Prague 6’s planned Bořislavka Centrum wins international award

Four crystal-shaped buildings with shops, offices, and public spaces are intended to become a new center of the Bořislavka area

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 19.02.2020 10:00:51 (updated on 19.02.2020) Reading time: 3 minutes

The planned Prague 6 shopping and office complex Bořislavka Centrum in has won Best International Office Development in the International Property Awards 2019–2020. The complex by Prague-based Aulík Fišer architekti will have four buildings that resemble crystals.

“We have placed organic shapes – crystals – in an irregular fashion onto the map of this irregularly-shaped land plot, that is, specifically, in the lower part of the site, which is marked by continuous development, and which thus smoothly transitions into parkland in the eastern part of the site. The irregularity does not equal randomness: the inner structure of each crystal is a reflection of its overall shape. The form allows us to respond to the highly heterogeneous environment and elevation of the adjacent streets, yet fully satisfies the strict principles of current typology,” the architects said.

borislavska centrum
Visualization of Bořislavka Centrum. via

The complex on Evropská třída will have direct access to the Bořislavka metro stop on the A line, and there will be a plaza with a view of the city.

The shopping mall, called Pasáž Bořislavka, has a net retail area of 9,000 square meters, and is accessible from the metro, plaza and from Kladenská Street. On two above-ground floors it will have restaurants, a fashion cluster, a pharmacy, a drugstore, a florist, a hairdresser, and a supermarket. The underground floors have parking spaces for office tenants and business center visitors.

borislavska centrum
Visualization of Bořislavka Centrum. via

The complex will offer 24,000 sqm of class A office space, with office floors ranging from 800 to 1,400 sqm. Among the amenities are bicycle rooms with electric bike charging, changing rooms, and showers for workers who use alternative transportation, as well as wheelchair access.

Some offices have views of Prague Castle, the residential districts of Hanspaulka, Ořechovka and Střešovice, and the Prague skyline. Terraces with tropical wood flooring and foliage, designed by landscape architect Zdeněk Sendler, extend the workspace into an outdoor environment.

Bořislavka Centrum is intended to become a central point for the surrounding neighborhood. It allows for public access to 12,200 sqm of land and creates public spaces including gardens and parks that are intended to become a natural meeting point for the 100,000 inhabitants of the catchment area.

borislavska centrum
Visualization of Bořislavka Centrum. via

The International Property Awards 2019–2020 focus on residential and commercial projects. They have been given out since 1993. After success in the regional round, developer KKCG Real Estate won in global round Best International Office Development.

“We are proud to have received this highest international recognition. It is proof that what we create is not only at European but also at global level. The prize for international real estate is a globally recognized sign of excellence,” KKCG Real Estate CEO Petr Pujman said.

The architectural studio founded by architects Jan Aulík and Jakub Fišer deals with urban planning and focuses on office and residential building design. Among their most important projects are the administrative building Na Vítězné pláni and the residential concept of the Terasy Červený vrch in Prague 6. Aulík and Fišer also teach at architectural universities.

Several Prague neighborhoods have larger projects om various states of development. What would be the tallest building in the Czech Republic has been proposed for Nové Butovice, with a giant sculpture of a wrecked ship by sculptor David Černý. Several projects are planned for Rohanský ostrov in Karlín. The former railyard in Bubny-Zátory and industrial areas of Smíchov will also see new neighborhoods.

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