Service at one of Prague's busiest tram intersections will be disrupted in April

Work at Anděl in Prague’s Smíchov will take place in four phases and require detours to several important tram routes.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 29.03.2022 15:59:00 (updated on 29.03.2022) Reading time: 3 minutes

Regular tram service at Anděl in Prague’s Smíchov district will be disrupted from the evening of March 30 to the end of April 29 due to planned maintenance of the tracks. Work will be broken up into four phases, with each phase starting at Anděl and going in a different direction.

The tracks at Anděl, one of the city's busiest tram intersections, were last replaced in 2010 and are at the end of their service life. This year, the repairs are complicated because work can’t start until maintenance at Rašínovo nábřeží is complete, and all four phases have to be finished before planned work starts on repairs to the Barrandov Bridge in May, DPP board member and technical director Jan Šurovský said.

In the first stage, which will last until about midnight on April 6, tram traffic in Nádražní Street in the Anděl – Na Knížecí section will be interrupted in both directions. Tram routes 2, 4, 5, 7, 12, 15, 20, 21, and 94 will be affected. Preparatory work will already start at around 8 pm on March 30, and start in earnest at the beginning of March 31.

Due to the very low capacity of the detour route, only lines 12 and 20 will provide direct connections between Anděl, Smíchovské nádraží, and Sídliště Barrandov during the day. The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) will run will an alternative bus service X7 on the Anděl – Radlická route during the day.

A complete list of changes and substitute routes for the first phase can be found on the DPP website.

The second stage starts on April 7, extending the work to the crossing in Lidická Street. The section without tram traffic will go from the intersection of Nádražní and Za Ženskými domovy streets to Palackého náměstí. This stage of work will also affect lines No. 10 and 16, which will be diverted via Újezd and the National Theater. In addition, line No. 7 will not enter the Anděl area and will connect on the right bank with line No. 5 at the Palackého náměstí stop.

After the completion of the first two stages on April 12, tram traffic will resume from Nádražní to Lidická Street and further to Palackého náměstí. The third stage of work involves the crossing from Plzeňská to Nádražní Street. At the same time, DPP will replace tracks from Štefánikova to Plzeňská Street. At this stage, tram traffic will be interrupted in Plzeňská Street from the intersection with Radlická to the intersection with Štefániková, and in Štefánikova Street after náměstí 14. října.

For this stage of repairs, a temporary crossing will be installed at náměstí 14. října in front of the pedestrian zone, which will allow shuttle service of one tram line to and from Újezd.

Service will continue to be provided by alternative bus transport. DPP recommends traveling to this area by metro line B. The third stage will last until April 22.

The fourth and final stage runs April 23–29. It will complete the replacement of the remaining rails crossing from Štefánikova to Plzeňská Street, as well as the crossing at Újezd in the direction from Anděl. Two-way tram traffic will be interrupted between Anděl and Újezd. DPP will introduce an alternative bus service in this section.

Due to the phasing of works at the Anděl tram intersection, DPP recommends that passengers follow the DPP website and DPP profile on Facebook, where up-to-date information on traffic measures in the Anděl area will always be available. For each stage, DPP is preparing information leaflets and boards, and will deploy staff in reflective vests. Announcements will be made in metro stations and trams.

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