Pet salons, allowed to reopen, face a barrage of customers

You still can't get your hair cut at a salon, but your pet can.

Samantha Tatro

Written by Samantha Tatro Published on 24.11.2020 14:35:00 (updated on 24.11.2020) Reading time: 2 minutes

Pet salons across Prague have seen a huge influx of people this week after they reopened, according to a survey of pet shops published in Nas Region.

Pet salons providing grooming services to dogs and cats were allowed to reopen on Wednesday, according to the Czech government, so long as the owners are not present and the salons follow hygiene rules.

Customers began reserving their spots Tuesday in advance of the salons' reopening, said Martin Kuruce, who owns the dog salon and spa DirtyDog. Kuruce said the reopening came as a "nice shock."

"Today from 8:00 the phones have not stopped ringing. I have created a queue based on how people called at the time of the salon's closing, or they had an order deadline at that time. They have priority," he said.

Once the government announced on Monday the dog salons would reopen on Wednesday, customers began placing their orders.

Customers are not allowed to come inside, according to Kuruce, according to government restrictions. However, dogs can be dropped off and picked up at the front door. Kuruce said that his shop uses face masks, as well as disinfection tools across the entire store.

"We adhere to increased hygiene measures. We do not recommend the presence of the owner during the grooming of the dog and we require the wearing of masks when visiting our shop and salon," said Hana Pleštilová.

The owner of the Tlapka Dog Salon, Kateřina Brabcová, said she has a similar safety protocol in place and does not allow owners inside the salon. In addition, the store is disinfected on a regular basis.

Brabcová learned her pet salon could reopen from a friend, and ever since then, her customers have come calling.

"After informing my customers that they could come back with their pets, everyone started writing and calling about the order at once," she said. 

Many owners of pet salons across Prague have had similar experiences. Petra Richterová, the owner of the Champion dog salon, said customers have not stopped calling since Tuesday night. The salon has already booked up for the next three weeks.

Pet salons were not the only operations allowed to return to normal on Wednesday. In addition, stonemasonry businesses, funeral services, locksmith businesses, car repair shops, tow companies and laundry and dry cleaning services are all able to reopen as well.

However, hair salons for the rest of us must remain closed.

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