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Relax Already! takes a look at massage parlors in Prague

Erin Naillon

Written by Erin Naillon Published on 21.08.2009 16:03:43 (updated on 21.08.2009) Reading time: 4 minutes

Among the many changes that have occurred in Prague over the last decade, massage is one of the most remarkable. Once, it was difficult to find anyplace, or anyone, offering massage. Now studios have cropped up left and right, each one finding its place despite the fact that Prague is not one of Europe´s larger capital cities. Travelers who want to relax after a long journey, tourists who are weary of dragging heavy loads over the cobbles, workers who spend too much time in front of a computer – everyone can find a massage to suit his or her needs.

Not surprisingly, most of the studios are found in the center, right where tourists are most likely to be found. A walk down some of the busier streets, such as Narodní, Na Příkopĕ, and Kaprova, will yield one studio after another. Many hotels, too, offer spa and massage services; sometimes solely for guests, sometimes for the general public as well. Overall, the most common type of massage is Thai. However, Prague´s offerings include an ever-growing list of massage therapies.

Among the options available:

Thai: This is a real rough-and-tumble kind of massage. The therapist digs her elbows into your back, twists you from side to side, cracks each finger and toe separately, and slaps your back and shoulders vigorously. Not exactly for relaxation.

Oil: A more relaxing, full-body massage, with oil applied to most of the body, including the scalp.

Aromatherapy: A blend of essential oils is mixed with a carrier massage oil for relaxation, clarity of mind, or stimulation. Some massages include an essential oil burner for additional scent.

Ayurvedic: Massage from India, tailored to the person´s body type. Oil is used in this massage, which can be as heavy-duty as the traditional Thai massage mentioned above. Ayurvedic massage is full-body.

Chinese: Deep-tissue massage (not meant for relaxation purposes) used for stimulating the circulation, helping emotional problems, easing chronic pain and more.

Hot stone: Just as the name states, smooth stones are heated and placed on strategic locations on your back, to help loosen knots and assist relaxation.

Shiatsu: A different kind of massage. The therapist uses his/her fingers to apply pressure to various meridian points on the body to correct imbalances. Massage is done while the client is fully clothed.

Foot reflexology: Concentrating on reflexology points in the feet, which are linked to all the organs in the body. Some massage studios have charts on the wall, detailing the points in the feet that correspond to said organs. Usually ends with the massage therapist working on your hands, face and head.

Honey: A massage in which honey is applied to the skin and worked in to bring toxins to the surface and aid in detoxification.

We asked Katka Nová, founder of Zen Asian Wellness, some questions about the local massage scene. She dates the first massage studio back to Thai Fit in the late ‘90s.

The therapeutic aspect isn´t the only reason massage is so popular. Nová adds, “Massage is the most effective form of relaxation for both body and mind.”

She also says that, for the most part, anyone can get a massage.

“In general, the right choice of massage will be beneficial for everyone.”

One problem faced by massage studios is hiring qualified therapists from abroad. The therapist must have a work permit and a place to live, among other requirements.  “This is the most complicated and frustrating part of the business,” admits Nová.

Prague 1

Zen Asian Wellness: ( Aromatherapy massage, third eye treatment, couples massage with a hot bath to follow, body wraps, skin treatments, steam bath, and traditional Thai massage.

ThaiWorld: ( Traditional Thai, oil, and foot massage.

Nam Jai: ( This studio offers two types of massage; Thai and Ayurvedic. Massage types include full-body, four-hand massage; Thai facial massage with facial mask; hot stone massage with oil; “third eye” oil treatment; Tibetan massage; prenatal massage; herbal massage. VIP Club available for frequent visitors.

Ecsotica Spa & Health Club at Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa: Offer includes Swedish, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, and Balinese massage, plus an unusual 40-minute massage for babies and young children up to the age of 6.

Esthesia: Massages include chocolate, honey, foot reflexology, Indian head massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

Mystic Temple: ( Traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage, aromatherapy massage, bamboo massage (using bamboo sticks), prenatal massage, honey massage, foot massage, facial massage, body wraps.

Prague 2

Mahmoud Badawi: Lava stone, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, chocolate wraps, Indian head massage, sports massage, hot stone massage

Stone House: ( Classic, relaxing, hot stone, reflexology, manual lymphatic, aromatherapy, and sports massage. Cupping (using small cups to bring toxins to the surface of the skin) complements massages. Harmonization of chakra points.

Prague 3

Masaze Marketa O´Shaughnessy: ( Hot stone massage, Indian head massage, face massage, office massage, full-body massage, anti-cellulite massage.

Prague 4

Salon Thajka: ( Traditional Thai massage, relaxation massage, foot massage, aromatherapy massage, Thai oil massage. Locations in Prague 1 and 2 as well.

Prague 5

David Penc: Swedish massage, moxibustion, (a traditional Chinese therapy utilizing moxa (mugwort) which is burned just above, or on, the patient´s skin; it is used to warm certain areas to stimulate circulation) hot stone massage, foot and leg massage, anti-stress massage, body scrub, mud wrap, head and scalp massage.

Prague 6

Wellness Rooseveltova: ( Thai, Chinese, shiatsu, prenatal, Ayurvedic, hot stone massages available. Body wraps.

Prague 8

Tawan: ( Classic Thai massage, foot reflexology, slim massage, detox massage, foot and hand massage, Tawan Paradise (a 3-hour treatment combining massage, exfoliation, and a body wrap, followed by a whirlpool bath), face massage, aromatherapy massage. Additional locations in Prague 1 and Prague 4.

Prague 9

Masáže JJ: ( Chinese energy massage, Indian head massage, Zen touch shiatsu, honey massage, leg massage, Reiki, traditional Chinese medicine, body painting.

Prague 10

Ayurmedic: ( Ayurvedic massage, herbal inhalation, herbal steam bath, oil massage bath, shiatsu, “third eye” procedure.

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