Prague’s Field Restaurant Among World’s Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meals

At about 50 CZK, you can get the least expensive Michelin-Starred meal in Singapore. But Prague isn’t (too) far behind

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 28.08.2018 12:16:53 (updated on 28.08.2018) Reading time: 2 minutes

On the streets of Singapore, food stall chef Chan Hon Meng serves up basic dishes with chicken and noodles for less than 50 CZK.

And according to the prestigious Michelin Guide, his meals rate among the best in the world, competing with the fine dining establishments in Paris that charge over 100 times more.

That makes Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle the least expensive Michelin-starred meal in the world – – by a large margin. But one Prague establishment isn’t (too) far behind.

To prove that dining in style doesn’t have to mean blowing your budget, travel booking platform Traveloka recently put together a list of the 50 least expensive Michelin-Starred establishments in the world, comparing the cost of an individual meal at thousands of restaurants across the globe that had been awarded at least one Michelin Star.

Asian restaurants dominated the top of Traveloka’s list, which featured locations in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Bangkok, Osaka, Shanghai, and Taipei in the top ten.

At about €14.50 (373 CZK) for a meal, L’Antic Moli in El Castell, Spain, was the only European location to feature in the top 10. Among European restaurants the top 25, it was followed by locations in the UK (Marlow’s The Coach and London’s The Ninth), Germany (Dusseldorf’s Fritz’s Frau Franzi), France (Le Pousse-Pied in La Tranche-sur-Mer), Italy (Turin’s Vintage 1997), Belgium (Bistro Racine in Braine-Le-Château) – – and the Czech Republic.

Prague currently only boasts two restaurants with a Michelin Star, both located in Old Town: Ambiente’s long-loved La Degustation and the relatively newer Field Restaurant on U Milosrdných street.

That’s a far cry from the 600+ in Paris, but one of Prague’s two venues boasts a cheaper price point than all of the French capital’s Michelin Star restaurants.

At Field Restaurant, an à la carte entrée currently runs 620 CZK (a veal dish, with a few other entrées coming in a 590 CZK). That’s a big drop from Field’s 3,200 CZK ten-course degustation menu (Ambiente currently only offers a degustation menu) and enough for Field to rate as the 23rd least expensive Michelin Star meal in the world.

These are the world’s 25 cheapest Michelin-Starred meals, according to Traveloka:

1. Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle (Singapore) – $2.20 (48 CZK)
2. Tim Ho Wan (Hong Kong) – $3.80 (84 CZK)
3. Hamo (Seoul, South Korea) – $7.10 (156 CZK)
4. Chugokusai S.Sawada (Osaka, Japan) – $9.70 (213 CZK)
5. Jay Fai (Bangkok, Thailand) – $12.00 (264 CZK)
6. Ginza Ibuki (Tokyo, Japan) – $12.70 (279 CZK)
7. Three Coins (Taipei, Taiwan) – $13.00 (286 CZK)
8. Lao Zheng Xing (Shanghai, China) – $14.60 (321 CZK)
9. L’Antic Moli (El Castell, Spain) – $16.60 (365 CZK)
10. Al’s Place (San Francisco, USA) – $18.00 (395 CZK)
11. King (Macau) – $18.60 (409 CZK)
12. The Coach (Marlow, UK) – $21.10 (464 CZK)
13. Ten-you (Kyoto, Japan) – $21.40 (470 CZK)
14. Tuju (São Paulo, Brazil) – $22.40 (492 CZK)
15. Fritz’s Frau Franzi (Dusseldorf, Germany) – $22.40 (492 CZK)
16. Le Pousse-Pied (La Tranche-sur-Mer, France) – $22.90 (503 CZK)
17. Vintage 1997 (Turin, Italy) – $22.90 (503 CZK)
18. Bistro Racine (Braine-le-château, Belgium) – $22.90 (503 CZK)
19. Esquina Mocoto (São Paulo, Brazil) – $24.50 (538 CZK)
20. Tail Up Goat (Washington DC, USA) – $26.00 (571 CZK)
21. Band of Bohemia Chicago, USA) – $26.00 (571 CZK)
22. The Ninth (London, UK) – $26.80 (589 CZK)
23. Field (Prague, Czech Republic) – $27.80 (620 CZK)
24. Costes Downtown (Budapest, Hungary) – $28.10 (617 CZK)
25. Florian Maison (San Paolo d’Argon, Italy) – $28.70 (631 CZK)

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