Gay Prague takes a look at gay-friendly venues in Prague

Jacy Meyer

Written by Jacy Meyer Published on 03.02.2010 15:35:45 (updated on 03.02.2010) Reading time: 3 minutes

The Czech Republic has earned a reputation for being more liberal state than some of its European neighbors; this is generally accurate, with tolerant attitudes towards issues like drug use and gay rights throughout the country. The city of Prague is especially welcoming to gay culture and alternative venues. With a large-and-growing gay community and numerous gay-friendly bars and clubs, Prague has also become a popular destination amongst gay tourists.

According to the experts, the gay scene in Prague is quite good. One gay expat referred to it as “great” and said that “everyone is quite open-minded.” The lesbian scene isn´t as strong and not as many venues cater to the ladies, but neither group should run into any major problems or discrimination.

Club Termix in Prague 2 is a smaller, more intimate venue, with a small “dark room” and no entrance fee. Billing itself as the biggest gay club in Prague, Valentino´s offers three floors and a larger dark room than Termix. Located in Prague 2, there´s also no entry fee and there seems to be a DJ nearly every night.  Both Termix and Valentino´s see a small lesbian contingent, but they are mostly populated by men. If you are looking for a more posh atmosphere, head to Radost FX on their once a month Lollipop night. There´s no entry fee for guys before 11pm; after 11pm it´s 200 CZK, and ladies pay all night. One of the best lesbian clubs is JampaDampa.

Chill out:
For a more laid-back evening with friends – head to Friends. Special theme nights keep weekday evenings fun, while the weekends see the action pumped up a notch with DJs. They also have a special lesbian night the last Friday of every month. Saints, back in Prague 2, is small and cozy, serving lots of cocktails, magazines and an international staff. G Element is a new joint, also in Prague 2 that has unlimited drinks for 300 CZK. Check that one out one night when you´re feeling thirsty. Slick and modern, it seats 250 people so you are assured of a good group.

Bars & Cafes:
Drag queen shows are the big draw at Tingl Tangl. They occur Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights beginning at 10pm and must be booked in advance. Located in the basement of a restaurant, ask where the bar is when you enter and you´ll be directed down to a tiny club with small dance floor and bigger space for the show. Looking for a gay beer hall? You are in Prague, so head to U Rudolfa. Mainly an older, established crowd. Prague 1´s Café Café and Erra are relaxed. Both have a nice atmosphere and besides decent, cheap food, Erra has a fireplace downstairs. Neither is strictly gay, but both have a large gay clientele.  Bar 21 is another quiet, corner pub with a local clientele and feel.

Babylonia is a large sauna equipped with dry sauna, steam room, whirlpool, gym and bar. Entrance is 300 CZK. It´s one of the biggest and most popular and is quite packed Friday and Saturday evenings.  In Vršovice you can visit the newly opened Sauna Bonbon. Entrance fee is 250 CZK and they have a Finnish sauna, steam rooms, whirlpool and café/bar. Sauna Marco is located in Vinohrady and has a small, neighborhood feel. They offer a sauna, steam room, whirlpool, solarium and bar. Entrance fee is 260 CZK.

General Info:
The aforementioned Saints Bar is an authority of sorts on Gay Prague. Visiting their site, you can get a lot of information on the gay scene here – especially helpful if you are a visitor. They also run a Gay Prague by Night tour and a Sexy Gay Prague by Night tour which includes visits to strip clubs. Vinohrady seems to be the city´s gay quarter, with lots of friendly bars and clubs. If you´re looking for a gay sex shop, the Erotic City chain has a dedicated gay branch on Žitná Street. Additional information (in Czech) on the lesbian scene can be found at,, or

Gay-Friendly Venues:

Bar 21
Římská 21, Prague 1
+420 607 755 323

Café Café
Rytířská 10, Prague 1
+420 224 210 597


Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 58m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 58m2

Za Poříčskou bránou, Praha 8 - Karlín

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 46m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 46m2

U michelského mlýna, Praha 4 - Michle

Apartment for rent, Flatshare, 20m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, Flatshare, 20m2

Kodaňská, Praha 10 - Vršovice

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 51m<sup>2</sup>

Apartment for rent, 2+kk - 1 bedroom, 51m2

Počernická, Praha 10 - Strašnice

Club Termix
Třebízského 4a, Prague 2
+420 222 710 462

Club Valentino
Vinohradská 40, Prague 2
+420 222 513 491

Konviktskáa 11, Prague 1
+420 222 220 568

Bartolomějská 11, Prague 1
+420 226 211 920

G Element
Vinohradská 63, Prague 2
+420 608 931 593

V Tůních 10, Prague 2
+420 739 592 099

Radost FX
Bělehradská 120, Prague 2
+420 603 181 500

Saints Bar
Polská 32, Prague 1
+420 222 250 326

Sauna Babylonia
Martinská 6, Prague 1
+420 224 232 304

Sauna Bonbon
Černomořská 6, Prague 10
+420 777 146 068

Sauna Marco
Lublaňská 17, Prague 2
+420 224 262 833

U Rudolfa
Mezibranská 3, Prague 1
+420 605 872 492

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