These Are the Jobs that Need Filling In the Czech Republic

We asked a Prague recruitment agency which industries are currently experiencing a shortage of multilingual staffers Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 20.08.2018 09:14:13 (updated on 20.08.2018) Reading time: 1 minute

While Czech unemployment recorded a rise for the first time in 2018 this July, the situation on the local labor market is still promising for those in search of a job in Prague or the Czech Republic – and there are still many reasons to look for work here.

We spoke with Kristýna Králová Marketing Manager from the Prague branch of Hays Recruitment, who revealed the industries and sectors in the Czech Republic which are most in need of hiring qualified foreign employees.

“At this moment, the situation on the labor market in the Czech Republic appears to be quite critical – we have over 300,000 open jobs in the country, and the total number of unemployed people is around 223,000,” says Králová.

So which industries are feeling the biggest shortages of staff – and where should foreign job seekers in the Czech Republic start looking?

“The biggest demand for staff is visible in low-skilled occupations, especially in the production sector,” says Králová. Productions jobs encompass roles such as plant operating specialists and quality control experts.

Ms. Králová adds, “In terms of qualified staff, we continuously see a strong demand in the technology segment – especially for IT professionals and engineering staff.”

IT positions that need filling range from developers to help desk support, while engineers who work in quality assurance and technical support are being sought at the moment.

Ms. Králová notes that there is also a continuous demand from business centers, across the entire Czech Republic – and you needn’t speak Czech in order to fill one of these positions.

“They are mostly searching for people with good working knowledge of a minimum of two languages (English + German/French/Dutch/Italian/Finnish, for example) with different professional backgrounds not only for IT but for Finance, Customer Service, Logistics, and HR.

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