Roam free: T-Mobile slashes its data prices in non-EU countries

Amid competition from eSIM offerings, the mobile phone carrier has reduced some of its data-package prices in countries worldwide by over 90 percent. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 05.04.2024 14:22:00 (updated on 05.04.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

The Czech branch of the T-Mobile phone carrier has announced a significant change in its data packages for customers traveling outside the EU, drastically reducing its prices and simplifying offers for different countries.

Under the new pricing, customers can save significant amounts of money in non-EU countries compared to the previous rates. Packages will start at just CZK 199 for a 1 gigabyte (GB) pay-as-you-go weekly package. This new price contrasts sharply with the mobile carrier’s older price – CZK 1,200.

Three bands of countries, three different prices

T-Mobile will also simplify the division of countries in terms of using data and their corresponding prices for consumers. Zone A, which incorporates almost all non-EU/EEA countries – such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Serbia – has the cheapest CZK 199 price band.

Zone B mainly includes African countries and non-European islands, such as Tunisia, Jamaica, the Faroe Islands, and Ghana. The starting price for a 1 GB weekly package is slightly higher, at CZK 259, though is massively cheaper compared to the mobile carrier’s older prices. For example, before T-Mobile’s tariff chance, 1 GB of data in Tunisia cost an eye-watering CZK 9,999.

Zone C has the fewest countries and includes among the most remote and exotic, including French Polynesia and Saint Kitts & Nevis. However, it also features Belarus and Monaco. Prices start from CZK 699 for one week.

Importantly, the system does not automatically extend the new packages, eliminating the risk of consumers being overcharged for data without their knowledge.

T-Mobile has the highest number of customers out of all operators in Czechia, at over 6 million.


What are competitors’ offers?

Vodafone offers roaming packages (including calls and texts) in several non-EU countries, such as Egypt, Thailand, and Switzerland, although the data provided is much less. For CZK 199, consumers can get a day of unlimited calls and SMS, as well as 500 megabytes (MB) of data. However, this is valid for just one day – rather than a week.

For third countries not covered by Vodafone’s roaming packages, consumers can expect to pay over CZK 7,000 for just 1 GB of data if surfing the web from their SIM. 

O2, another major competitor, offers no roaming packages whatsoever. This means that consumers will spend thousands of crowns for 1 GB in a non-EU country. 

The rise of eSIMs

Digital SIMs that people can purchase online and use within seconds – or eSIMS – may be behind T-Mobile’s price slash as it seeks to keep up with competition. Consumers may buy eSIMS from any country and use domestic fees, keeping costs below the offerings of Czech mobile carriers. The eSIMS are growing especially quickly in popularity, evidenced by the recent decision of online bank Revolut to allow customers to purchase eSIMS in-app easily.


Websites like eSIMDB and can help you search through and compare different international eSIM offers. 

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