Ostrava Man Sets Czech Drunkenness Record

A mushroom picker from Olomouc was found to have a BAC of .88% over the weekend - a new record level of alcohol intoxication in the Czech Republic

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 24.09.2018 11:26:21 (updated on 24.09.2018) Reading time: 2 minutes

A 41-year-old mushroom picker from Ostrava was hospitalized on Saturday afternoon after breaking his ankle in the forests near Bruntál, reports iDnes.cz this morning.

Upon tending to the patient, doctors at Krnov Hospital noticed that he wasn’t entirely articulate. When asked if he had been drinking, the man admitted to having 1.5 beers after the accident.

But blood tests painted a different picture.

“During the preoperative examination, we took blood samples for the presence of alcohol in the blood,” attending physician Jiří Stošek from Krnov Hospital stated.

“After calculating the values, we found that the patient had 8.83 per mille of alcohol in his blood.”

8.83 per mille translates to a blood alcohol content of .883% – – well above the level of “high possibility of death” due to alcohol poisoning (anything above .5%), according to Wikipedia.

It’s also, in all likelihood, a new record level of alcohol toxicity in the Czech Republic by official BAC measurements. Local media outlets report that it is “probably” a record level of documented drunkenness in the Czech Republic.

Because of the high level of alcohol in his blood, doctors were not able to operate on the man until 24 hours had passed. Later, he told them that he had partied with friends on Friday night, and drank two beers for breakfast on Saturday before heading to the forests to pick mushrooms.

While still recovering in the hospital, the man has refused to speak to media outlets.

“He has nothing against journalists, but he’s afraid of being judged,” a hospital spokesperson said.

“He’s especially afraid of the reaction of his 95-year-old grandmother.”

While the Ostravan lays claim to the Czech record level of intoxication, he still has a way to go to compete with his neighbors to the north.

According to Wikipedia, three of the highest levels of BAC on record all come from Poland. They include two men who died in car accidents in 1984 and 2012, and a man from Alfredówka found lying in a ditch in 2013 who miraculously survived with a blood alcohol content of 1.374%.

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