Spotify announces upcoming price hike for Czech-based subscribers

Starting from September, the streaming giant's prices, including for monthly subscriptions, will change in line with a revised pricing structure. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 02.08.2023 11:30:00 (updated on 02.08.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

Music streaming service Spotify has confirmed that its recent subscription price increases will affect Czechia starting in September, CzechCrunch reports. Czech users will see an increase in the cost of their Spotify Premium subscription and a shift in the payment currency from euros to crowns.

Different prices for subscription types

This change is coupled with revised subscription rates. The least expensive individual subscription, which was previously EUR 5.99 (approximately CZK 143), will now cost subscribers CZK 169. Likewise, the Duo subscription, made for two accounts, will rise from CZK 191 crowns to CZK 229.

The family package, which offers a subscription for up to six accounts, will go from EUR 9.99 to CZK 269. Similarly, students subscribing to the service will face a hike from EUR 2.99 to CZK 89. The service will send all the relevant information about the changes via email.

Spotify, keen to maintain customer loyalty, has clarified that the new rates will only take effect a month after their implementation. This respite allows users to decide whether to continue their subscription under the revised pricing structure. 

Notably, the premium version price rise was initially announced in European countries in July, affecting neighboring Slovakia among others. However, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic were excluded from the initial list of countries slated for the increase. This change underscores a strategic decision by Spotify to align it with the likes of Apple Music and YouTube Music, both of which have recently restructured their pricing models.

A reflection of music industry trends

Historically, Spotify had refrained from adopting price escalation trends. For instance, it consistently maintained a USD 9.99 rate for its Premium subscription for American users since its inception. Yet, even in the U.S., this pricing paradigm shifted in July. This trend is not confined to Europe, as countries in Asia and Australia also experienced the impact of the price adjustments.

In an email communication, Spotify articulated the rationale behind the changes, citing the need to invest in product enhancement and innovative features. As the music streaming landscape evolves, Spotify’s adjustments seem to reflect a broader industry trend.

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