The Most In-Demand Languages On the Czech Job Market

Czech and English are not always the most important languages on the Czech job market Staff Jason Pirodsky

Written by StaffJason Pirodsky Published on 23.07.2018 15:01:43 (updated on 23.07.2018) Reading time: 1 minute

While there are many job opportunities for foreigners on the Czech job market, and English is certainly considered an important skill for those seeking employment here, in many cases, it’s not enough.

In today’s globalized economy, mastery of several languages has become an asset in the workforce and the demand for applicants with language skills is on the rise.

According to Veronika Hejdukova of Grafton Recruitment, foreigners who seek jobs in Prague and speak German, Scandinavian languages, and other less common European languages such as DutchRomanian, or Hungarian, have become increasingly desirable on the Czech job market.

Further statistics say that while employers still most often ask for English, followed by German, French, and Russian – surprisingly the Czech language is not always required for those looking to land a job in Prague.

Sign post with different colored flags showing languages that are in-demand on the Czech job market

“In 99 percent of cases, candidates for certain industries can get away with not speaking Czech,” says Ms. Hejdukova who notes that this is particularly the case in service centers where multilingual employees act as the main point of contact with international customers.

For example, French and German are profitable languages for accounts payable positions which require processing invoice and other entry-level administrative jobs.

With the expansion of Asian companies, the need for employees with knowledge of Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are also on the rise.

While openings for jobs in Prague and the Czech Republic are increasingly available in the languages mentioned here, it is also interesting to note that these are the top ten most searched for job languages by users (click the link to see jobs listings for those languages):

10 Most Searched for Job Languages on

Additional Prague Jobs For a Variety of Languages:


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