Prague Airport cuts free parking times and changes prices

In a bid to smoothen the short-stay, drop-off process, Prague Airport has added 350 new spaces for vehicles and also made it easier to pay for parking. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 09.04.2024 10:22:00 (updated on 09.04.2024) Reading time: 2 minutes

Prague Airport has announced that it will reduce visitors' time to park or drop other passengers off for free. It will also change the price schemes of some parking lots, offer more payment options, and offer new parking spaces, all in a bid to streamline the process of vehicles arriving at Czechia’s largest airport.

Less time for free, but fairer pricing

Starting May, people visiting the express parking lots can stay for free for a maximum of 10 minutes – rather than the current 15.

The cost of parking for more than 10 minutes will also change. In the P1 and P2 express parking lots, the airport will charge customers in 15-minute intervals instead of the current 30-minute blocks. Starting next month, drivers will need to pay CZK 50 per 15 minutes instead of the current CZK 100 per 30 minutes.

“According to our available data, almost 90 percent of drivers leave the express car park within 10 minutes, so the change will affect [only] a small number of our customers," said Prague Airport spokesperson Jakub Puchalský in a Monday press release.

More options to pay and park

Newly, all parking lots at the airport will offer the option to pay directly at the exit stands, with contactless payment available via card or mobile using a QR code. The barriers will also be equipped with light signaling and more accurate cameras for reading license plates. Additionally, the airport will install cameras in parking garages, allowing people to reserve a spot using their license plate number.

Passengers will also have more space to look forward to: out of all three main parking lots, the total number of vehicle spaces will increase by 350 spots.


The airport will also make the PB Economy car park, located opposite Terminal 2, the third express car park. PB Economy will also see a new designated waiting area for the Uber taxi service. Starting in May, the airport will also introduce a new so-called Taxi Card for taxi drivers, which offers a discount on parking fees for non-Uber taxi drivers who comply with the established rules for offering services at the airport.

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