Prague sees first snowfall of 2022-23 winter season

A light dusting of snow can be seen on Prague rooftops this morning, with up to seven centimeters reported in other locations around the Czech Republic. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 19.11.2022 09:45:00 (updated on 19.11.2022) Reading time: 2 minutes

A light dusting of snow can be seen on rooftops and car tops of Prague this morning, as the Czech capital saw its first snowfall of the 2022-23 winter season overnight. In most locations within the city center, however, temperatures were not low enough for snowfall to accumulate on the ground.

While snow has been reported in the Czech mountains over the past two weeks after an unseasonably warm October, last night's snowfall was the first for Prague and most cities in the Czech Republic, with some locations in Southern Bohemia receiving up to seven centimeters of snow.

Due to the heavy snowfall, traffic issues have been reported across the country. In Prague, an accident between a city-operated bus and several cars on Karlovarská street left numerous public transport passengers stranded on Friday night.

Throughout the night, trucks have spread road salt and other chemicals on the country's highways and other major roads to prevent ice from forming. Still, drivers are advised to be extra cautious on Czech roads this weekend, with numerous accidents being reported since Friday evening.

"The vast majority are minor accidents on icy or snowy roads," South Bohemian Police spokesman Milan Bajcura told Právo this morning.

"Roads are passable with caution," Jiří Slapnička, a dispatcher for the road authority in Plzeň, which saw up to six centimeters of snow overnight, told

"Now the showers are sporadic and smaller. But it's a little below zero everywhere, it will freeze all day."

A frost warning has been issued across the Czech Republic by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute through Sunday morning, with drivers warned of the high probability of ice forming on untreated roads.

"When travelling, it is recommended to follow traffic reports and drive very carefully," advises the Institute.

"Don't forget your winter equipment, including snow chains when traveling in the mountains; winter tires with a sufficient tread depth are necessary."

Snowfall is in the forecast throughout most areas of the Czech Republic on Saturday, according to the Institute, with up to 15 centimeters expected for some locations. The highest amounts of snow are forecast to fall in areas of Southern Bohemia.

Throughout the day today, temperatures in low-lying areas of the country including Prague are forecast to be between minus three and one degree Celsius, with temperatures in the mountains dipping to minus six. Overnight, temperatures in some areas are forecast to dip to twelve degrees below zero.

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