As vows to stay free, how does it compare to Google Maps?

Despite an earlier decision to put some of its services behind a paywall, the media giant confirmed it will keep its app map free. Do you use it? Staff

Written by Staff Published on 13.05.2024 12:53:00 (updated on 13.05.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Czech media company has announced that it will launch a premium, paid version of its online geolocation feature, but will keep the current version of the site and app free. Seznam has also confirmed it will not require people’s consent to use their data for targeted advertising.

An enhanced user experience

"After evaluating operational experience, user feedback and based on further development plans, we have decided to enable the continued use of the service for everyone,” said Seznam board member Ondřej Procházka last week. 

" Premium will be focused on more advanced functions, and when they are launched, we will give maximum advantage to those users who, as authors of photos, reviews, or other content, actively contribute to the value of the service," he added.


  • Detailed maps with contours and forest markings.
  • Allows downloading specific districts for offline use.
  • Offers railway visibility, important for navigation.
  • Preferred for hiking and walking due to detailed features.
  • Suitable for Czech Republic and Slovakia.


  • Offers global Street View and vector technology.
  • Better search functionality and quick navigation.
  • Suitable for car navigation and location sharing.
  • Provides offline maps and trackers via mobile app.
  • Preferred for navigation, especially with public transport.
  • Offers global search

Seznam also says that it is constantly improving its new label function for locations, where people will be able to see specific details of venues – such as whether you can pay by card or if a place has an outdoor garden.

Putting services behind a paywall

Earlier this year, gave users a choice: to pay for the use of its popular search engine, or to agree to display targeted advertising and thus have their website usage tracked. This also applies to the sites,,, and more. owner Ivo Lukačovič justified this move based on the impending end of third-party cookies on the Internet, making it more difficult to collect behavioral data for advertising targeting. As a result, online businesses are at risk of a drop in revenue, as untargeted advertising is sold at significantly lower prices. 

The company says it has introduced paid features to ensure the best possible user functionality on its websites. However, it wants to keep free, because it understands how the sheer quantity of people using it and its importance to users, Lukačovič says.

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The company has not yet announced the exact date for the launch of the premium version of, nor has it provided any information on the price. However, users can expect more information to be released in the near future, Seznam says.

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