Pullcherium Famfulare Mundi

The Most Beautiful Famfulare in the World

Expats.cz Staff

Written by Expats.cz Staff Published on 04.03.2008 11:06:11 (updated on 04.03.2008) Reading time: 1 minute

Written by Fleur Alexander

The Most Beautiful Famfulare in the World
Punk Pantomime

This is a fantastic show but I don´t agree that there is no language barrier in it. The commentary and musical accompaniment by Jan Kalivoda that was being laid over Vojta Svejda´s silent performance clearly added new depths to the piece. The audience, cautiously tittered at first, however within twenty minutes they were completely engaged with the Famfulare´s plight and were roaring with bellyful laughter. I just wish I could have joined them, but I felt a little removed from it all.

My envy bubbled up within me as I longed to understand. I would not have minded, if the show hadn´t been so damn good. The voice, the music and the clown fell into a natural early sychronised rhythm that seemed not only effortless but also enticing. The audience quickly accepted the acts unusual format and their enjoyment was evident. The mime was easy to appreciate too; clear, concise, and graceful. As an onlooker you know that every movement regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant was in fact meticulously thought out and intentional. There were plenty of aspects that I could comprehend, they are telling the story of a journey and detailing it beautifully along the way. 

The frenzy and playful nature of the energy reminded me slightly of A Reduced Shakespeare Company production; squeezing in a lot of observation, humour and vitality of life. But this show communicates with its spectators much more intimately, less of a showcase and more of an open exchange. The performers feed and tailor their performance to the reaction of their audience and that done well is an unparalleled theatrical feat.


Fleur Alexander graduated from Exeter University in 2006 with a BA(Hons) in Drama, she has since worked with the BBC and spent last summer with the San Francisco Mime Troupe. She has a keen interest in Physical Theatre and hopes to study this in the near future.

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