Rohlik founder launches investment group for companies that reject status quo

TCF Capital will operate internationally and focus on firms in e-commerce, FMCG, and logistics. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 28.06.2023 12:50:00 (updated on 28.06.2023) Reading time: 3 minutes

Businessman Tomáš Čupr, the person behind grocery delivery service, has launched a new investment group called TCF Capital. It will operate not only in Czechia but also in Central and Western Europe.

Mainly, TCF Capital will reinvest funds generated by Čupr’s existing companies. Some opportunities will be made in the future for qualified investors to participate, but the fund is not open to outside investment just yet.

Rohlik Group isn’t Čupr’s only success. He was also behind establishing the discount portal Slevomat and the delivery service Dáme jídlo (now called foodora).

More than just financial help

He told news site iDnes that he wants to focus on investing in profitable companies at a later stage of development, where he sees an interesting service or product and a team of right-minded people. “At the same time, I choose projects for which we feel that I can help in ways other than just financially," Čupr said.

According to the fund’s website, the total value of managed assets exceeds EUR 720 million, with Rohlik Group as the key asset. Čupr says that Rohlik Group is the first Czech “unicorn,” a former startup company with a value exceeding USD 1 billion. TCF Capital also has positions in other companies such as Keboola, FlexDog, and Impact Hub.

Čupr explained that Rohlik is not currently structurally integrated into the fund, but will be at some point. “Today it works separately, but they will operate in sync. I will not invest in things that Rohlik's management does not want," Čupr said. Rohlík, though, through its websites can offer help with entry into other markets, he added.

A focus on overlooked companies with potential

The fund will focus mainly on companies involved in e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), and logistics. It is also involved in real estate to help balance out the risk.

Čupr told iDnes that companies in food production have a hard time finding liquidity because they are not so attractive to investors, and not many growth funds in Central Europe pay attention to these sectors either. He wants these types of companies to come to his fund for capital, and he hoped ot be able to influence the direction of the companies. “We also look at companies that other investors don't want as much, which creates interesting opportunities," he said.

Businessman Tomáš Čupr in 2016 on a talk show on FTV Prima. Photo: Wikimedia commons, CC by 3.0
Businessman Tomáš Čupr in 2016 on a talk show on FTV Prima. Photo: Wikimedia commons, CC by 3.0

On the fund’s website, Čupr said he likes to support technologically advanced projects, managed by a team of people with the right mindset, where he sees potential for customers. “At the same time, I prefer projects that I feel can be successful more than just financially,” Čupr added.

He added that he wants to support talented and ambitious people who are ready to defy adverse circumstances. “I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help more companies, not only in Central Europe but also on the global market. I believe that I will be involved in more successful projects like Rohlik in the future,” he said.

An eye on new technology

He is also interested in new technologies and teams that take risks, reject the status quo, and learn from mistakes. “Having the right work values, such as the ability to make quick decisions and being able to propel myself, the team, and the project forward, is also essential,” he said.

TCF Capital is managed by Peter Klekner, who was the director of, a unit of the Rohlik Group in Hungary. He told news site E15 that the fund not only is looking for interesting investment opportunities but also reaching out to successful entrepreneurs with the aim of supporting the companies’ dynamic and sustainable growth and development.

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