How do Czechs like their Bond? White, male, and Irish, says a new poll

Czechs love the British secret agent, and a survey shows that any radical changes to the character would be unpopular. Staff

Written by Staff Published on 24.09.2021 12:30:00 (updated on 24.09.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

James Bond is one of cinema’s most enduring characters. Played by seven different actors down the decades, Bond has taken on a variety of appearances and personalities, although his basic character traits have always stayed more or less the same.

As Daniel Craig bows out from the role with the arrival of the new movie No Time To Die, drastic changes to the character are now being discussed. But a survey has shown that Czechs want Bond to stay recognizably “Bond”.

Infographic Nielsen Admosphere
Infographic Nielsen Admosphere

007 should remain a white man, according to research by Nielson Admosphere conducted ahead of the premiere of the new film. Only three percent of Czechs would appreciate a new female Bond, and even fewer, one percent, would be happy for a non-white actor to be given the role. 17 percent of Czechs want Craig to remain in the role.

Pierce Brosnan is Czechs’ most popular Bond among women, while men prefer Brosnan along with Sean Connery. Craig is the third most popular Bond in the Czech Republic.

Only seven percent of Czechs have never seen a Bond film, most of them young people. The action hero is most popular among men, 50 percent of whom are fans, while around a quarter of women enjoy Bond movies.

The Czech Republic’s particular link with the movie franchise includes the country’s prestige as one of the world’s most popular filming destinations.

As with most globetrotting Bond adventures, Casino Royale was shot in a variety of countries, and the Czech Republic was on the list. Prague Airport played the role of Miami International, the Žižkov Army Museum transformed into the Miami Body World exhibition, Strahov Monastery became the UK’s House of Commons, while Karlovy Vary and Loket substituted for Montenegro during the film’s climactic scenes.

The opening sequence of the film, which introduced Craig as the new Bond, were meanwhile shot in Karlín’s Danube House.

As the Bond franchise enters a new era, its popularity with Czechs remains undimmed. Perhaps for this reason, its fans in the Czech Republic are hesitant about speculated changes to the character reflecting modern sensibilities. While changing face as he has always done, Czechs want the next Bond to stay true to the basic traits of the character they know and love.

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