Prague coffeeshops rank among Eastern Europe's best says a new survey

Seven Prague cafes were included in a new ranking of the top coffeehouses in Eastern Europe – do you agree with the results?

Katrina Modrá

Written by Katrina Modrá Published on 30.09.2019 12:00:09 (updated on 30.09.2019) Reading time: 2 minutes

In a ranking of the 50 best coffee shops in Eastern Europe by travel site Big 7, Prague coffee houses appeared multiple times on a list of caffeine-soaked establishments spanning top metropolises in Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and elsewhere.

Of the seven cafes included in this “third wave of coffee” that has “redefined expectations” over the past decade, Karlín’s Eska was 39th, lauded for its Scandinavian feel and superior brew by Czech coffee-roasting plant Nordbeans. Also its breads and croissants.

Nearby Kafe Karlín with its own roaster and standing-room-only cozy factor was called a “perfect pit stop” for a rich cup of coffee.

At 26th, Double B was praised for its “coffee creations using homemade syrups as well as exceptional espresso.” The Vinohrady cafe’s single-origin coffees were deemed “some of the best Prague coffee you’ll find in the entire city.”

OneSip’s premium Candycane beans from Round Hill Roastery and central Old Town location landed it at 20th on the list of must-visit Prague coffee spots while Coffee Riot on Opatovická got props for its La Marzocca coffee machine — and segueing into a lively bar at night.

EMA Espresso Bar was 11th, its “community vibe” making it notable as well as, more importantly, its tendency to make some of the best coffee in the country. Entering the top 10, was Místo in Dejvice which got a mention for its food menu and innovative drinks.

The number one cup of coffee on the list? That can be found at Bob Coffee Lab in Bucharest, Romania.

The ranking will surely give locals something to sip on (Eastern Europe?) as there are clearly a number of oversights in a Prague coffee scene that has much to offer java enthusiasts. And surely Brno, which in recent years has seen a number of list-worthy cafes pop up in its city center, including Industra, is a conspicuous omission.

The eighth year of the Prague Coffee Festival will take place on the weekend of October 12-13th in the Prague Market at Holešovice. A who’s who of Prague cafes and coffee roasters will be offering tastings and cupping sessions. See the complete list of vendors here.

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