Czech health officials: Covid numbers climb but hospitalizations remain stable

While cases are expected to climb in coming weeks, officials called the outlook "stable," and typical for fall.


Written by ČTK Published on 13.11.2023 14:02:00 (updated on 13.11.2023) Reading time: 1 minute

While Covid-19 infections are rising in the Czech Republic, the number of hospitalized patients with severe cases has not increased significantly long-term and fewer than 40 need intensive care currently, Deputy Health Minister Josef Pavlovic told the media today.

Since September, nearly 300,000 people over 65 have received updated Covid vaccines, versus 560,000 flu shots, according to Pavlovic.

State Health Institute Director Barbora Macková credited vaccination with the stable hospital situation. Chief Health Officer Pavla Svrčinová praised the response to an immunization push at elder care facilities.

Health providers log an average 1,050 daily Covid cases on weekdays, with peaks of 1,500. National health impacts remain mild in the Czech Republic and neighbors, said Macková. Risk of severe disease correlates mainly to advanced age, chronic conditions and waned immunity in patients over 70.

While cases are expected to climb in coming weeks, Macková called the outlook "stable," and typical for fall.

Czech Vaccinology Society Chairman Roman Chlíbek emphasized that while education surrounding Covid has grown, it can still gravely sicken the unvaccinated. Immunizations remain vital, he stressed.

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