The number of tourists visiting Prague grew by 28 percent so far in 2023

The number of tourists coming to Prague from Asia has doubled this year, according to new data released by Prague City Tourism. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 26.12.2023 10:00:00 (updated on 27.12.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague saw a significant surge in tourism in 2023, drawing in approximately 5.45 million visitors over the first three quarters of the year. The number represents an increase of 28 percent compared to the previous year. Prague City Tourism expects Prague to have received around 7 million tourists by the end of this year.

Data on the number of visitors coming to Prague over the first three quarters of the year was recently released by Prague City Tourism, a municipal company overseeing tourism in the city, with insights were provided to Czech News Agency by spokesperson Klára Janderová.

The majority of tourists visiting Prague, approximately 78 percent, hailed from international destinations, highlighting Prague's enduring appeal as a global travel destination. The remaining 22 percent of the visitors came from within the Czech Republic.

Particularly notable was the increase seen in those visiting Prague from locations in Asia. Over the first three quarters of the year, the number of tourists in Prague arriving from Asia nearly doubled.

The introduction of direct flights to Seoul and Taipei in July significantly contributed to this surge. The number of tourists visiting Prague from South Korea soared by 287 percent to 110,276 individuals, while the number coming from Taiwan grew by a whopping 1,091 percent (46,293 people).

Among local attractions managed by Prague City Tourism, Petřín Lookout Tower emerged as the most visited. It attracted 606,768 visitors over the first three months of the year, reflecting a year-on-year increase of more than 74,000 individuals.

The evolving composition of tourists has also seen a diversification beyond the historical center, with more visitors exploring areas outside the designated heritage zones. The Prague Visitor Pass, which encompasses numerous attractions beyond the traditional tourist spots, has contributed to this shift in travel patterns.

Looking ahead, Prague City Tourism aims to enhance collaboration with Václav Havel Airport and CzechTourism. The Touchpoint platform, slated to be a focus in the upcoming year, will prioritize supporting long-haul flights, aiming to further boost connectivity and tourism.

Prague City Tourism, responsible for managing city tourism and overseeing attractions including many of the city's towers, continues to play a crucial role in promoting Prague as a vibrant and diverse tourist destination. With a strategic focus on expanding collaborative efforts, Prague anticipates sustaining and even amplifying its allure for global travelers in the years to come.

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