, you need the same high standard of service from start to finish. A company that offers a complete relocation solution from departure to arrival ensures that you receive the consistent service – from Prague to Pristina or South Africa to Singapore. The preferred choice is a mover that has a global network of branches following the same quality standards, at the point of departure and destination. If not, the mover should work with highly acclaimed, accredited and financially resourceful agents and partners in countries where it does not have subsidiaries.

3.    Employs highly trained, skilled and professional staff
A company is only as good as its staff. A professional mover will employ trained, professional staff who has the necessary skills and knowledge relevant to their industry – from packers to top management. For example, staff should have the appropriate knowledge of clearing, forwarding and customs regulations. They should be customer-focused and work according to a quality manual set out by the company. This ensures that all staff are aware the level of service required during the move. Ask a company for its business policies, which should include reliability, credibility, empathy, communication, and responsiveness to clients´ needs.

4.    Uses quality packing material

The goods that you are moving are likely to be of great value – whether monetary or sentimental. A top class relocation company will use only the best quality materials which comply with FAIM standards. Combined with tailor-made packaging, the risk of damage to goods will be reduced considerably. The use of renewable material, like plywood, will allow for environmentally-friendly disposal and show the company´s commitment to good business practice.

5.    Follows the three S´s: Safety, Security and Storage

What security measures does the company have in place to safeguard your goods? Do staff undergo security procedures before employment? Find out whether the company has secured and ventilated warehouse facilities, should the need for storage arise when your goods arrive. Look for innovation in the company, like the European lift van which is compact, shock absorbent, can easily transport goods and acts as a storage unit. Enquiring about the mover´s security policies will provide you with the peace of mind that your goods are in capable hands.

6.    Is financially stable and has extensive experience

The financial stability of a company is of paramount importance. Does it belong to a larger global network that can provide additional support should the need arise during a move – be it financial, human resource or technical? An established company with over 30 years of experience, for example, is likely to provide the best quality service due to the knowledge it has gained over the years.

7.    Has the relevant technology to help you track your move

While your valuables are in transit, you will want to know their exact whereabouts and estimated delivery time. Choose a mover that offers the technology to help you track your goods during the various stages of a move. One way is via an online portal where you can track your valuables any time you choose. In addition, enquire whether your information is available to the movers at both departure and arrival, so either has access to the information should any queries arise.

8.    Provides insurance

Insurance is essential when conducting a move to safeguard your valuable possessions. Establish if the company offers insurance, so that you will receive adequate compensation in the event of any damage to your goods. In addition, look at the degree of insurance cover on offer and the steps needed. The onus is on you to ensure that you are properly insured!

9.    Incorporates values and ethics into its business practice

Moving has a big impact on the environment. Carbon emissions and the use of packing materials which are not environmentally friendly have an adverse effect on the planet.  In this regard, a lot can be said about a company by its business values and ethics. A good choice is a company that links its business policies and practices to sustainable development, including social and environmental responsibilities. For instance, look for a company that participates in the United Nation´s Global Compact, which encourages good business practice in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti corruption.

10.    Will exceed your expectations

A company worth its weight in gold puts its customers´ needs first. A business that offers an online customer services tool for feedback shows its willingness to place the customer first. So choose a company that is innovative, resourceful, and efficient while offering top notch service. After all, as the client, you deserve only the best.

Article provided by Roman Subert, AGS Prague Manager,

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