New Lennon Wall museum opens near Prague landmark

The new museum, located a short walk from the Lennon Wall, features dozens of historic photographs and a previously unreleased documentary.

Jason Pirodsky

Written by Jason Pirodsky Published on 31.07.2021 13:12:00 (updated on 31.07.2021) Reading time: 2 minutes

A new museum dedicated to both the Lennon Wall and The Beatles in general has opened a short distance from the Prague landmark in Malá Strana.

The Lennon Wall Story is located in the basement of Napa Bar on Prokopská street, a two-minute walk from the Lennon Wall. It is currently open on weekends, Friday afternoon through Sunday, until the end of the summer.

"The idea arose four years ago," the museum's creator, Eva Ticháková, told journalists at an opening ceremony last weekend.

"In addition to information panels, visitors can also watch a 30-minute documentary that has not previously been released and in which visitors will see period photographs, audiovisual materials, and especially stories of those who connect the Lennon Wall with unforgettable moments in their life stories."

The new museum also features a small replica of the Lennon wall which visitors can paint on using provided materials. Writing on the actual wall, a popular activity among tourists, was officially banned in 2019 though it remains commonplace.

Ticháková developed the idea as a longtime fan of The Beatles and Prague's Lennon Wall, who noted that the Czech capital did not previously have a museum dedicated to the music group.

Funds for the museum were later raised through a successful crowdfunding campaign last year.


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"From the moment I wandered to the Lennon Wall for the first time, I knew it was my favorite place in Prague," Ticháková said. 

"I often went for walks by the wall when I just needed to think about something, take a break from everyday problems or even write something on it. For me, it symbolizes music, freedom of speech, love for other people and for oneself, creativity, and constant change."

Admission to the Lennon Wall Story is currently voluntary. The museum recommend a ticket fee of 150 crowns for adults and 90 crowns for seniors and children, and a cup of coffee is included along with the price.

More information about the museum can be found at the Lennon Wall Story official website.

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