Prague beer garden Riegrovy sady won’t be returning any time soon

Alas, poor Riegrak, we knew him well: the popular Vinohrady summertime beer garden will be closed for the foreseeable future

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 02.05.2019 16:15:14 (updated on 02.05.2019) Reading time: 2 minutes

A few months back, we reported about the extensive renovations at Prague’s Riegrovy sady beer garden that had left many worried about the future of the popular summertime destination.

While the future of the Riegrovy sady beer garden was in doubt, one thing was for sure: Park Cafe, the previous operator of the location, had been booted from the area after 20 years when their lease expired.

A few months later, with warmer May weather and beer garden season coming into full swing in Prague, and Riegrovy sady looks exactly the same: completely barren.

We now know a little more about the state of the Riegrovy sady beer garden at this point, and unfortunately, the news isn’t good. At least, for 2019.

As reported by local Prague publication Flowee City (h/t Prague Pig), ZET-Invest, the private Austrian owner of the former beer garden premises in the middle of Prague’s expansive Riegrovy sady park, has some “grand” plans for reconstruction of the area.

But those plans have been nixed by Prague 2 officials. Twice.

According to Prague 2 Mayor Václav Vondrášek, the city is eager to implement a suitable replacement in the area, or even buy back the land from its Austrian owners.

Now, however, the private owners have gone silent, and the city has not heard back from them despite repeated attempts.

“This is what happens when such a landmark is privatized in foreign ownership,” Vondrášek told Flowee City.


“It was a huge mistake. Now we have no leverage with the owner.”

According to the Flowee City article, there are rumors that ZET-Invest has been trying to rent out the brick & mortar restaurant building adjacent to the former beer garden for the past six months without success.

As for the beer garden itself, numerous renovations still need to be both approved by the city and implemented by the owner before the premises becomes suitable for use.

That would seem to rule out 2019 for the return of the Riegrovy sady beer garden, and while we hope that the city and its current owner will eventually work something out, there doesn’t appear to be a solution on the horizon.

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