Prague's Libeň Bridge closed indefinitely for repairs: See the tram lines affected

The closure, initiated on Thursday due to a technical fault likely caused by severe frosts, affects the inundation bridge—a critical segment of the bridge. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 12.01.2024 13:08:00 (updated on 12.01.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Libeňský Most, a historic bridge in Prague, is set to remain partially closed for several weeks as the Technical Administration of Communications (TSK) addresses a structural issue. The closure, initiated on Thursday due to a technical fault likely caused by severe frosts, affects the inundation bridge—a critical segment of the structure's construction.

Barbora Lišková, TSK spokeswoman, informed ČTK today that the organization is now in the process of designing and manufacturing a structure to be placed under the bridge. A detailed schedule for the repair progress will be provided next week.

The closed section of the bridge is about 200m outside the river from the Libeňský most stop towards Palmovka, up to the crossing with Voctářova Street, according to Deputy Minister for Transport Zdeněk Hřib wrote on social network X.

Trams are currently restricted from traversing the entire bridge, and pedestrians, cyclists, and cars are prohibited from using the inundation bridge. However, the bridge directly over the Vltava River remains open. Pedestrians and cyclists can detour around the closed section by using the footbridge to the Dock complex and Štorchová Street via the ramp to the bridge.

Constructed in 1928 by architect Pavel Janák, Libeňský Most comprises six bridges. Despite its historical significance, the bridge has never undergone repairs and is now in a deteriorated state.

"The flood bridge remains completely closed to all types of traffic. We will specify the schedule of further progress next week. Now we have to design and manufacture the structure that we will place under the bridge," said Lišková.

Due to the emergency repair of the bridge, there will be a temporary suspension of tram service along the Palmovka – Tusarova/U Průhonu section until further notice. The closure affects tram lines 1, 6, 14, 25, 31, and 94. Alternative transport will be provided, see the Prague public transit website for more information.

The issue was identified during geodetic measurements of the arch structure and joint monitoring at the top of the arch of the inundation bridge on Rohan Island. Frost is believed to be the primary cause. Lišková explained, "The static system on the arch parts is especially sensitive to lower temperatures in winter, which are decisive for the overall load-bearing capacity of the bridge."

An endoscopic examination conducted at the beginning of the year revealed that supporting metal plates crucial to the system's functionality are misaligned, and the concrete of the supporting elements is deteriorating.

In response to the bridge closure, the Prague Public Transport Company (DPP) temporarily suspended tram services on Thursday.

Libeňský Most experienced a temporary closure for cars and public transport in 2018. Recent diagnostics in 2023 indicated that all arches exhibit the same load capacity as during construction.

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