Prague architects make a splash with concept for Riegrovy sady spa complex

Could the Vinohrady park become the site of a new spa complex? Prague studio Petr Janda / Brainwork has unveiled their concept for a unique attraction. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 01.10.2022 15:49:00 (updated on 01.10.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

Conceptual photos of a striking new spa complex at central Prague park Riegrovy sady have made a splash on social media over the past week since being released by architectural studio Brainwork. According to city officials, however, the project will be difficult to realize in the near future due to rising energy prices and other obstacles.

Brainwork architects Petr Janda, David Fořt, and Kateřina Tšponová have been developing the project over the past two years as a form of "urban intervention" in order to bring some life back to portions of Riegrovy sady that have been long neglected.

Fans of Riegrovy sady's beer garden need not worry; the project is located at the opposite side of the park, and its development would not interfere with the popular drinking spot. In fact, it would add some much-needed public toilets and other amenities to the area.

"Part of the concept is to seize a locality that we know intimately and we would like to breathe new life into it," Brainwork writes on social media, referring to Riegrovy sady.

"At the same time, we would take the opportunity to revitalize other parts [of the park], which for a long time have not receive enough attention and do not have the resources to carry out their maintenance and restoration."

The architects have prepared the concept for the spa complex in collaboration with other professionals and families that live in the area, in order to come up with an appropriate concept that would fit both the immediate vicinity and Prague as a whole.

Conceptual photo: Facebook / Petr Janda / Brainwork
Conceptual photo: Facebook / Petr Janda / Brainwork

"We are bringing back to life a very valuable place, the existence of which no one has shown interest in for decades, and we are adding a missing facility for all residents of Vinohrady and adjacent areas," architect Petr Janda tells Blesk

The complex building itself would house a swimming pool, massage studio, saunas, locker rooms, and other wellness facilities. It would also include a restaurant and cafe.

The top of the complex would contain multiple swimming pools along with a grass "roof" that would blend in seamlessly with the rest of the park.

Conceptual photo: Facebook / Petr Janda / Brainwork
Conceptual photo: Facebook / Petr Janda / Brainwork

Brainwork has released their concept for the Riegrovy sady spa complex online to gauge interest and drum up public support. They now intend to bring their concept to the city and work over the four years to turn their passion project into a feasible reality.

According to Prague 2 officials, however, that won't be an easy task. Ownership of the land the complex would be built on is split between three authorities, and surging energy costs provide another obstacle for a city district looking to save money.

"The above-mentioned studio proposal was an independent initiative and was not discussed with either representatives from the Prague 2 Municipal Office or the elected representatives of Prague 2," district spokesperson Andrea Zoulová told Blesk.

Conceptual photo: Facebook / Petr Janda / Brainwork
Conceptual photo: Facebook / Petr Janda / Brainwork

"We perceive the proposal, especially with regard to the current economic situation in the Czech Republic and the search for savings in the management of city districts, as very difficult to implement, both from an economic and legal point of view."

Brainwork, meanwhile, is used to developing conceptual projects for Prague that may not see realization. The studio was also behind the widely-publicized floating swimming pool on Prague's Vltava river, which was announced years ago but has yet to come to fruition.

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