Teeth Whitening in Prague

Glamorous grins: get your teeth pearly white

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 17.08.2009 15:22:20 (updated on 17.08.2009) Reading time: 4 minutes

Could your Hollywood smile use a little lightening up? A bright beaming smile makes an excellent first impression, and no matter how well you take care of your teeth, maybe they could use a little shine. There´s no shortage of places willing to bleach your teeth in Prague; but as with any medical procedure, it´s necessary to be fully informed. We talked to Dr. Aleš Váňa from AV Dental about the procedure, what questions to ask a potential dentist and what patients can expect. We´ve also rounded-up some local dentist offices that perform this procedure.

An excellent site with a plethora of dental related information is Healing Care.info. Here you´ll find a list of local dentists, prices and procedure information. They also have info about cosmetic surgery, so check them out if you are looking for a nose job.

Dr. Váňa has been whitening his patients´ teeth since 2004. We asked him about the different types of teeth whitening available.

“There are two basic methods of whitening: in-office bleaching and home bleaching. Substances used for in-office bleaching are more concentrated than those used at home,” he explains. “For home bleaching, it is necessary to make guides which hold the whitening gel. In my opinion, the most effective method is a combination of both techniques. We may start the whitening process in office, which takes about 2 hours.”

Dr. Váňa adds that the client then carries on with the bleaching process at home, 2-3 hours during the day or overnight, until the desired shade is reached. In-home bleaching should always be done under the supervision of your dentist.

Dr. Váňa advises asking a potential dentist not only about the price of the procedure, but also the technique that is going to be used.

“A thorough examination of teeth and gums is also essential,” he adds. “Bleaching in areas with cavities and gum inflammation is absolutely improper.”

As for price, Dr. Váňa says AV Dental offers in-office bleaching for 6500 CZK and in-home bleaching for 1500 CZK. How long will your investment last?

“The durability of the acquired shade depends to a great extent on extrinsic pigments from tobacco, coffee, coke, red wine, etc.,” he says. “Usually it is necessary to restore the shade in two to three years.”
 Speaking of those nasty for teeth substances, Dr. Váňa also adds that patients should know they are not supposed to eat food or drink beverages containing these types of pigments for at least three weeks following the procedure.

There are some people for who teeth whitening isn´t possible.

“We never bleach in areas with cavities, gum inflammation or parodontitis or in places where procedures more important for the health of the patient’s teeth have to be applied in the first place,” he says. “Whitening can´t be done in patients with allergies to whitening agents and it is not recommended for pregnant women.”

Curiously, Dr. Váňa also said whitening is not possible in about 3% of the population. Other misconceptions he shared is that it´s not possible to get a truly white smile in only a couple of hours, and if your teeth are already fairly light, bleaching won´t really help get them lighter. Other things to keep in mind are that bleaching does temporarily heighten your teeth´s sensitivity, and at-home bleaching may irritate the gums. Too much bleaching can lead to a breakdown of tooth enamel.

Canadian Medical Care offers a full range of dentistry services, including teeth whitening. They use the ZOOM2 method, which you can read more about here. ZOOM2 is a quick, in-office bleaching alternative. Another common whitening method which many dentists here use is BrightSmile. The European Dental Center offers BrightSmile along with other professional and in-home whitening methods. They also do veneers (ceramic facing that is placed on a tooth to produce a natural appearance), white fillings, which are used for cosmetic improvement, to reshape a tooth´s form or change its color and air polishing to whiten the teeth. American Dental offers ZOOM2 as well as opalescence procedures, both in-office and at home. Opalescence uses a special gel to whiten the teeth through a chemical reaction. Asklepion offers both in-home and in-office bleaching procedures, using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, the two most commonly used, solutions.

Over at the International Clinic of Prague, you can have your teeth treated to ZOOM2, opalescence or veneers.  Dentaktiv can also brighten your smile in their designer office space. Dentyl offers a full spectrum of dental services, including teeth whitening. Erpet Medical Centrum offers BrightSmile as well as at-home options and at Esthesia you can also receive BrightSmile or power whitening, an in-office method that uses a super-strength gel to quickly lighten the teeth. Either at home or in their office, Prague Dental Clinic can help brighten your look and at Alfadent teeth can be treated with BrightSmile, or Perfecta, which is both an at-home and in-office gel procedure. 

Astella too provides both BrightSmile and in-home treatments and Dent Medico offers teeth whitening, pigment removal and other aesthetic procedures.  Dr. Jan Zizka offers dental bleaching, white fillings and all-porcelain crowns. The wildly popular (on the Expats Forums anyway) Dr. Ladislav Česnek offers Nite White Excel 2, an at-home overnight bleaching method and Prague Dental Surgery offers whitening gel procedures, either in-office or at home.

With most of the offices offering more or less the same procedures, how do you choose? Visit a couple and go with the dentist who instills the most confidence in you. Ask for referrals, and before/after photos of previous patients. However, don´t rely too much on such photos – dentists are obviously going to show their best specimens, and it´s impossible to fully predict how your teeth will look as results vary from person to person. Like Dr. Váňa recommended, get details about the type of procedures available, and then choose the one you feel most comfortable with.

Have you had your teeth whitened in Prague? Share your experiences below!

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