Christmas Events in Prague

Holiday entertainment options in Prague

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 09.12.2008 09:22:38 (updated on 09.12.2008) Reading time: 4 minutes

Tis the season to be of good cheer. No matter what kind of holiday entertainment you are in search of, Prague probably offers it. Go forth and make merry!

Christmas Markets

While perhaps not as artisan as some of our European neighbors there´s nothing like wandering the stalls of a Christmas market with a nice steaming cup of something in your hand to put you in a chipper Christmas mood.

· Old Town Square – through January 1
This is the most well-known and picturesque of Prague´s Christmas markets. Wooden booths are huddled in the shadows of Old Town Hall, Týn Church and a gigantic Christmas tree. A large stage offers musical performances plus there is a kid´s Christmas workshop. Organizers promise Christmas only products like decorations, candles and wreaths, along with other Czech made goods.

· Wenceslas Square – through January 1
Sometimes offering a different selection from the Old Town location; this is the not as charming market.

· Villa Richter  – through December 28 (Staré zámecké schody 6/251,
This new restaurant is promising old traditional Czech crafts and a Christmas market with a nativity scene; right underneath the Castle.

· New Town Hall – December 15, 10am-7pm
One day only on Karlovo námestí. Theater performances and other events will keep you amused at this traditional market.

· Martinický palace – December 20-23, Hradcanské nám. 67/8
Traditional handicrafts will be on display up at the Castle. Blacksmiths, potters and gingerbread makers will show off their skills; along with some fencers and historic dance groups.

· Námestí Míru – through December 24
A smaller, but quite nice market with lots of atmosphere thanks to St. Ludmilla Church and the decent sized Christmas tree. Some of these vendors are individual companies, so the selection here is usually quite good.

· Námestí Jirího z Podebrad – through December 24
Námestí Jirího z Podebrad gets into the market game this year. Organizers promise 20 booths offering Christmas products and lots of concession stands

· Výstavište Praha (Prague Exhibition Grounds) – through December 21 in Holešovice
A traditional Christmas market is open here most days, but they have a couple special weekend activities as well. December 12-14 will be a pottery and craft market and from December 17-21 the highlight will be on gifts and decorations. Admission is 25CZK, but it´s good for up to three entries.

Nativity Scenes and other Christmas Exhibitions

· Jindrisská Tower, on Jindrisská in Nové Mesto – through February 2 (
Hand-carved nativity scenes from the City of Trest

· Supreme Burgrave´s House – Prague Castle, Jirská 7 – through January 4 (
One of the most well-known and largest displays of nativity scenes in the city. Dozens of old and contemporary scenes are on display, in formats as unique as wood, paper and painting on glass.

· Bethlehem Chapel, Betlémské námestí 4/256 – through January 3
Craftsmanship on display here as well with nativity scenes made using various techniques and materials including ceramics, metals, gingerbread, wood and bees wax. December 13 -14 there will also be a Lace Making Symposium

· Wallenstein Palace, Valdstejnské nám. 4 – through January 6 (
Pay a visit to those hard-working Czech politicians, and swing by the Senate´s exhibition hall for a display of nativity scenes and old Christmas decorations and toys.

· Church of Our Lady of the Snows, Jungmannovo námestí 18 – through January 11
Nativity scenes

· Jan Kepler Grammar School, Parlérova 2 – through January 1 (
This is an interesting one – the Best Czech and International Nativity Scenes from Marie Docekalova`s collection. Nativity scenes are made from a variety of materials and come from far-flung locales like Italy, Mallorca, Israel and Columbia.

Christmas Concerts

Prague is a musical city year round, but with the magic of Christmas these melodies sound all the better.

· Church of Sts. Simon and Jude, Dusní
December 22 and 23: J. J. Ryba´s Czech Christmas Mass, 5pm
December 26: Chamber Orchestra, 4pm

· Atrium at Žížkov, Cajkovského 12 (
December 15: Christmas with Karmína ensemble, 5pm and 7:30pm
December 18 and 19: Christmas Eve Has Arrived, 5pm and 7:30pm
December 21: J. J. Ryba´s Czech Christmas Mass, 5pm and 7:30pm

· National Museum – Historical stairs, Václavské námestí 68 (
December 12: Cantio antiqua – Christmas concert, 6pm
December 20: Early Christmas Concert at the Stairs, 6pm

· Spanish Hall – Prague Castle
December 12: Chorea Bohemica Christmas with Chorea, 7pm
December 13 and 14: Chorea Bohemica: Christmas with Chorea, 11am, 3pm and 7pm

· Church of Assumption and Charles the Great – Ke Karlovu 1/453
December 16: Castle Guards and the Czech Police Christmas concert, 6pm

· Church of St. Martin in the Wall – Martinská 8
December 17: Christmas concert by the Prague Girl Choir, 7pm

· Church of St. Salvator – Salvátorská 1
December 18: Foerster Chamber Choir´s Christmas concert, 7:30pm
December 20: Foerster Chamber Choir´s Christmas concert, 5pm

· Klementinum Chapel of Mirrors – Mariánské námestí
December 18: Christmas concert by the Suk Chamber Orchestra, 8pm

· Bethlehem Chapel, Betlémské námestí 4/256
December 20: A Journey to Bethlehem by the Prague Philharmonic Choir and soloists, 7pm
December 22: Foerster Chamber Choir´s Christmas concert, 7pm

· Obecní dum, nám. Republiky 5 (
December 21: Christmas with swing with the world famous Glenn Miller Orchestra, 8pm

· Estates Theatre, Ovocný trh 1 ( )
December 22: Czech Christmas Mass, 11am and 5pm

· State Opera, Wilsonova 101/4 (
December 25: Christmas concert – Christmas carols by the Kühn Children´s Choir, 3pm
December 26: Christmas concert – Christmas carols, 3pm

· Loreta, Loretánské nám. 7/100 (
December 25: Christmas Carillon, 3pm
December 25: Loreta bells and trumpets, 7pm

· Church of St. Nicholas, Malostranské námestí (
December 25 and 26: Christmas concert by the Czech Radio Chamber Choir and Prague String Orchestra, 5pm

· The National Theatre, Národní 2 (
The Nutcracker – A Christmas Story, Ballet
December 22: 3:30pm and 7pm
December 26 and 27: 1pm and 5pm
December 31: 3pm

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