Photograph Prague’s tram 22 on Feb. 22, 2022, at 22:22

Prague’s Public Transit Company has listed a dozen places to make a once in a lifetime photo, but asks people not to try to all ride at once.

Raymond Johnston

Written by Raymond Johnston Published on 22.02.2022 11:34:00 (updated on 22.02.2022) Reading time: 3 minutes

A Facebook flash mob event to ride Prague’s 22 tram on the unusual date and time of 2/22/2022 at 22:22 hours has racked up over 20,000 likes with 3,500 people planning to attend. Prague’s Public Transit Company (DPP) is instead encouraging people to photograph the tram from outside and has shared a detailed list of a dozen places where 22 trams can be spotted along their routes.

In addition, trams on the backbone 22 line will carry red-and-yellow municipal flags on the front all day, and historical trams will also carry the number 22 in the evening.

The original idea of the Facebook event was to have a pop-up party on a tram, and originally only a handful of people were interested.

“Have you always wanted to do something unforgettable that you will be able to tell your grandchildren about? Follow me on 2/22 at 22:22 on tram 22 and you won't regret it!” event organizer Mikoláš Vojtěch originally wrote.

He said he would give more details on exactly where to catch the tram later. “That's all for now; write ideas on how it could be made lively! I will be looking forward to seeing you,” he added. In a later post, he said that he would bake muffins.

The event was created on Oct. 20, 2021. But as the date drew closer, far more people than could fit on a tram signed up. Reluctantly, he has announced that while he will be riding a tram, he will not disclose which one it is.

“Friends, enemies, acquaintances and strangers … after a long deliberation I decided not to officially announce the tram HERE [on Facebook],” he said. The goal was not to fill a tram so much that it bursts, he added.

He still hopes to encounter some people, though. “I'm looking forward to all of you that I will meet in my secret tram. I will be glad if you write some feelings here after the event, send photos, etc. … Goodbye and enjoy the experience!” he said.

In recent days, several media outlets have written about the event so that many people who even aren’t on Facebook now know about it. Flash mobs are very difficult to stop, so DPP has done its best to spread out interest in the 22 tram throughout the day on Feb. 22.

“The historic binary date Feb. 22, 2022, magically attracts not only fans of public transport and trams. Taking a picture tomorrow at 22:22 on line 22 is probably a challenge, but it can be done comfortably in 12 different places in Prague without unnecessary pressure,” DPP wrote on Facebook.

Prague Deputy Mayor Adam Scheinherr, responsible for transit, also asked people to spread out.

“This certainly doesn’t happen every year. A group was formed on Facebook for people of Prague to take tram 22 on this day and time. It’s a great idea and I'm definitely in favor! Anyway, there are thousands of people in the group now, and they all probably won't fit in one tram. But don't despair, here are 12 places where you catch the 22 at 22:22,” he said on Facebook, repeating the list of times and locations.

DPP also asks people not to all try to fit into one tram and announced more special attractions.

All trams on line 22 will be decorated in the front face with two flags of Prague. The historical tram that is normally number 42 will be marked 22 and will have four departure times between 3:22 pm and 6:22 pm.

Pandemic rules of wearing respirators and social spacing where possible still apply, so crowding together with strangers is not a good idea, even though the pandemic is receding.

Where to see tram 22 at 22:22

In the direction of Nádraží Hostivař:

  • between Sídliště Zahradní Město and Zahradní Město
  • between Kubánské náměstí and Slavia
  • between Náměstí míru and I. P. Pavlova
  • between Národní divadlo and Újezd
  • between Pražský hrad and Brusnice
  • between Břevnovský klášter and Říčanova

In the direction of Bílá hora

  • between Říčanova and Břevnovský klášter
  • between Pražský hrad and Královský letohrádek
  • between Národní divadlo and Národní třída
  • between Náměstí Míru and Jana Masaryka
  • between Slavia and Kubánské náměstí
  • between Sídliště Zahradní Město and Obchodní centrum Hostivař
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