Prague outranks Paris and London as one of the worst cities for road safety in Europe

Busy and confusing intersections, e-scooters, and high volumes of traffic cause many Prague residents to view the capital's roads as dangerous. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 07.09.2023 11:00:00 (updated on 07.09.2023) Reading time: 2 minutes

A new survey has found that almost half of all Prague residents do not feel safe on the Czech capital’s roads. In a ranking of cities by perceived road safety, only Milan, Rome, and Istanbul fared worse than Prague.

A study by geographic-information system firm CycloMedia found that 44 percent of Praguers do not feel safe on the city's roads. 

Busy and unclear roads

Prague's road safety anxieties are primarily centered around unclear crossroads, causing apprehension among residents. Nearly half of the residents express a desire for clearer and simpler intersections, with about half of them consciously avoiding what they consider to be the riskiest intersections.

Furthermore, dissatisfaction with e-bikes and e-scooters is on the rise, and over half of Prague residents express a desire to ban them following their introduction in recent years. Nearly 60 percent of Praguers feel that the rate of accidents in the city has increased since the introduction of these electric modes of transportation.

Oldřich Kassl, regional coordinator of BESIP Prague, an organization focused on road traffic safety, commented on the situation. "There are several really unclear intersections in the capital that test even experienced drivers. Many of the roads there were built for significantly lower traffic many years ago, and nowadays, their capacity is insufficient for car traffic. This creates dangerous situations. It is not surprising that many people prefer bypassing the most dangerous places,” he said.

A call for cycle lanes and speed limits

However, despite these concerns, almost two-thirds of Prague residents would still recommend the city as a place to live in terms of traffic safety. This indicates a level of satisfaction with other aspects of life in Prague that outweigh the perceived traffic safety issues.

The survey also highlighted other road safety-related desires of Prague residents. Approximately 34 percent of respondents wish for better bike lanes, while nearly 60 percent believe that the current bike lanes are safe. One in five Praguers supports reducing speed limits within the city, and a similar proportion would like to see cars banned from entering the city center.

The survey unveiled that residents of cities in northern Europe generally have the highest perception of road safety. Among the cities surveyed, Tallinn in Estonia emerged as the leader, with a notable 87 percent of respondents feeling safe on its roads. Other cities deemed safer than Prague include Oslo, Warsaw, and Helsinki.

Praguers’ road safety concerns highlight the need for improvements in various aspects of the city's transportation infrastructure and regulations. Addressing these concerns and enhancing road safety measures may contribute to a safer and more enjoyable urban environment for all residents and visitors.

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