Lonely Planet: Prague is one of top 10 global cities to visit in 2024

Its rich history, architecture, and affordability make the Czech capital an attractive option – but the travel guide does mention tourist overcrowding.

Thomas Smith

Written by Thomas Smith Published on 26.10.2023 13:34:00 (updated on 26.10.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

According to one of the world’s biggest and most popular travel guides, Lonely Planet, Prague is the eighth-best tourist destination for 2024.

For its Best In Travel 2024 ranking released Wednesday, Lonely Planet analyzed over 200 destinations before compiling its annual list of the globe’s most attractive cities, regions, and countries to visit. Prague was singled out as a top city break for travelers in 2024.

In selecting its best destinations, the travel company assesses a combination of variables, including: the number of tourist attractions a place has, its affordability, cultural experiences on offer, and safety. It also looks for places promoting sustainability and community values in addition to traditional travel merits. 

Draped in beauty, despite tourist overcrowding

In the guide, Prague is described as a "vibrant capital in Gothic guise," with famous landmarks like Prague Castle and Charles Bridge that "seem almost too good to be true." However, the influx of visitors over the past decade has somewhat dampened the city's charm, Lonely Planet notes.

With Prague's historic center now overcrowded, the guide recommends exploring outside areas to experience the region authentically.


  • 1.Nairobi (Kenya)
  • 2.Paris (France)
  • 3.Montreal (Canada)
  • 4.Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • 5.Philadelphia (USA)
  • 6.Manaus (Brazil)
  • 7.Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • 8.Prague (Czech Republic)
  • 9.Izmir (Turkey)
  • 10.Kansas City (USA)

Predictably, Lonely Planet also recommends exploring Náplavka along the Vltava River, the art nouveau Smetana Hall at the Municipal House, or Stromovka Park. The guide includes local flavors like Pilsner beer and dishes such as goulash with bread dumplings, which should not be missed.

African and Asian destinations as overall winners

For the cities category, leading the Best in Travel 2024 list was the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, recognized for its cultural experiences. Lonely Planet ranked Mongolia as the best country overall to see in 2024, and Ecuador was featured as the world’s “most sustainable” country to visit. Out of all global regions, the travel guide ranked the U.S state of Montana as the best place to travel to.

The guide also ranked Poland as the best-value destination in Europe due to its affordable costs, and numerous tourist-friendly sights and activities.

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