Black winter: the sun will be a rare sight in Prague this week

Weather this week will be monotonously gray, with the possibility of some cold rain but not snow.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 14.12.2020 09:50 (updated on 14.12.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

The weather in the Czech Republic for the week of Dec. 14–20 will be dominated by an inversion. Temperatures will stay around freezing at night, usually with highs around 5 degrees Celsius during the day.

Warm air from the southwest will flow to Central Europe in the upper atmosphere. A weak cold front, should break up between Tuesday to Wednesday.

The time from St. Lucy’s Day on Dec. 13 to Three Kings’ Day on Jan. 6 is referred to as "black winter" due to the shortness of daylight hours. Experts warn motorists to be careful, as ice may form on some roads as temperatures drop down to freezing in the evenings in some parts of the country, especially at higher elevations, and it may be difficult to see the ice in the dark.

The sun will be a rare sight during the week, not only due to the shortness of the days. Monday should be see low clouds and fog. During the day, it will still be partly cloudy with a chance of some sunshine. High temperatures will be between 5 and 7 degrees in Prague. Some parts of the country may see freezing drizzle.

Gray skies will take over from Tuesday, and last to the end of the week, with some periods of precipitation, though snow is unlikely as temperatures should be slightly above freezing,

Tuesday in Prague will again have low clouds, and an increased chance of freezing drizzle. The high in Prague will be between 4 and 6 degrees, and the low around 2 degrees. In the mountains, temperatures should rise to 3 degrees and drop to around freezing.

Wednesday will be much the same, but with the possibility of some sunshine in the western part of the country, but not as far as Prague, which should stay cloudy. Rain is likely in much of Moravia.

Low clouds and fog will again mark the weather on Thursday. Occasionally, the clouds may break in some parts of the country. The high in Prague should be between 3 and 5 degrees, and the low around 1 degree.

Friday and Saturday will virtually the same as Thursday, but a degree or two cooler. On Sunday in Prague, there is another chance of rain with highs around 3 degrees and a low around 1 degree.  

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