I Love Guns

Stam vs O´Neill comes to the Prague Fringe Festival

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From June 1 to 5, Prague will have become a little bit more dangerous! The Dutch-Irish theatre collective STAM vs O´NEILL will turn the sites of Fringe Festival Praha into the crime scene of their artistic battle.

I Love Guns is a monodrama about the power relationship between a controlling playwright and a rebelling actress. While the playwright sees his actress as a mere puppet, the actress looks for recognition of her vision and individuality. Both exercise their limited power over the play and over each other. The playwright fantasizes about an actress who possesses the precision and the impact of a gun. But for the actress the notion of guns brings other things to mind. What follows is a search for self-determination in which the playwright loses himself in literary violence while the actress slowly dismantles her tormentor, exposing his desperation.

I Love Guns is a universal play about power, suppression and subtle revolution. It is also a critique on the diminishing influence of the playwright, whose role in contemporary theatre becomes overshadowed by the director´s genius.

I Love Guns (Miluji zbraně) by Stam vs O´Neill will play at:

Divadlo Čertovka
Tuesday June 1

Divadlo Čertovka
Wednesday June 2

Divadlo Čertovka
Thursday June 3

Divadlo Čertovka
Friday June 4

Divadlo Čertovka
Saturday June 5    

Venue information :
Divadlo Čertovka
Nosticova 2a, Praha 1 Malá Strana

About I Love Guns:

Title: I Love Guns
Company: Stam vs O´Neill
Written by: Gert-Jan Stam
Performed by: Jody O´Neill
Production: Stam vs O´Neill
Production assistant: Mayke Klomp
Language: English
Duration: 60 minutes
Contact: stamvsoneill@gmail.com

About Stam vs O´Neill

Stam vs O´Neill was founded in 2009 by the Dutch playwright Gert-Jan Stam (1972) and Irish actress Jody O´Neill (1980).

After a career in visual arts, Stam debuted as a playwright in 2008 with his play Schande. The success of the play assured him significant recognition both in Holland and internationally. Jody O´Neill has been working as an actress with numerous Irish theatre companies and film makers. She received the Pat Murray Bursary in 2009, an award created to facilitate the development of a new theatre artist.

Stam vs O´Neill aims to produce progressive, conceptual, text-based theatre. I Love Guns is the company´s first international production.

I Love Guns Playlist 2010:

Prague Fringe
Czech Republic

Dublin Fringe

Royal Theatre
The Hague


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